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  1. Criticising the Israeli government is fine. No one has a problem with that but it was unwise and unnecessary to use the word ‘fascist’. She knew exactly what she was doing. Corbyn’s reach is still there.
  2. That’s a minefield. You’re treading a very fine line questioning someone’s gender now.
  3. That's a mintering from Hearts. Scottish football is completely bereft of entertainment and quality.
  4. Why can’t we have nice things? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-64483914
  5. Karl Marx is an historically famous figure, but nobody ever mentions his sister, Onya, who invented starting pistol.
  6. A while ago I had both my headlights go out within quick succession so at night I just drove with full beam on until I could be bothered replacing the bulbs.
  7. Chelsea sign Enzo Fernandez for £105million only 8 months after he joined Benfica for £8 million. Let’s see how he does. Benfica have a habit of rinsing PL franchises for mediocre players.
  8. I wouldn’t put anything past Harry when it comes to attention seeking.
  9. Caicedo was one thing but getting benched for Gros is piss poor.
  10. I’d absolutely love it if Arsenal don’t win the title. For a set of fans who’ve spent half a decade in the doldrums they have a huge sense of entitlement.
  11. A financial adviser who voted for Brexit either has terrible financial judgement and is dreadful at their job, or a racist. Which one of these does this fud want to be?
  12. Cucurella was a poor signing. Lukaku, Wesley Fofana, Sterling, Koulibaly, Aubameyang as well. That’s £300 million pished up against the wall right there. Starters like Chalobah, Mount, Gallagher aren’t good enough. £105 million for Fernandez to flop would be splendid.
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