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  1. What ever happened to the ahem Sunderland fan who was posting on here about MC? Wonder what is thoughts are now that another American has pulled out the deal to buy them stating the rising cost to buy Sunderland as the reason? PS the Linekdin chat is now up there with the Benny T's pish as cringeworthy stuff.
  2. Why don't you think MC is going to get the keys?
  3. So Falkirk Vs Raith eh... Big game we will likely draw or lose. Can't see RM going for it will be happy to sit in and try to get a point.
  4. Prefer to keep it as last week if we can but tbh, any one of Tidser, McShane or Telfer alongside Gomis I am ok-ish with, as ling as there are outlets wide for them. Its when they are all funnelled into the same wee box with only Dixon and Doyle looking to run for them that we are brutal. Gomis ran the game on Saturday I thought he was great.
  5. Doesn't matter what anyone thinks on here or on the social media pages. There are only two parties here that have any say and control over the situation the MSG and MC. If history has taught us anything in recent years its that the MSG will do what they want, when they want, regardless of any intervention be it on good intent or otherwise.
  6. I heard that had all ready gone in to the budget?
  7. Given we have now signed 3 players in the last week when there was talk of the budget being spent prior, is this a sign that the MC deal could be close? My logic being that if the current MSG do want out I can't see them giving Ray any additional funds.
  8. I'm getting the impression he isn't even a Sunderland fan, prob similar to Edi/latapy etc and just trying to muddy the waters from a different angle. Absolutley was thinking the same.
  9. Can I ask what you think this guy would be capable of doing?
  10. Fantastic away trip though, probably best I have been on. Tops any Scotland away game I have been to.
  11. Depends how it reads, I don't read the Sun but this is from the BBC page: Former Celtic chief scout John Park won't take up a director of football role at Falkirk until preferred bidder Mark Campbell proves he has the money to complete his proposed takeover. (Sun) Now its either John Park hasn't seen evidence of the money yet (which would be very strange given he has been working with this guy for a while) or he won't take up the job until the takeover is complete.
  12. So is their concern the fact that Park won't be taking up the role until the deal happens if it does? thats the only thing I read from seeing pictures of the Sun article.
  13. So Peterhead on Saturday guys, our welcome to the Seaside League!!
  14. Anything good from Morton usually ends up in Falkirk anyway.
  15. Can people please stop posting links to Mark Campbell's companies please? Knowing our MSG/BOD this is what they will use to undertake DD along with EdiBairns comments then we will really be f*cked!
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