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  1. Need a striker and realistically defensive cover. Nope, sign another midfielder. Baffling
  2. In no way having a go about season tickets. Was a season ticket holder for 10 years or so. Working every second Saturday means a season ticket doesn’t make sense for me at money wise. I agree, season ticket holders should get first dibs. What is more annoying is the way they’ve sold the general sale, having a phone line which isn’t queued, phoning multiple times before and after 10am just for no answer then to be told they’re sold out online. Makes it a game of luck to even get through to the office. Surely the likes of a queuing system would make more sense, instead of being panned off completely.
  3. I, like many others, work midweek, no time off during the times they are open to go down. I tried to phone multiple times, starting before 10am, did not get through at all, sold out at 10:20 or so. There has to be a better way around this. Especially with it being first come first served. I understand the whole limited tickets shite but it’s a joke when you say to fans phone or office only to purchase then can’t get through on the phone and open your office only midweek hours.
  4. Fuming to be missing next Saturday cup game. I am one who doesn’t have a season ticket as I work every 2nd Saturday as do my mates. So, tried to call as soon as sales went live this morning at 10am for the limited tickets only to have no answer twice and now tickets sold out. 500 tickets is pish.
  5. It wasn’t pretty, but it makes it worth the midweek travel to watch the big man score. I thought he looked useful, regardless of whether it was a QP reserve team. Mitchell with a bit of time looks a great prospect, very confident player. Can’t say too much wrong about Mcbride, Masson just got himself 90 mins of valuable experience as a debut and really looked a handy little player with a few crosses in the first half.
  6. I can’t be the only one bothered by the fact we have 12 fit players for tomorrow, Mitchell and arnott on loan, 1 of which who is barely playing, and we won’t recall them?
  7. I have to say, I’m interested by the background to coulson leaving.
  8. So, Oriordan away. That really is a bummer considering his performances.
  9. Tbh, I haven’t bothered to watch any of Murray’s recent interviews. Same old pish every time. McNeil hasn’t seen a sniff of first team football until 3 games ago where he was thrown in with no backup. First two games he looked solid, very good saves, only thing letting him down being distribution which will come with time. Looked shaky yesterday but made a couple of harder saves than they normally would be. At the end of the day; he’s a young lad, young keepers generally are unusual in professional football, he’s shown he’s a good prospect and needs backing.
  10. Completely understandable. I take it there’s no plans for an app at all? I just feel the website is very buggy, jumps about a lot randomly while reading through stuff. Just simply isn’t as smooth.
  11. Buggy on dev side? I know a good few of us that used Tapatalk for the full time it was running and had 0 issues at all which is why I’m bemused by the fact it’s been turned off.
  12. I’m not sure about others, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one to be disappointed to hear this. Never once had an issue with Tapatalk. Using a mobile browser just simply feels old, it’s not as smooth. I really can’t see myself bothering to visit the web browser too often and hope that there is plans for an app of some sort in the near future.
  13. I don’t normally look too much into games like this, but I still worry about our attack. No idea what to do when we cross the halfway line, much like the past few weeks.
  14. I would say the free kick was a bit of a poor one. Brutally placed wall and I recall it being far from postage stamp placement which differs from raith twitter updates. Placed well in the side of the goals but keeper positioning and wall placement gave him 0 chance of saving it.
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