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  1. I still reckon Dom McMahon will come good if given a run of games.
  2. Good question regarding Heston, have wondered myself if they will come back at all. Does anybody know?
  3. Nice to see Dom getting on at the end.
  4. Wouldn’t be a surprise to see Jack Leighfield signing.
  5. Dalbeattie releasing a statement tonight of how they voted. https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dalbeattiestarfc/news/statement-2615723.html
  6. Played well for Dalbeattie Star in their cup defeat up at Huntly by all accounts so fingers crossed.
  7. Wouldn’t be a surprise to see him at Annan. Similar type of player to Tommy Muir that they lost to Stenhousemuir.
  8. Tommy Goss moving on from Abbey Vale this summer and with Queen of the South looking likely to bin their reserve team for next season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Goss at Annan. Having seen him play for Abbey Vale a lot of times and for Queens a couple of times, he would be a good replacement for Muir in my opinion.
  9. Does anybody know when this seasons home shirt will be available to buy?
  10. Jack injured? If not then I think it’s extremely harsh to relegate him to 3rd choice. And that’s not a knee jerk to being 1-0 down either.
  11. I think Lochar will do just enough to get third. Currently got a game in hand over both Uppers and Wanderers.
  12. Abbey Vale 5-0 Wigtown Stranraer 4-1 St Cuthberts Uppers 3-1 Newton Stewart Bonnyton 5-1 Creetown Dumfries YM 2-3 Annan Mids 2-0 Heston Threave 3-1 Lochmaben
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