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  1. People on here seem to be excited about going.
  2. I just wondered what propelled it to great news status and not just normal news.
  3. His defence will be - she was doing ma nut in the whole time.
  4. As I recall Bush’s reply was “it’s not my size”.
  5. There’s no way Gerrard will get the Liverpool job. Once Klopp leaves they’ll want someone who has won hings at the highest level. A few domestic titles from a diddy league and getting papped out at the group stage in the Europa league isn’t going to impress them.
  6. Unfortunately it will be lost on Brexit voters. They don’t eat fruit and vegetables.
  7. That is a satirical movie and a classic. Candyman is a daft, horror/comedy movie that will be forgotten about in a year. The RACIAL INJUSTICE IN AMERICA theme is redundant and self-defeating. Ultimately it was just a shite movie.
  8. Candyman- 1/10 Remember when movies didn’t need to have an political agenda and were just entertainment?
  9. Messi has been a complete flop so far.
  10. Or rather you spent £30 million and can’t beat Livi who are are collection of free transfers from the 4th tier in England.
  11. Do Liverpool even score a clean, nicely worked goal? It’s all deflections, follow-ups, knock-ins from 2 yards or “the goalkeeper could have done better” goals. They're poor to watch if you’re a neutral.
  12. I’m normally a fan of diddies on diddies but I’ll pass here.
  13. It’s too soon. Not enough ”whit aboot ma pension?” types have died yet.
  14. This isn’t the place to criticise Gilmour but he should be imposing himself in games against teams like Watford.
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