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  1. Played well for Dalbeattie Star in their cup defeat up at Huntly by all accounts so fingers crossed.
  2. Wouldn’t be a surprise to see him at Annan. Similar type of player to Tommy Muir that they lost to Stenhousemuir.
  3. Tommy Goss moving on from Abbey Vale this summer and with Queen of the South looking likely to bin their reserve team for next season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Goss at Annan. Having seen him play for Abbey Vale a lot of times and for Queens a couple of times, he would be a good replacement for Muir in my opinion.
  4. Does anybody know when this seasons home shirt will be available to buy?
  5. Jack injured? If not then I think it’s extremely harsh to relegate him to 3rd choice. And that’s not a knee jerk to being 1-0 down either.
  6. I think Lochar will do just enough to get third. Currently got a game in hand over both Uppers and Wanderers.
  7. Abbey Vale 5-0 Wigtown Stranraer 4-1 St Cuthberts Uppers 3-1 Newton Stewart Bonnyton 5-1 Creetown Dumfries YM 2-3 Annan Mids 2-0 Heston Threave 3-1 Lochmaben
  8. So does anyone know the story with Roman Soltys this season? I know he isn’t at Threave but is he elsewhere this season?
  9. Edusport vs Threave (38) headcount done by myself just before half time.
  10. Lochmaben vs Kelty Hearts, counted 85 at half time
  11. I bought the light blue one yesterday after the reserves match. Only ÂŁ20. I asked the girl if it was the 3rd strip and she said yes. When I enquired why there was no sponsor on it she said it also doubles as a training top, hence the lower price. Pretty nice top.
  12. omitting obvious committee members, officials, staff, etc, my headcount today at Dalbeattie Star vs Gala Fairydean Rovers was 106.
  13. Unexpected result tonight Mid Annandale 2 Upper Annandale 4.
  14. Roman Soltys hasn’t featured for Threave in either of their friendlies so far. Is he still with them or moving on elsewhere does anyone know?
  15. 16th August 1919 against Sanquhar club Nithsdale Wanderers although there were 4 trial games prior to this one. The original Nithsdale Wanderers went out of business in the 1960s but a continuation of the club has competed in the South of Scotland League since 2001.
  16. I know nothing about it and have never heard of this before but I'll have a wee read up and see what happened, cheers.
  17. Dammit. Ah well, same place as last year, not too far to go. Cheers for the info.
  18. Screeching Weasel - Joanie loves Johnny
  19. Aye there's some cracking players and indeed teams in the South league
  20. It was indeed very one sided last night. No disrespect intended to Abbey Vale at all but I don't think the gulf in quality is so large between the bottom of the Lowland and top of the South though as Dalbeattie's after extra time win over Lochar Thistle in the cup a few weeks back would maybe suggest.
  21. Lockerbie and Dalbeattie are pretty much equidistant from Dumfries so fingers crossed the final is held at Palmerston. Nothing to do with it being a 2 minute walk for me
  22. Yeah I thought it was a very disappointing turn out for them. Definitely more Kelty fans there plus myself, my wife and my brother as neutrals. Great pies and facilities as normal but unfortunately a very lacklustre performance from Threave.
  23. So that's both Creetown and Wigtown of the 3 clubs that were rumoured to not be entering next season now stated to be in it after all. Has anyone heard anything concrete about Lochmaben continuing or not?
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