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  1. For what it's worth, my take on this is quite simple. The "powers that be " cannot do anything other than award the game to Glenafton. Somebody earlier in the thread summed it up. A few key players missing with injury/ suspension, turn up with 7, have an injury and abandon the game. Then get a replay when everybody is back. It cannot be allowed to happen. Time for the blazers to show a bit of leadership.
  2. Not being funny, but is Clydebank's responsibilty not to themselves and their fans? Massive game tonight, couldn't change position in the league no matter the outcome. Imaging the outcry from the Bankies fans if they had gone full strength on Saturday and picked up a few injuries. Clydebank over the season gained enough points to allow themselves the right to play whatever team the manager chose.
  3. Can you name 1 decision the ref gave wrong that impacted the game? Red Card was just stupidity from the Darvel player. Other than that, the ref never really had a game changing decision to make. Please feel free to point any out though
  4. Does it not mean though that smaller squads can perhps give key players a break, maybe not having to play through an injury for 20 mins. Might also encourage more u20's to get an opportunity.
  5. As the English Premier League have voted to allow 5 subs next season, with all their sport science, massive medical teams and huge squads, surely it would make sense to have the same in the WOSFL. Boys working all week and maybe having to play 2 or 3 games, no wonder players get injured.
  6. Although given that there are 4 Tier 6 clubs in the last 32, and they have played 10 games v teams higher and not lost one, with 90% played infront of crowds of over 1,000. Are these clubs not being held back by the lack of opportunity and the self preservation of SPFL teams?
  7. I will now go and leave you to discuss how expert you all are and how the real experts have it all wrong... Ps. Are any of your teams actually competing this year ?? If not why are you even bothered... and why have your club allowed players to go on loan elsewhere?? Enjoy the rest of the season, as long as it continues. If/ when the real experts pull the plug then fair enough, while all you "self proclaimed experts" are asking for an end to the season... Forgive me for not listening. Unless any of you can pull a degree in Virology or Public Health out of your pocket....
  8. As it stands the real "experts" are happy to keep football going. However the "experts" on here want it stopped... You tell me who's advice I should take?
  9. Sorry if I interupted your SAGE meeting to comment...
  10. Sorry Mick, I thought all the experts were on here....
  11. I wont this year as he is in on Monday for a knee op.. but hey ho
  12. I do. This is a discussion about football... Not a Covid forum. If you don't like that football is still going on, stay away and go on a "Covid" board
  13. I am not upset, just fed up listening to the Jason Leitch wanabees. If you don't like the fact that football is still going on, go do something else to occupy your time. You are not going to change anything moaning on here. Go write to your MP.
  14. The amount of people on here who are "Stop the Season" advocates, can I suggest you just stay off this forum and go do something else. Can I ask, do you also go on shopping forums asking why Supermarkets are allowed to stay open for non essential items? I would feel way safer at a game of football outside, than I would wandering round Asda, Tesco or the like, whilst people buy an esential plate, tumbler or pair of socks. If you are not happy that football is still on, just stay away and give everybody else peace and quiet. Unless you are Jason Leitch on here, I don't think anybody actually cares.
  15. Why would it be unrealistic to take a break now and then resume in say for arguements sake a month... Genuine question.. At this time of year many games are lost to the weather anyway...Unless we are never coming out of this ...
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