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  1. North Sea Middle Nations Cup

    How about, this for a n idea, so Celtic are less uncompetitive in Champs league, have them play more top teams. I think there is no way Cetic in the Atlantic leaguie would be good, I mean Rosenborg V Celtic is less interesting to fans than Celtic Motherwell, so what about a short cup, just a few games, So the competitors would be Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Portugal is too far away and too good to be in it. Other nations are too far away. But maybe have Poland, but they are probably too far away. (The Baltic sea opens into the North Sea). Germany and England are too big to be in it, You could have the top 2 of each league automaticly get into a group stage. then the 3rd and 4th enter a preliminary round, the winners of each 1 leg match, played in October, enter the Group stages, with the 14 top 2 teams. Then there are 4 groups of 5 teams, who play eachother just once. The teams who finish top 2, reach a quarter final, where they then play a 1 leg qf, then 1 leg 1semi, then 1 leg final, played at the ground of the team who has had the best record so far in the competition that season, This on average would see a group of stage of teams like Rangers, Ajax, Rosenborg, Brondby, and Brugges, and Aberdeen, IFK, Helsinki, and AIK Stockholm, This would mean playing a higher level of team, and instead of Celtic playing in the Scottish league, on average 1 Preimiership class team, Rangers (Not this season, but probably most seasons), 1 Championship class team, the Dons (and when they lose players, it will be Herats or Hibs who are that class), 2 borderline, Hibs and Hearts, and the rest league 1 standard,, they would play maybe 1 Premiership class team, being PSV, 2 more championship class teams, Viking and Copenhagen, and 1 more league 1 play off class team, Tronhdeim, and maybe if they did well, Celtic would on average play a Championship class team in the Quarter final, then get knocked out by Ajax in the semis, a Premiership class team. Surely this could help, Celtic and Rangers, and lessen the arguments for them to join the EPL. thus keeping the Scottish league around. I would play the groups stages in November, December, January, and February, if possible, allowing teams to fit matches around Winter breaks. Then the Quarters in late February, the semis and final in March. The Winners would be crowned Champions of the Middle sized Nations of the North Sea, It would mean every season the Old Firm, of maybe Hearts or the Dons, playing higher level European games after Christmas, and would not take away from the SPL if handled properly. It would not add much money but would add a little. And if the Dons, or St Johnstone got far it would be great. The games could be mid week.
  2. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    By the way, these are only ideas, and I was not having a go at any team, its just a idea. I will not post on Pie and Bovril ever again. I have been to a challenge cup game, but then again it is not to everybody's taste, Lets face it Scottish football has good crowds for the size of the population, and a lot of interest in the smaller teams, so its is up to the fans of those clubs to decide what is best, sorry for offending anybody, I just think it would be even better if winning a trophy meant you were winners of a Scotland, Ulster, Eire, Wales, Faeroe Islands and Cornwall, and Manx, but maybe not, and if people are ever bored of travelling to the same teams in Scotland, as of 10 team leagues, why not add in a extra team from abroad, makes it more interesting, anyhow, the end,
  3. Third Lanark

    As for Third Lanark, well it could be like Morton, Greenock once had 80,000 people, but now has half, it could just be populations fall, so affect the size of clubs, When oil goes in Aberdeen it may affect Aberdeen, and maybe Hibs and Hearts have been helped by the capital being more wealthy, they have been doing better than in the 1970s, same for ICT, and Livingston.
  4. Third Lanark

    I am sure some of this information is exageratting Third Lanark;s attendances, Aberdeen had much lower crowds at Third Lanark, than at Rangers when I look at attendances in history, I think they were a bit smaller than Partick, and even Partick had very low attendances in the Premier recently. Maybe this was the New Towns seeing populations leave, a city of a million people could support 3 particks them and clyde, and 2 old firms teams, and 1 QP, 600,000 just 2 old firms, and 1 partick and qp, so East Kilbride and Cumbernauld should be making up the numbers in the Scottish league, it's just Clyde never took the name Cumbernauld on board in their name, and maybe should have, while East Kilbride, may become a league club to add to ICT and Livingston one day, lets hope so,
  5. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Also I would like a Faeroese League Select in it as well, and say they must play 1st round matches in Scotland. There could be a Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles, Faeroes round, I know this sopunds mad but it is the future. Also push the league season back and have 2 breaks, and have a Atlanatic cup in a superbowl style way for the bigger Scottish premier teams, The draw for the League cup could be made way in advance so teams have time to prepare cheap travel to certain places.
  6. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    The Challenge cup revamp is a great idea, the introduction of Welsh, and Irish teams is great. If I had my way they would have all gone into the League Cup and we would have a Manx select and Truro, not in the league section but the knockout stages somehow. Also people talk about attendances being down for the Colt teams, but all cup 1st rounds have low attendances. The season Aberdeen won the league cup sending 40,000 to Parkhead, they had half their normal league attendance in the first match v Alloa of that run. Celtic and Rangers barely half fill their stadia in first rounds of cups, and even St Mirren this season had lower group stage of the league cup attendances than they had V TNS in the semis of the challenge cup last season. (Even in England league cup semis often have half full grounds on the 2 legs, and early stages for European matches for many huge teams in Europe have lower attendances than league games) The point in the Colt teams is not attendances, it is so they get experience v senior teams in competeive matches, if that just produces 1 Scotland cap over 10 years then that is good enough. If Youth development says it is good, then East Kilbride and Formantine should be proud to be helping the Colts and the Scotland team. After all Barcelona B team won the second tier of the Spanish league, and that team went on to win the Champions League, and was the nucleas of the world cup winners, Teams like East Kilbride, and Formantine and the league two teams, are a proud thing for Scottish football, but why not make them help Scottish youth development even more. The attendance of the Challenge cup final last season was higher than Dundee United's average for league games last season, despite it being heled away from their homke ground and being on TV, and over double St Mirren's average crowd, And so what if a foreign team wins the competition, that will just mean more prestige for if a Scottish team then wins it again, like howw the Ryder Cup was nothing to Americans till Europe beat it in the 1980s. The challenge cup is a great tourney, and the addition of these teams is great. The Scottish lower tier teams beating Irish and Welsh league teams, were probabaly Scotland's best results last season ther than Aberdeen and Celtic's results. What I can not understand is Bala went out to a Luxembourgerish team narrowly a couple of seasons ago, and normally just go out mildy to these sorts of teams, but they sometimes get good results v Scottish premier teams, then Alloa, beat Bala 4-2, what is that about Also Linfield don't get anhialated by Maltese and such teams, but then lose to Scottish 2nd and 3rd tier teams in the challenge cup. I think the Scottish challenge cup is fantasic.