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  1. Dykes with a goal and assist today, Ryan Christie MotM and Scott McKenna highly rated in a clean-sheet for his defence. A decent (and victorious) day for the Championship contingent.
  2. Not to put the cat amongst the pigeons but he was a Rangers fan growing up, as is his family. I am sure that is why he was being referred to as 'Agent McGregor' when he realised a lifetime ambition by scoring a winner for the team in blue in an Old Firm derby.
  3. King Kenny Dalglish's last international cap (when he was already manager of Liverpool) came against Luxembourg in 1986 in the Euro 88 qualifiers. We won 3-0 with a double from Davie Cooper and one from Mo Johnston. Almost exactly a year later (without Dalglish and Cooper and feauturing big Graeme Sharp and wee baldy Ian Wilson of Everton in their stead) we played out a 0-0 draw which is one of the prime results which gives us the 'f**k-it-up-against-minnows' reputation and the bore draw proved to be a hammer blow to our qualification hopes. It's meagre consolation indeed that Gary Mackay "still never has to pay for a drink in Dublin" because we beat Bulgaria 0-1 in Sofia in the last group match and that meant Ireland went to their first ever major tournament.
  4. Sweden hand Spain their first World Cup qualifying defeat since 1993. A 66-game unbeaten streak home and away. The previous defeat was in the Parken during qualifying for USA 1994.
  5. Would that be Greer? I thought he was half-decent most of the time and Hanley was the one who was most often criticised. They were at separate ends of the career timeline though and Hanley has undoubtedly improved of late.
  6. We should be aiming for a draw here in this group but instead we've chucked it after ten minutes. The call-offs proving to be very costly also as the defence especially is just an absolute shambles of the square pegs variety.
  7. According to the English commentary team and pundits, the Danish injuries were 'tactical'. Everyone is trying to cheat them from their destiny it seems, the underachieving c*nts.
  8. I don't see any comedy value whatsoever in the shameful harbouring of a paedo sex pest, to be honest. C*nt should be in the nick and it is nothing short of a disgrace that he is allowed to escape the law.
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