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  1. Jack Ross and his odyssey to manage every Scottish top flight before he's 50.
  2. I'm settling for Jordan v Nepal on whosgoal, could be an uphill task for Nepal, Jordan going with a strong front pairing but can be suspect at the back.
  3. It's an add on for prime, £14.99 a month. Go to sports and youll see it.
  4. You heard it here first Temur Ketsbaia is in the country.
  5. Ran on the pitch at Ayr once, b*s*a*d* signed me and I had to play a season and a half. I learned my lesson.
  6. As opposed to the current 9 team relegation dogfight every season ? Allow teams to grow, introduce new talent and maybe play some entertaining football, by withdrawing the constant fear of relegation. Current set up is just 10 teams waiting to play Rangers and Celtic, I'd rather see a football league.
  7. Record seems genuinely surprised at one the rangers fan from Kilmarnock travelling through 10 countries to get to Seville. Hardly surprising, I mean the guy hasn’t managed to find his local club in 30 odd years, geography’s obviously not his strong point.
  8. Top league of 20, play each other twice. RangersCeltic play a 2 legged made up ersecheek cup tournament to appease tv. The rest of us get to tour Scotland, visiting new places, seeing new sights and occasionally be surprised by a team we haven't played 5 times already this season.
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