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  1. Find someone that loves you as much as Boab loves long covid.
  2. PSG have a big streak of pish up their back they can’t shift.
  3. Attention P&B VLs - Here’s a bird looking for a British passport.
  4. Malmo got absolutely bodied by Juventus. That could have been Rangers but they weren’t good enough.
  5. They’ve been pish for years. Even when Messi was there.
  6. Guy I work with in Birmingham had severe stomach aches and went to hospital. After waiting more than 7 hours they have him a blood test and sent him home with pain killers. 6 stab victims came in when he was waiting. They missed his appendicitis.
  7. The problem with government controlled services is that the government controls them.
  8. I’ve no idea who she is but politics in Scotland is a mess. If you run as an SNP candidate you’ll probably win, which has opened the door to numerous gormless bell ends running the country. Nepotism and no accountability is a bad combination.
  9. That Canadian tennis chick is everywhere on British news. It’s the greatest achievement in Britain since, well ever. We don’t have any good achievements.
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