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  1. To be fair, at HT your money was safe.
  2. Good day for us without kicking a ball. I think it is now 3 from 4.. for the drop. Be very surprised if any other team is dragged into it. For me it will be KRR, Glencairn and Troon... but who knows
  3. Or as it turns out Returns Nothing regardless
  4. I will be shocked if Talbot don't win in a canter. We (Rossvale) went up there last year in the Scottish and scored 5. Their league position would say if anything they have got worse. I would go 6-0 Talbot
  5. DanMan

    John Millar

    Had Rossvale beaten nobody this season I would agree, but given that they have gone to Glenafton, Hurlford, Benburb & Clydebank and won away, and beaten Meadow, Ladeside, Troon, Largs & Glencairn at home this season, it can't be that much of a shock that would be a "final straw" after such an illustrious career that Johnny obviously had. Paying bigger wages, doesn't guarantee better players......
  6. DanMan

    John Millar

    I would doubt losing to Rossvale was the over riding reason the Johnny decided to pack it in. It is not like he lost to a team at the bottom of the 2nd division.
  7. With all due respect, that is really between him and the club. If they are happy to offer it and he is happy to accept, it is not really anybody else's business
  8. I see tomorrows Rag (The Sun) are running a report on the unfortunate event that happened at Tinto Park last Saturday. Can I just say as a Rossvale fan, who was at the game. It was one arsehole who shouted abuse at the lad. Totally wrong... There were no monkey chants. Glencairn should sue that rag. I would certainly be in their corner. The arsehole was wrong and I hope he learns, but as I have previously posted. The Glens manager imediately went to speak to Mati, when he got subbed... One arsehole cannot ruin Glens reputation in Junior football. I hope when tomorrows papers come out, the guys who were standing with him, give him what he deserves. Rant over..
  9. As I posted on Twitter, I feel sorry for any club in this sitution. You cannot legislate for 1 moron. I just hope that if he is a regular "fan", then the people around him have had a word. Also fair play to your gaffer, who, when young Mati got subbed, made his way immediately to the Rossvale dug out to have a word with the boy.
  10. Benburb will finish higher than Cumnock for me. I don't think they will be in any danger. Rob Roy look doomed. Glencairn have games in hand, but don't look like winning too many of them. Troon or Cumnock for me to join both Glens and KRR . But still a lot of football to be played
  11. Nobody is disputing it Glens. I am pointing out that Rossvale went on a Talbot type run. Not a Rossvale run
  12. I don't think anybody anticipated a Rossvale run of that magnitude mate. 4 points from our 1st 8 games. 25 from the last 10.
  13. A Rossvale type run HaHa.... 8 wins and a draw in the last 10 league games. I think even Talbot would take that.
  14. Should be a belter. I remember last season when we (Rossvale) went there, similar situation. The Media coverage was way above the normal. Ended up a cracking game that we won 2-1. Hopefully be well covered in the press. Defo game of the weekend
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