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  1. Clydebank FC 2017/2018

    a tough opening fixture to the league. good luck to bankies for the season
  2. Clydebank FC 2017/2018

    who may the best in the west be?
  3. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    I agree but need to stay as positive as possible.
  4. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    a long season ahead for boness. defense look like conceding on every opportunity. questions being asked.
  5. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    EX stmirren goal keaper now of Peterhead in league 2 on a free
  6. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    are the Chris Smith rumours true?
  7. Player available

    both mentioned about BSC and Linlithgow are previous managers of Kyle, although believe the travelling was too much for him at Linlithgow and BSC couldn't come up with the money Ladeside wanted for him.
  8. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    u must be as daft as your username reads. our clubs money problems at the moment have all come from the season and the reasons I am speaking about above, so for starters you can stop acting like a keyboard gangster over an annonymous forum and secondly you can open your eyes and see whats happening behind the scenes. the turnover of staff also resorts to money whatever way you want to butter it up - the point about the money for Ryan is made because it will be interesting to see where it goes, if there is a replacement etc. 90% of other supporters seem to be seeing this except you, tells its own story.
  9. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    have you been paying attention at all? this all started back in the 15/16 season when Bolan was gaffer. the board shafted him then and have shafted everyone since. from Bolan, to EWB, to barra, to lennon, to Wilson, to now we don't even have a manager nor a coach, all coming from the club going full time? and for what, to prove a point?
  10. Pars v Arbroath - Return of the Dick

    gutted to see him go all be it a great signing for Dunfermline. many success in the future Andy
  11. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    my body aint far from it, but please expand on your comment?
  12. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    i may come across as just being the negative old fart that i am - but i for one cant go another season watching my local club be screwed over behind the scenes again. last season was a shambles and that's us just missing play off's - this year is going to be the same at the bottom end of table. we have just sold our best player, where is the money going? lost 3,4,5 experienced players from last year, where are the replacements? im fine with giving kids a chance, although i truthfully think we face relegation if we go the full season with the team we fielded against Arbroath on sat - who have just been promoted.
  13. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    he has just signed for Dunfermline. he was the highest goalscorer in Scotland last season - speaks for itself. a huge loss for our club
  14. Weekend Betting

    as an Airdrie fan from day 1 it is a very worrying time for the club. we have just sold our best player and top goal scorer, our goal keeper is on his way to motherwell and knowing the state of our club, the money brought in the door for these players will go straight to the chairmans pocket.
  15. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    how is Scott Sally getting on at Boness? seemed one of Fauldhouse better players last year although didn't get on the score sheet enough