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  1. It is, but what's the alternative?, hoist the white flag and give up like Wigtown did last year?. They should be applauded for carrying on, and actually played really well yesterday until the worlds worst ref took over. But by god they need to get a goalie .
  2. Apparently Saints head scout couldn't make the game so Newtons 3 remaining players decided they couldn't be fkd :-/
  3. To follow up on a few points already made here ahd think it's fair to say that if Wigtown, Newton and Creetown manage to put a team on the field and play out the full season they'll all deserve way more plaudits than say Saints or Threave would if they won every game they played, although that might b a struggle :-(
  4. Sean probably broke the yellow card record at Newton tonight....an found time to send off 2 Newton players, their manager and 1 from Saints . Apparently he's in charge of what could well be the league decider on Monday night :-))
  5. Meaning where exactly......you'll need to back this up with a name AML67....this is social media, you can't just come on wae scurrilous accusations ...
  6. It's currently completely white, but there's rain forecast an no frost between now and then so hopefully ok
  7. Kudos indeed!!! Very well said EPaB. One can only hope that this noble gesture is recognised in some way. A FIFA Fair Play award perhaps, hopefully winging its way to Castle Cary as we speak....(.although it may have to float the last wee bit ) ;-)
  8. You're bang on there. Anyone one involved in this league , or any other come to it, deserve every bit of credit going . A thankless job made no easier by snidey comments on here .
  9. Well deserved indeed.....even more so when u consider it was achieved without their star man.. Hopefully they'll be able to host a home game sometime soon to allow the Ferry faithful a look at their conquering heroes .
  10. Ah know what u pair are gettin at....an it's no big an it's no clever ....bit like the Legend o the South when u think about it ;-)
  11. It is there , on the 1st o November....an Newton now hav home advantage wae all the gate money....as The Legend of The South has previously pointed out, Ecks played a blinder again ;-)
  12. Newton secured a hard fought but ultimately deserved victory against a Creetown team whose performance certainly belied their league position...but who was the member of their coaching staff that Shaun, quite rightly for once, sent off?....what an angry young man he appeared to b!!!!
  13. Ure right...u don't need to , but if the Castle Cary Bayou hasn't been 'rested' enough by the time o the rearranged cup game' then 'Flood Dome ' it will b!!! :-)
  14. League game......7 odd month o the season to go an Newton hav 5 home games left!!!!......mibby get a home Potts cup tie tho wae the 2 strikes an ure out rule ;-)
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