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  1. Any win will do tomorrow , all the pressure is on us..........F.T.D.'83.
  2. To be fair it's usually well thought out and grammatically correct bullshit .............. [emoji16]
  3. I've just watched the Saints V Dons game, hard to believe all the hype a few months back surrounding May and the teams that were supposedly trying to sign him..................he was really poor, showed absolutely nothing.
  4. Well said, leave this stuff for bigmouth & Sevco zombies thread.
  5. At this rate we might have to think about getting the lawn mower serviced for spring.
  6. [emoji16][emoji16] I expect to see all you financial experts at the next G8 summit , all of a sudden everyone and their dog is a spreadsheet whiz kid with more financial savvy than most chancellors in number 11 [emoji16][emoji16]
  7. All the results at the weekend mean nothing if we fail tonight, McCall seems to know how to beat a United team at any level, any win would do for us , not bothered about good to watch football tonight.
  8. I'm not unpacking again, just living out a suitcase till Friday ......
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