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  1. Truss and Kwarteng just enact what their corporate handlers tell them. They have no ideas of their own.
  2. Whatever happened to Katie Hopkins? Is she still out there getting people all worked up over immigants?
  3. If you find that you’re agreeing with George Galloway then go away and reconsider you’re point of view.
  4. Being so shite you need to keep an utter rodent like Lafferty is a better excuse than bigotry apologists.
  5. Craig Brown MKII. He’s making up for the shitshow that was the Euros and that WC qualifier.
  6. Germany haven’t surrendered this much since 1945.
  7. How many wheelbarrows of £10 notes do I need for a loaf of bread?
  8. Truss either is a financial genius or an roaring buffoon. I think I have the answer here-
  9. Corn milk is great on it’s own, with cereal and coffees.
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