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  1. well put lads,for the last 2 seasons all he has done is bitch about the good people who actually try to keep this club going,its people like him who are not needed or wanted around the place anyway,we can all do without his negative vibes,best of luck standing at the side of a public park watching guys come of to have a fag or a swig out a bucky bottle thats if you even bother to go to a game.
  2. Babfc,why dont you present yourself to the yoker committee all 1 of them and offer you're help other than come on here and hammer people when you have no idea what it takes to run this club,all you seem to do is hide behind your name on here rather than step up and say i can help as it seems clear you have all the fucking answers,are you a fan or are you a disgruntled ex player/coach i for one would love to know,last season there was 2 guys that ran the club a committee memeber and the football manager and you done nothing but champion to get him out and whats happened since then,the guys who took over haven't got money to recruit and they are not from the local area so what chance is there of them getting in decent local talent,live in the real world too many good players have left sure 2/3 have stuck around for different reasons but you must know how things were going to be,i suggest you go and watch you're top drawer local amateur teams as you may aswell stay away from holm park.
  3. Billy McClafferty might divide opinion though,also Gary Dickie and Stuart McIvor
  4. They are but the whe ho holds an important place in my heart
  5. Lets hope the new guys can hold it together as it takes a lot to keep our club going
  6. Careful what you wish for,how many have already left and how many are likely to remain
  7. The council doesn't own all of the ground,im sure that Yoker Plc will have a say in what goes on and when,until there is a spade in the ground i wouldn't believe it till i see it
  8. Is this why Bens game was off last night
  9. Hearing no games 19th may due to royal wedding ???
  10. Yoker and Port Glasgow both free sat 7th april i believe but have to play weds 11th against each other it's madness with boys struggling for midweek games surely one that can be avoided would help ?
  11. Is the long term forecast decent ?
  12. So when is the draw actually going to happen ?
  13. No that good,hopefully a home tie in next round would be a first though in this years tournament
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