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  1. I think McLeish did make a few important points that need to be acted on if the National team are ever to be a force again . He says SFA are not fit for purpose with a committee system 40 years out of date . What exactly does Ian Maxwell do but grovel at the feet of the Premier League clubs , he was too frightened to even ask the clubs to move fixtures to help Steve Clark prepare for Israel . As for our grandly titled President Petrie , does anyone know what he actually does or has done to benefit Scottish football, has anyone heard him speak or set eyes on him since he took up the post ,does he even exist or is he a cardboard cutout?
  2. Was at the Hibs game last Wednesday, again very frustrating,we last 2 goals from corners where Doidge and Jackson scored with headers in at the unguarded post . Seems like we have lost too many goals this season with nobody guarding the post at a corner . When I played with the local team we always had someone on each post, throw in a goalkeeper and there isn’t much space to get the ball in the net . Am I missing something here, or are County not set up correctly at corners ?
  3. Too many guys looking for fault on this site ,,we get ripped off every week watching shite in the Scottish leagues but still cough up. I paid £29 for a 0 0 draw at Tynecastle earlier in the season . By comparison £15 for our biggest game for years is a total bargain and you get your money back from the membership if you go to most of the home games with the 5 quid discount. Seems to be a lot more consideration for the fans compared to say 4 years ago.
  4. The strip looked fine to me ,admittedly from half way up the North stand . Dont think the SFA have any input into the design , met an Adidas rep at an away game years ago, he said the national associations have minimal say in the design of the final strip produced .
  5. We were told were told on plane home that both Forest and Fraser wouldn't last 90minutes, must have picked up small knocks against Cyprus. Good move to rest McTonninay against Cyprus ,apart from few mins at the end . He was always going to play the full game against Belgium and he did tire badly towards the end . Good management of the player, but I do agree with you that generally McTomminay should start .
  6. Just back from Belgium, there has been a big change in the atmosphere since the last game out in San Marino . Everyone I spoke to seemed to have great faith in Steve Clarke turning it round . Considering the fact Belgium are on a different planet ,and our weakened team , we all thought the players did fine . A good shape to the team ,they all seemed to know what their role was ,and fewer errors , yes the goal on halftime was a sickener and I know Belgium missed a few . On last nights evidence we probably have a 40% chance of qualification through the playoffs in March, whereas if they had kept McLeish on the chance of qualification was zero . Not seen the highlights yet but from our vantage point Fraser, McTominnay,McLean look good for the future , Marshall some cracking saves but his distribution is awful. Pretty confident that better times lie ahead .
  7. Give Steve Clark the job with a start when the season ends .
  8. Mystified ,why do we need MacKay as a temporary manager? Its almost the end of the season so a permanent appointment of someone like Clark would cause minimal disruption to their club . Having read Malkys comments that got him kicked out of Cardiff, there is no way he can be given such a high profile position even if it is temporary . It would be a National embarrassment .
  9. I think you guys are right about Maxwell, he seems totally indecisive . Eck has proved that he is not up to the job , the players don't want to play for him and the fans won't turn out while he is running the team . Ian Maxwell must put Eck out of his misery so that we can book our buses and planes to the Cyprus home game and Brussels away . Nobody here is interested in going if Eck is still in charge .
  10. Let's get back to the point , Eck has been a total failure this time round and has to get the heave before it's too late.
  11. Dont know anything about Ian Maxwell but he seems as indecisive as the rest of the bungling Blazers on the SFA board . Big Eck has been a total failure and has lost the backing of 99% of the TA yet he still has the support of Alan McRae ? Eck must go now to give someone else a chance to sort out the mess before we hit the playoffs .
  12. Alec McLeish might be "a very nice bloke" ,but he is no longer a half decent football manager . For 10 grand a week he has managed to make some pretty good players look like they wouldn't get a game in the local pub league team . If they keep him on to the summer we can write off the playoffs , it has been a downward spiral since his arrival .
  13. A good summary Burnie, agree fully .
  14. No smoke without fire , looks like Eck is on his way out . So the 2 clowns who got us into this mess, McRae and Pettrie, have to go as well . So who's left on the board to oversee the appointment of a new manager , rent a mouth Mulraney and Neil Doncaster ( the Chris Grayling of Scottish football). The prospects don't look good !
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