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  1. Don't be silly. The other guys are correct. She's Russian.
  2. I actually want them both to win, for different reasons... But I know I can't always get what I want. I wonder who The Boy Who Cried Wolf will be supporting back in Mallorca? He would probably have a similar outlook to DeeTillEhDeh above.
  3. There was one point where Castlebot's circuitry actually seemed to freeze and he went on a wee loop of Nadalspeak. "He's obviously ailing... he's obviously injured... He's obviously ailing... he's obviously injured." Nadal's face freezing in disquiet and distaste when was told it was Kyrgios he will be playing was a picture, the excessive blinking and arse-picking halted for once, after awkwardly and shamefacedly narrating his way through Further Tales of Mysterious and Imaginary Injuries #3,769.
  4. #Kevin Trapp, Kevin Trapp, Kevin Trapp, And his oRaNge tAP# (To the tune of Postman Pat) Lovely. https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/0275-152d4069c6c7-bb66addf55b4-1000--kevin-trapp-named-official-uefa-europa-league-final-hankook-pla/
  5. Apparently Andy Murray is missing the French to start preparations for the grass court season. Although it remains to be seen how the tournaments in England this summer will be affected after the ATP's decision to strip the LTA tournaments of ranking points. The British Government meddling in affairs they should stay out of as usual but sport does seem to be getting more and more like political propaganda in the modern era.
  6. Career win 1001 brings a sixth Italian Open and 38th ATP Masters 1000 title for Djokovic, who is starting to get back to full match fitness just in time for the French. Although, after his showing in Madrid, I still make Carlos Alcaraz the favourite right now. Edit: Nadal is carrying the foot inury as well as was evident in his defeat by Denis Shapovalov in Rome.
  7. He just threw a wee temper tantrum after getting bageled by Novak in the first set of the Italian final. Pleasing.
  8. That's a great shout as well. Like Murray, he seems to be strategist and can be mentally a couple of shots ahead of his opponent; like he sees the next couple of moves shaping in his head - a Tetris Tennis brain. He also seems to have a dash of Djokovic's flexibility and reflexes on the return of serve and was able to return some booming serves from Zverev yesterday that would ace most players. For just turning 19 on Thursday, it's astounding stuff, especially the tennis brain. The only threats I can think of that could halt his rise are possible off-the-court dramas and distractions but he seems so grounded and family-oriented at the moment that hopefully he won't be tempted by the trappings of fame too much.
  9. One(!) comment on Alcaraz in all this time compared to literally hundreds of comments on someone's vaccine status back in January. What a world. Alcaraz is an absolute superstar and seems to have no weaknesses in his game at all. Strength, stamina, durability and an all-round game that could translate to any surface. Special mention to the best drop-shot in the game at only 18 and is already wiping the floor with the best tennis has to offer up. I think Djokovic certainly has another gear in him when he gets fitter but I can't see anyone else going toe-to-toe with Alcaraz on his best day. Last year I predicted he would definitely win a slam someday. Now I am thinking he will win most of them from here on in. An absolute phenomenon in the making. The Madrid crowd forlornly supporting Nadal over Alcaraz one day and then the next scoring out their Nadal flags and t-shirts to replace them with 'Vamos Carlitos' was amusing to say the least. Nadal had no answers in the two sets that Alcaraz was ankle-strapping-free; he was simply outfought, outthought and overpowered. Even his desperate dick-move to attempt to continue the match while someone in the crowd had collapsed and was receiving paramedic attention was ultimately to no avail.
  10. Fireworks being set off around here (not Glasgow) at the full time whistle... Of a semi-final... In broad daylight. Tragic levels of no-life glory-hunting and money-wasting.
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