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  1. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Bens Glens Draw Arthurlie Kiksyth Neilston Rossvale The Roch
  2. Friendly Tuesday

    The very one
  3. Friendly Tuesday

    Sorry mate, post amended
  4. Friendly Tuesday

    Rossvale v Kilbirnie Ladeside No gate money, but donations welcome, All proceeds to Back Onside Charity. If your bored at home, get along. 8pm Huntershill
  5. Continued Lack of Officials

    Would probably make more sense than the real reason
  6. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Arthurlie v Dalry T Home Win Cumbernauld v Craigmark Home Win Darvel v Kello Home Win Girvan v Rossvale Away Win Kilsyth v Larkhall Home Win Neilston v Benburb Away Win Glencairn v Vic Home Win Whitletts v St. Rochs Draw
  7. Continued Lack of Officials

    As I said previously, I get that, but 3 weeks ago it was 2nd v 3rd in the Championship in Glasgow and there were no assistants. I think as someone said previously, it is not a process, but just a random selection. That was why I asked if anybody knew
  8. Continued Lack of Officials

    I agree with that, if there is a shortage them fair enough, but when its 1 game in the league, why are "missing" linesmen games not shared around.
  9. Continued Lack of Officials

    All been away games Chris.
  10. Continued Lack of Officials

    I get that. But 3 weeks in a row with no linesmen, and none 2 weeks prior to that. I doubt any other club has had that. That's why I asked if anybody was aware of the criteria for appointing
  11. Continued Lack of Officials

    That was my initial thought, however a few weeks ago it was Benburb v Rossvale, at the time 2nd v 3rd in the middle of Glasgow, yet no linesmen, hence why I ask if anyone knows the criteria
  12. Continued Lack of Officials

    Based on availability. Top leagues get priority I think I get that, but there are enough to cover all bar 1 Championship game, so how do they decide what game it is.
  13. Does anybody know the criteria for the appointment of Linesmen in The Championship? That's 3 games in a row that Rossvale have played without a linesman.
  14. Todays scores 29/9/18

    Greenock 0 Rossvale 2
  15. Betting Odds Saturday 22nd September

    Our Outrights either