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  1. Stick some links in the OP and you'd have a winner of a thread, especially since we're all bored out of our collective gourd. I'll kick it off with (presumably) the man you are referring to as 'The King'. 🤩 NOW... That's what I call world class.
  2. That was quick and painless. ✔️ All the best to you, OP. Hope all goes well.
  3. Ha, my reply and yours are spookily similar! Indeed, hah. We both remember the SS Mark Burchill Great Young Hope; the wreck of which is currently marooned at the SuperScoreBoard offices in Clydebank. I remember being shocked that Broon actually picked a youngster - He must have had a stormer of an Old Firm debut which led to the OTT clamour for him to be drafted in. Something similar happened with Maloney (albeit with far less hype around him initially) who became one of those you referred to; only truly blossoming later in his international career, becoming a pivotal player in the 2016 campaign.
  4. Around that time (1999-2000) there was a bit of a cull of the older guys like Durie, Jackson and Gallacher... Bubbling under were Booth, Freedman, Donnelly and Winters(!)... Billy Dodds became the main striker... But the young hopeful at the time was Mark Burchill who - believe it or not - was touted as 'the Scottish Michael Owen' by some wildly overoptimistic pundits (no doubt the same kind of twits who labelled John Fleck as 'the Scottish Wayne Rooney' or that big winger whose name currently escapes me as 'the Scottish Gareth Bale'). Miller won a solitary cap in 2001 after he had already joined Wolves and did not become a regular until 2003. *Edit: After checking, it seems he may still have been at Rangers when he won his first cap (a 10min sub appearance in a 1-1 friendly against Poland). He was sent on a three-month loan to Wolves the same year before they paid £3M to get him in the December.
  5. That statement was made over four hours ago before the universal postponement. That's why it mentions the possibility being exposed to Scottish footballing sanctions if they cancelled the match. They then released the second statement around two hours ago.
  6. The estimable Caixinha gets taken out by Josh, Son of Dean.
  7. Those big bad boys in the SPFL putting the poor wee teddies under pressure... Tav•tas•tic (Tăv-tăs′tĭk) adj. Having fear; afraid, frightened; absolutely shiteing it; bottle well since crashed beyond repair.
  8. Made a mug of Milner in the middle...Try and say that after a few pints. Just been voted as Man of the Match too. Get him in the squad.
  9. Ran this through Google Translate: "Not much to say. I watched the old club in the 80s when they were shite but this is probably the worst. Maybe the club takes advantage by leeching what little money the fans have by fanning the flames of sectarianism as we plague our home country's towns and embarrass Scotland in Europe with our racism, indoctrinate innocent children and ruin their lives, remain loyal and staunch guarding imaginary walls, sing about popes, terrorists and 17th century wars, fly the butchers apron as we really wish we were English but can only self-loathe and hate ourselves to death... again."
  10. More military overtones from a fanbase who think cardio is a drive to the newsagents to buy a Daily Mail. #ThrashThem
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