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  1. I thought that was Darvel's new entrance ....
  2. I wonder why there isn't the appetite from the government to get football back? Is it any less safe than a crowded bus, train or pub?? Is it perhaps because there isn't any financial benefit to them?? There might be a mental health bill to pay if tbey don't step in and assist ....
  3. Same as last season though, finish in the top 13 and you're safe. (Unless a team comes down from the Lowland League.) What if we don't start until say January... Hopefully October, but there doesn't appear to be any appetite to get football started. Will they still go with 7 teams relegated? Has there been any discussion round this?
  4. I am over 50, of course I would go to watch football. In the open air... Must be safer than going to a pub, a cafe, a restuarant, a bus, a train, Asda... We need to get some form of normality back in life
  5. Not really sure why we are allowed to crowd onto buses, aircraft and trains... Enter shops and shopping centres, sit in pubs and restuarants, but by October won't be allowed to attend football in an outdoor arena.... Given the attendances at these games, it makes very little sense to me.
  6. I am more interested in the morality of it.. Pay the players that stayed.. Nothing if you chose to move on... Smacks of bitterness
  7. No idea mate.. I wasn't paid, or due to be paid.. But some were and some weren't . Hence me asking. The morality smacks of biterness, that some players chose to move on.
  8. So, if they were all paid the same way ?? Would it be reasonable for a club to pay players that stayed and not pay players that left?? Is that ethical, legal ???
  9. Would all players at the same club, not be the same ??
  10. Just a quick question.... Has any team paid players since Corona stopped football... and if so.. Did teams just pay players that re-signed and not pay the players that left??
  11. It would need to get moved to 1.45 .. So what is the point ??
  12. Too many clubs don't have floodlights. Bearing in mind K.O.'s have to be moved to 1.45 in the winter... How would 3pm KO work ??
  13. 2pm is fine, don't see any reason to change..
  14. I think that will become a major issue, especially when you look at shared grounds... Maryhill and Drumchapel, Cumbernauld and Rob Roy. These pitches wont have any chance of recovery with games on them every week..... Way too many games to fit in a shortened season, even with a mild winter.... If we have a bad winter, can't see any way of completing the season.
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