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  1. Zagorakis was player of the tournament, ably assisted by Karagounis, Katsouranis and Basinas. Dellas and Nikopolidis kept them out at the back and Charisteas usually banged in the singular goal. Also a special mention to Takis Fyssas, erstwhile of Hearts, who was also selected in the team of the tournament. Otto Rehhagel was the master tactician who as well as subsequently taking Greece to two World Cup qualifications had also previously guided Werder Bremen to two Bundesligas and a European trophy. I think he was actually linked with the Scotland job at one point; somewhat tenuously, I would imagine, as he knocked back the chance to manage his native Germany to stay with the Greeks.
  2. # If you tolerate this, then your children will be next... #
  3. The take away is that the guy never even touched his ribs because his whole arm was stuck in the net at the time. 🧐
  4. I think you answered your own question there, dude. Also, 'massive clubs?' Geeze f*ckin' peace. Two* UEFA Cup finals between them in half a century? On the European stage surely you'd have to agree that falls way short of, say, Aberdeen and Dundee United in a non-antediluvian timeframe...
  5. Or 'Spot The Loony' if they actually paid to have an 'avatar' present while sitting in the hoose. Moon units.
  6. Nah, it's 'robustly contest' this time around. One thing is for sure; they won't be found wanting.
  7. Just the one. James has two Rs but no neck.
  8. Nice to see the Hibs are still absolutely destroying the Berrz inside. #LetsGoGe55ard
  9. I forgot Smicer and Rosicky too. 🤪 I mind a guy from Euro 96 called Bejbl as well who went on to sign for Atletico Madrid.
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