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  1. This Saturday at Medda Park against Cambuslang we have 6players from The 1973 do final squad coming for Hospitality. Joe Cassidy, Eric Morris, Robert Lewis, Con Renfrew, Charlie Mc Crorie and Sandy Hume. Also Hugh Strain from the 1959 squad. Come along and meet the legends.
  2. A few years ago I met Russell Craig at my work and had a great chat about the 1973 Scottish Cup Final with The Medda. We are having a reunion of some of The Medda players this Saturday at our game with Cambuslang. I now Russell used to attend home games and I'm wondering if he still does. If anyone knows him I would like to invite him down .
  3. On behalf of Irvine Meadow I'd like to wish you well and look forward to seeing you getting back to former glories.
  4. Love it Tommy, unfortunately the rain only started just before the game. Mibbies you right could have been a guid PR exercise. Unfortunately this does not excuse your so call fans. This was there second time of trying it. Being a Springdinger I wasn't brought up with the hate that your so called fans have. I was a Dreggin Juniors fan. When I go to Vics park I buy a programme and take raffle tickets as most Medda fans do. I would never disrespect your team or facilities. I've said before I supplied all the electrical goods when you built new pavilion. You might now understand how angry I am. . Fortunately I have some Vics supporters come to our Wednesday Club at Medda Park who thoroughly enjoy. Anyway I've been waiting all day on The Dandy and PC Murdoch coming to interview and arrest me. Rant over Tommy I'll away back to my ain midden PS don't forget it's £2.
  5. Oh you mean the cowardly attack on Medda player by Troon Coach and Medda official spat on. Dont worry, the linesman saw it all. 129 people paid to get into the Stand. Probably 70 pensioner. This arsehole was warned the last time not to try again. Rab or Robert as he now likes to be called was just coming the ----.
  6. Nice to see 2 Vics supporters turning up at Medda Park yesterday and once again trying to get into The Stand without paying the £1 charge. You laughed the last time Rab but you weren't laughing yesterday. He was refused entry then came back and put money in the bucket while threatening me that he would go the The Press and The Police. I'm shaking in my shoes what a scandal. Grow up Mr Milligan your an embarrassment to the decent Vics fans.
  7. You'll not go far wrong with Chris and John. In his first season at Medda they went to Semi final of Scottish and that was before the money arrived. The biggest problem we have in Ayrshire is the lack of young players coming into the game. Only 4 leagues left in the Amateurs. Was also talking to guy who ran an under 16 team who had to disband because boys no longer interested.
  8. On behalf of Irvine Meadow I would like to thank the committee for there help when 1 of our fans took I'll in the Social Club. Just to let you know he was taken to RAH by ambulance where he was checked over. He twisted his ankle when he fell He was given the all clear on other problems. Thank You all once again and good luck for the Season.
  9. Sad to say Medda will not be welcoming Robert Milligan and his pal to Medda Park. They turned up at a recent game and refused to pay the £1 entrance fee to the Stand. When visiting Vic's Park I always take a programme and a raffle as I appreciate how hard it is to keep the Club running.
  10. Auchinleck v Glenafton Can we suggest car users use the new large carpark in East Road Irvine. Turn right at the traffic light at ALDI then straight through to new carpark. 400yd walk to Medda Park. Come early and enjoy refreshments in the Medda Club.
  11. Can we suggest that for Sundays Cup Final car users park in East Road Irvine. Turn right at Aldi then straight through there is a new large carpark. From there it's only a 400yd walk to Medda Park.
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