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  1. Bobby Cannavale is a top boy. Tidy wife, Emmy winner, Broadway actor and generally nice guy.
  2. So no bots? I’m all for that tbh. Also remove the ability to retweet while they’re at it.
  3. I do like Mongolian barbecue so I’ll remember to give plague rat a pass.
  4. Man Utd and Chelsea to finish 3rd and 4th. Neither are great teams though. Chelsea have had top strikers over the years and Tammy Abraham is not one of them.
  5. Those £5 Chino shorts will look cracking for sitting out the back.
  6. in 2004 they predicted that by 2020 due to climate change Britain would have a 'Siberian' climate so I'd maybe suggest holding off for a few more weeks on that AC unit.
  7. Why is it that traditional Labour and liberal stronghold constituencies are full of the staunch racists and xenophobes?
  8. Godley does spend a huge amount of time on Twitter replying “ye raging mate” to anyone who criticises her. Her account might be a bot tbh.
  9. Has anyone ventured into Parler? I see it’s listed 21st on the App Store.
  10. The Age of Adaline. 6/10 Blake Lively is something else.
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