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  1. Team of the Season

    Have to agree with this, for 2 boys in the same team to be on 30 + goals and that team to be unbeaten you have to have them in the team of the year. Dean Agnew comfortably best player in the league this year by some way, should get player of the year too.
  2. Top 3

    Stranraer and Bonnyton both had pretty forgettable seasons last year, albeit I think Stranraer won a cup, finishing 8th and 5th. Stranraer’s consistency has been near impeccable and in any other season Bonnyton’s current record would see them at top of the league. Stranraer should win the league comfortably now though. Genuinely thought lochar might sustain a title challenge this year but they’ve not been able to keep the pace and will be lucky to finish 3rd, think it will be between nithsdale and uppers which is a credit to both sides. As for the rest, Mids start to the season killed them off and losing 12-1 on aggregate to Stranraer over 2 games might knock a bit of stuffing out them. Abbey vale a good squad and had a few good results but too inconsistent which is a shame because they’ve came a long way in the last few seasons.
  3. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    Stranraer v Uppers league game about 30. Believe the cup game was 65/70
  4. Top 3

    Who’s been their 2nd quality player? Anderson is a given obviously
  5. Team of the Season

    Good team but I’d have Johnny Baxter in there, tough to take someone out however
  6. Predictions

    Agree with other comments wind ruined the game but Bonnyton were by far the better side. Lochar obviously missing boys but it hurt them, replacements weren’t good enough to cope with Bonnyton. Saw their FB page moaning about the free kick which led to the first goal but was a free kick all day long and the penalty was stone wall, their CB hauled the Bonnyton boy to the ground. Seems a 2 horse race between Stranraer and Bonnyton now
  7. Predictions

    Creetown 2 - 1 Wigtown Heston 5 - 0 Annan Lochar 2 - 2 Bonnyton Mids 3 - 1 Threave Newton 3 - 0 Ym Nithsdale 4 - 2 Lochmaben Stranraer 3 - 1 Abbey Vale Lochar v Bonnyton game of the day tomorrow and if either want to stay in the title race they need to win.
  8. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    Stranraer v Bonnyton about 100
  9. Top of the table clash

    Not convinced the Bonnyton penalty taker was their first choice, as soon as it was awarded he rushed to the ball and had the ball on the spot while all the players were ranting to the ref. Don’t know if the keeper got a touch but a big miss for them this season! Despite that you never felt that Bonnyton were going to score, Stranraer keeper/defence outstanding all game
  10. Top of the table clash

    Comprehensive win for Stranraer tonight who dominated the whole game and kept a clean sheet against the highest scorers in the league. Very impressive
  11. Inconsistent south teams

    Their manager, goalkeeper and right winger all work shifts and work most weekends and the Baxter boy is at uni in Glasgow I’m sure? They’ll have plenty going on they’re just committed to the team
  12. Top 6 predictions

    No doubt about it, they’re obviously sitting 2nd for a reason. My point merely suggested the teams they’ve been playing recently are not great and have all been at the end of a few batterings this season.
  13. Top 6 predictions

    Destroyed Creetown, the YM, Newton and Lochmaben, like most teams in the top 6 will this season.
  14. Promotion/Relegation

    An interesting suggestion made to me a few weeks back whilst watching a game. Whoever wins the title obviously has the chance to win promotion to the lowland league which is great and can (hopefully) show the quality we have in the south league. However it’s fair to say that the league has some average teams to say the least. So would it be beneficial to some teams in the league if there was a relegation from the league, possibly with a play off with the winners of the Dumfries Sunday league? Teams at the top of the league seem to boast some good players in their ranks with south teams regularly nipping in to sign them so may help both leagues.
  15. Heston rovers

    Stranraer won 2 games in the league last year and have done the same this season. Heston best them in a cup game late on in the season I’m sure. Pretty sure an earlier thread said Stranraer have only brought in 2 new bodies, Agnew up top and a centre half from Creetown. If so that’s some turnaround for a team that’s only playing it’s second season together and in the Sough league.