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  1. It must be quite some time since someone uttered words to the effect of 'he's the next Stanley Matthews...'
  2. Please, please, please do not tempt fate, my friend... Nor anger the Norse gods. The Danes will be looking on with interest.
  3. An absolute behemoth of Scottish fitba' and only Ferguson and Stein are ahead of him. The very first season that club football magically appeared and appealed to me (after Mexico 86); I was with him and his VG-clad Tangerines all the way in 86/87. Anyone who ever sat down after their dinner and enjoyed a 54321 biscuit remembers Clark and Gallacher putting Barcelona to the sword at the Nou Camp. A true legend. He supplied the national team with Malpas, Gough, Narey, Hegarty, Bannon, Sturrock, Gallacher during the 80s and 90s too, so he's alright by me.
  4. It probably should also be noted that Italy were World Champions, Spain were European Champions (about to reclaim their title ) and World Champions (beating that Netherlands side in the final). That leaves us with a game against Belgium which wasn't the final fixture in the group. So, probably best to file this algorithm under 'pish'.
  5. McLeish wasn't the manager in the previous game against Italy. Strachan's team beat Slovenia at Hampden. So... Not really a trend at all then.
  6. The bold Berrz trying to dictate the parameters of playing for Scotland is peak banter when most of the scummers don't even want their own club's players to represent their own country's team. I made a wrong turn on the Interwebz earlier tonight and I could see they were absolutely GUTTED last night by our qualification. Self-loathing losers. Up yeez. 🤠
  7. There is just something amazing (and emotional) about seeing Considine there in amongst it. Living a fucking dream.
  8. Thank you Scotland. Just thank you. What fucking bottle they showed. Fully deserved. Cheers and enjoy lads and lassies. I used to think the hope was the thing that killed us... But now I understand, it was just keeping the belief alive. And I don't even care if that makes sense or not tomorrow... Cheers.
  9. Sitting here with the 1992 edition of The Wee Red Book like it's a fucking bible.
  10. Ah'm no' tellin' ye coz you've got 'polis' in yer username... 🤐
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