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  1. A Government approved hug sounds like something Priti Patel would offer when her husband wants sex.
  2. Tbf I knew a Japanese lassie who had moved to London and she had partially forgotten how to read and write in Japanese after 5 or 6 years away. Her maw would send her letters and she’d have trouble reading them.
  3. To clarify, ‘Right wing comedy’ is Jim Davidson and Alf Garnett yer da jokes. Left wing comedy is what Jezza Corbyn did to the Labour Party.
  4. The All for Unity/George Galloway twitter page is good reading.
  5. Portillo is a racist, Brexit voting p***k.
  6. Man City v Chelsea has been dull. No fans, no performance enhancing drugs, Covid has made football shite.
  7. Mine is a clean freak. The only thing she won’t polish is my knob.
  8. Don’t be bitter. He left Celtic for a bigger club m8.
  9. The gunboats have shut down the flat refurbishment scandal pretty well.
  10. A random fact but Greta’s maw represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.
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