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  1. Wow, just Wow, Gordon Sawyers sounds like Graeme Speirs after listening to that .
  2. Wow that Policeman can't half shake his big maracas.............wouldn't want a truncheoning off of him !
  3. Young guy who got off at Paisley was different class. He told them the problem in Scotland wasn't with people coming in, it was people like them that were already here.
  4. Professional victim accompanied a heavyweight division tattooed hag on the 17.00 train from Ayr to Glasgow last Friday, shouting, swearing and racially abusing a woman and her 3 kids because her pram was in the aisle. Girl moved the pram if anyone needed past and only had it there so she could keep an eye on the 2 older kids. When I asked them to stop and pointed out they had the kids terrified and crying, the professional victim said I was picking on him for being Gay and Disabled and this is the kind of racist shit he has to put up with daily in Scotland, whilst shouty tattooed woman got upset because I thought she was his mother ??? Guard moved the lady and her kids away from them and I pointed out I never mentioned or had any interest in his race, creed, sexuality or alleged disability, I just said they were ignorant arseholes which is all encompassing, non-denominational and inclusive description. They took my picture and the guards picture and we are both being reported to the Police for interrupting their racist bullying of a mother and three small children. These were without doubt the biggest c***s I have ever met on a train, or anywhere else for that matter.
  5. Worst attempt at justifying Old Firm glory hunting ever. Paisley is 15 minutes away but that's not where you went is it ? The Killie supporters bus leaving Kilbirnie would have got you to Rugby Park quicker than the Ceptic bus would have got you to Glasgow. Your decision was reflected glory over geography .
  6. Racism from a the rangers fan ! Suppose it must get boring just being Sectarian all the time, decided to mix it up a bit did you ?
  7. All going well Partisan Belgrade on the Thursday, Parasite Bell ends on the Sunday.
  8. Neil is apparently interested in taking over for the first half of the season.
  9. What's the monetary difference between a magnificent and a miraculous offer ?
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