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  1. Interesting thumbnail over at the streaming place.
  2. Some cringey Twitter exchange between Brazil and McCoist about a haircut which sadly made the news. Whoever posted it must have thought better of themselves and decided to excise (or indeed exorcise) it from the thread.
  3. I'll help you out... The post above mine was deleted. Obviously. Cheer up, grumps.
  4. a) A near sixty-year-old man tragically having to fabricate some borderline casually racist anecdote to cover for the fact that he is balding. b) Slavering hordes of smartphone dumbf*cks on Twitter moronically lapping it up. c) Alan Brazil has absolutely no f*cking idea just what A Clockwork Orange is, the thick gammony c*nt.
  5. Let's get down to brass tacks. It's really not on that ANY opposition fans should be allowed to get away with pelting Gers players with pies... If anyone is going to pelt their players with any barely-edible exocets then The Berrz themselves reserve the right to do exactly that. Just ask Mo Johnston. Poor Maurice took more than a couple of piping, grey mince facials in his time at Rangers.
  6. That was £30 well spent... Mwuhahahahah.
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