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  1. Saturday dilemma!

    Saints 1-5 mids
  2. Rise o the saints

    I agree fully
  3. Rise o the saints

    I’m not questioning any clubs ambition, the location of our league is the problem. Not our clubs
  4. Rise o the saints

    I agree about the pyramid South Fan 2
  5. Wigtown

    Shouldn’t be any problems I don’t think
  6. 10/2

    Haven’t seen bonnyton this season, what’s the chances of them beating Edu this Saturday?
  7. Wigtown

    Must be wigtown surely?
  8. Wigtown

    It’ll probably be flooded
  9. Rise o the saints

    So they should be with the money they throw around
  10. 27th january

    A few games off today I see, heavy overnight rain
  11. Games on

    Threave 2-1 Creetown
  12. 20th january

    What’s wrong with blairmount andy?
  13. 20th january

    Calm down Andy. everywhere else is just about clear by now doing assumed blairmount would be clear by Saturday
  14. 20th january

    Everything is fine down here, pitch should be clear by Saturday! However, not sure what the travelling will be like
  15. 20th january

    Could be a few games off this week?