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  1. Anyone know much about Uppers this season? Disappointing start it seems losing to Lochmaben and Heston and scraping past Saints
  2. No real shocks from first games apart from Newton picking up a point v Bonnyton, although by the sounds of it they played well. Mids delivered a thumping by Threave but their Facebook was quick to highlight how many boys they were missing due to holidays, wonder how good they will be this season.
  3. Agnew and McColm away to Kilwinning, Baxter and Robbie Murray away to Irvine Vics. Reserves played Dailly Tuesday and all of them played and play Cumnock Juniors Saturday so imagine just resting them and playing young boys v Wigtown
  4. Where’s DoDo away to? Lochar posted when they signed another GK to say he was still no1
  5. I think any team would miss 3 players who scored 80 odd goals between them but all 3 deserve to play in a better league. Chance for some new talent to step up for them.
  6. I can’t see many takers for the Saints job personally, poor team whenever I seen them last year and can imagine boys will leave if no manager there for pre season.
  7. I seen Newton have signed that boy this year so not Stranraer’s problem Billy!
  8. This thread seems to suggest Middleton has signed again for Newton. I’d have thought that they’ll bring youth through from their u16’s/17’s, certainly the ones that are good enough. Not heard too many rumours of south signings so far but still early days
  9. Point of a reserve team surely, for boys to sign for the first team and the 3 boys who have signed for the first team will do a lot of learning in the junior leagues. Good luck to them. Still be a decent squad but maybe won’t be fancied as much now.
  10. Expect this season will be closer than last. Expect Threave, Bonnyton to be up the top end of the table while Lochar look like they’ve made some good signings. Although Stranraer have lost 3 players to the first team still expect them to be very competitive, if rumours on other threads are true signing an out and out striker in Robert Middleton and experience in Jenkins and Lowe will help. I think Vale could kick on if they keep a hold of Goss up front, although there was rumours earlier in post season that he was off to Annan first team
  11. Still waiting on Mids to announce their big name striker, not like clubs to wait a few days to announce a signing
  12. I have no affiliation with Stranraer so unfortunately I cannot however from my understanding, you have to be registered to play in the league and then the cup games which is done by the clubs. I’ve no idea how many forms boys sign when they’re signing at the start of the season and don’t know whether you have to sign 2 forms when signing for a club, however if that is the case it seems absurd. As previously commented, the whole thing is a shambles and I don’t think anyone knows what the hells gone on.
  13. And if there was a repercussion for the league it would have been handed out after 5 games, not at the end of the season.
  14. Not disagreeing with this at all my friend, the SSFL say the players unregistered then he’s unregistered. All I’m trying to say is there’s nothing been mentioned to say that he wasn’t registered for league games, hence (I imagine) why no action has been taken. I think if there was to be any punishment in terms of the league it would have been dished out at the same time as the punishment in the cup, the common sense thing to do. Mind you there’s not a lot of common sense about this league some times
  15. I can’t see there being another decision after Stranraer have already been banned from the cups and I agree with you Billy that’s it’s obviously a huge admin error somewhere along the line and I doubt the young lad feels great about it (although it’s in no way his fault).
  16. The player is quite clearly signed as if you go on the league website and look at the team sheets for the season as he never appears as a trial isn’t. To say that the league title should be taken from them is absurd, if the league we’re going to take the league off them they would have done it when they withdrew them from the cups. There’s either been a mix up either on Stranraer’s end or the league’s end and I don’t think anyone will know until all details are found out or released (which they won’t be). From the (limited) information we all have there seems to be a lot of people jumping to conclusions. Stranraer can only be punished in the cups if they’ve only committed rule breaches on the cups.
  17. Can’t imagine any of these clubs looking for a new manager. All have managers who are in their first season or 2 of management, would be harsh to sack them.
  18. I think amongst all the debate over who’s been the best player, it’s nice to see so many good players in the league. I’ve thought the last few years you could probably have picked the team of the season no bother but there’s a lot of debate as to who will be in the team, especially up front where there’s been a lot of good players.
  19. Have to agree with this, for 2 boys in the same team to be on 30 + goals and that team to be unbeaten you have to have them in the team of the year. Dean Agnew comfortably best player in the league this year by some way, should get player of the year too.
  20. Stranraer and Bonnyton both had pretty forgettable seasons last year, albeit I think Stranraer won a cup, finishing 8th and 5th. Stranraer’s consistency has been near impeccable and in any other season Bonnyton’s current record would see them at top of the league. Stranraer should win the league comfortably now though. Genuinely thought lochar might sustain a title challenge this year but they’ve not been able to keep the pace and will be lucky to finish 3rd, think it will be between nithsdale and uppers which is a credit to both sides. As for the rest, Mids start to the season killed them off and losing 12-1 on aggregate to Stranraer over 2 games might knock a bit of stuffing out them. Abbey vale a good squad and had a few good results but too inconsistent which is a shame because they’ve came a long way in the last few seasons.
  21. Stranraer v Uppers league game about 30. Believe the cup game was 65/70
  22. Who’s been their 2nd quality player? Anderson is a given obviously
  23. Good team but I’d have Johnny Baxter in there, tough to take someone out however
  24. Agree with other comments wind ruined the game but Bonnyton were by far the better side. Lochar obviously missing boys but it hurt them, replacements weren’t good enough to cope with Bonnyton. Saw their FB page moaning about the free kick which led to the first goal but was a free kick all day long and the penalty was stone wall, their CB hauled the Bonnyton boy to the ground. Seems a 2 horse race between Stranraer and Bonnyton now
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