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  1. Abbey park end of an era

    Like others so many great memories, 94 team, Dundee Downfield, wee Coby with the winner and the shed packed, Camelon scoring last minute winner then beating them the next year 5-0 with Peline scoring a hat trick, Bobby Dickson what a winger, Sloan and Jardine cracking players, Peline scoring a wonder goal against Meadow in the West, won 4-2 after being 2 down, 99 team were a cracking side but McSherry’s side set the standard with Dickson carrying it on, what a team Dickson’s team were, could play and mix it also, Montgomery and Peline would have been a nightmare to play against, Mark Shanks team were also a right good side, winning the league against Troon I think on a horrible day after being 2 down came back and won 7-2, Cashy scoring the overhead kick also, great place, great footballers and more importantly great people.
  2. Time for Strain to go

    Yourself obviously calls the shots and if you are happy with the manager that’s fine. I appreciate you coming on here and defending the manager, many clubs committee wouldn’t. Regarding the stats you provided no one can deny them either, the worrying thing for me is that 8th place is acceptable in people’s opinions. I will always stand by that winning trophies is the most important thing in football and not accepting second best. You may not believe this but I just want Kilwinning to be successful and yesterday was painful to watch.
  3. Time for Strain to go

    Watch yourself Overnewt you are verging on having a go at the players and manager also, can’t be having that might offend yourself. Game was yesterday by the way.
  4. Time for Strain to go

    Look, I don’t have the time unfortunately to be on a committee due to work, anyone on a committee at any level of football I tip my hat to them and without these people we would not have a club, I get that and appreciate it. This post is not a personal dig at Chris Strain who over the past 5 or 6 years at the club has done well and took us from the lower league to the top league, but for me today was the final straw. Players are simply not playing for him, discipline is shocking and in my opinion it’s time for a new manager.
  5. Time for Strain to go

    What the hell you on about. Some players are clearly not good enough so you get players in who are hungry and want to improve, not players who are not playing for the manager and believe they are superstars. Are you actually accepting today as a one off and let’s go again.
  6. Time for Strain to go

    Please behave Please behave what.
  7. Time for Strain to go

    If you honestly think Kilwinning aren't in a good place the now your delusional. The last quarter final we beat you in in 2012 you were Ayrshire district without a hope in the world. We are in a position now with nothing to play for and it’s Febuary. We should be winning trophies and getting to finals so why should the fans accept mid table and going out in quarter finals.
  8. Time for Strain to go

    When we doing this? Join the committee and manage the change. So you are accepting today, let’s brush it off, give the boys another chance. You put players up for sale, agree a price with a club, player goes, you bring a player in honestbuff that’s how a transfer works. If you want to be a fan of a middle of the road junior club then well done to you but I won’t be.
  9. Time for Strain to go

    It’s not knee jerk. This is not just about today. Scottish Cup run has papered over the cracks, team has gone backwards massively and make no mistake this is Chris Strain’s team, bar a couple of players who were their when he arrived.
  10. Time for Strain to go

    That was one of the worst performances I have seen from the Buffs in a long time. Quarter final of the Scottish and no fight. There is ways to lose a game but not one of those players can look in the mirror and say I gave it my all. Too many superstars who stroll about and cheat the club. Players should be returning their wages if they had any respect for the club. Adam has a shocker for the first goal, then 2 down, third goal is a Buffs corner gets cleared and superstar Wardrobe gets told man on but instead of knocking it back in the box, loses the ball which leads to Adam sending off. Team has gone backwards by a country mile, major overhaul required and the managers time is up. I don’t know Strains contract situation but he should do the decent thing and resign. Players are not playing for him and the way Coleman and Boylan spoke to one another in the first half was terrible also.
  11. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Troon are a decent side with a couple of ex seniors in their side, my opinion though we are at the stage where their is not a great deal of difference between the 8 sides left and it’s a question of who wants it the most on the day.
  12. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Who lost there discipline.
  13. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Would you rather we die
  14. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    The votes are in and Kilwinning Rangers are moving to the Sports Club. I like so many others are going to miss Abbey Park but for the long term future of the club the right decision has been made. I know that the committee will have a lot of work ahead of them for the move but for me as a way of saying goodbye to the old place I believe a legends match between Jim McSherry’s 94 side and Bobby Dickson’s 98 side would be a great way of saying goodbye to Abbey Park, with also the current players and other players such as Cashy, Neil Shearer, just a suggestion.
  15. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    I love Abbey Park, some great memories but when anyone has asked you a question you have answered with detail and respect and for that thanks. The move to the sports club has to happen for the sake of the club and anyone who disagrees is naive in thinking that the club can move forward by remaining at Abbey Park.