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  1. Wouldn't take Bryson back, Still has the ability to do a job at this level but ain't kicked a ball with Aberdeen due to injury. No use having him sat in the stand week in week out.
  2. Any of you guys know if there is any way if getting a ticket for Saturday? I wasn't gonna be able to attend but circumstances have changed and I'm able to go...
  3. Anyone else constantly checking the Clyde FC website for new signings every 2mins or just me?! 🙄
  4. It's a shame Patrice Evra has officially retired today, he could've done a job for us at LB, even at 38 years of age!
  5. Be very much the same I'd expect from you sheep shagging lot if Goodie was injured.
  6. McAllister could be out for Saturday, sure he got taken off injured against Cowdenbeath. Depends how bad the injury is.. Hopefully he's out for the season.
  7. Who was number 4 for Edinburgh? Dirty wee b*****d. Had a bit of handbags wi Lamont, mouthing off and trying to get a reaction, blowing kisses at him. Then had an attempted punch at Grant when they locked arms. Giving the fans the finger when he was getting a bit of stick. Thinks he's summit when he's clearly not and can't handle it when things don't go his way...
  8. Any more news on possible new signings? Frantically checking the Clyde F.C homepage in hope of any announcements...
  9. Hoping our new striker has the same ability as Kerim Kerker and can mirror the goal scoring record of Adam Proudlock!
  10. Everyone is keen to point the finger at Chapman's ex Annan signings. Most of these players have been in and around the playoff spots on consecutive seasons so as individuals they can't be that bad. Players can't turn shit overnight. The problem lies elsewhere. Disheartened? confidence? Who knows.... Not saying I approve of every signing but just my view.... Moving onto that dross today.... whoever told Nicol that he's a footballer needs their head read.
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