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  1. Not naive?? Based on facts from every pre season for years. We run 2 teams with squads of minimum 20 in each. I can guarantee you we couldn't put out 2 teams a week on a Saturday during the summer never mind 2 games a week. Players would be an issue for us. Based on summer pre season experience. Maybe other teams/clubs are different but I can only talk about my Club.
  2. Agreed, but longer term for me summer football sounds great and loads of advantages but without players just not feasible imho.
  3. We run 2 teams and pre season for a good few weeks we can usually put 1 team out made up of the 2 teams due to summer holidays. It would have a huge impact on us.
  4. East Kilbride YM looking for friendly opposition; Tuesday 07/05, 8.00pm ko Glasgow 4g, split costs
  5. That was our GGPL in a Cup game
  6. EKYM could take it if still available?
  7. I think the only thing this thread conclusively proves is that the decision of the Caledonian League Clubs to go to one Division One next season is a step forward. Although it may result in a bit less chat on here about 1a and 1b 🤣
  8. Of the 21 teams involved in the 1/4 Finals / Semi Finals of the Scottish/West and East 17 of the club's are from 4 leagues ........ SAFL - 4 Cally - 6 Cen - 4 Ayrshire - 3
  9. St Pats Glasgow University Dumbarton Academy FP Cambria
  10. Forgetting Group C?? - Cambusbarron/Viewfield & Kilsyth will all fancy their chances and will be strong group. 4 cracking groups imho.
  11. It was 2-0 to Giffnock. Both goals in the first half.
  12. Good summary (from a goalie coach as well [emoji2] ). Best team won. No complaints.
  13. It's the Caley team, cheers.
  14. East Kilbride YM have K Park Stadium, East Kilbride booked for Tuesday 22nd Jan with an 8pm ko. Split costs. Message if interested.
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