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  1. Not directly involved just my local team and I know a few of the boys. Age wise only 1 player over 30 with 6/7 just in early 20s. Good luck to Castlemilk in next round I hope they can beat Shortlees.
  2. Funny game football. Thought Fallin were the better side. LB then gets a red which seemed harsh and Castlemilk go on to win. never mind always next year - Fallin have a good young team that will only get better.
  3. Think if Fallin get through tomorrow then a home game vs Shortlees will be a cracker. Think Bannockburn still have to beat Greig Park tomorrow to secure tie against Tollcross. Think trip to Fife could be difficult may need a second game to get through. eastfield and harestaines are still the favourites in my view but as I said before I think there might be a few shocks along the way this year!
  4. Des18


    Tight game between Fallin and Harestaines with Harestaines edging it in the end. Think it looks like a 3 horse race although still early but Eastfield and St Pats as well Harestaines all look solid units and don't see all of them having a dip in form. From games I have seen Eastfield are the most impressive but I think there may well be a few twists and turns to come.
  5. Des18


    Another good win for Fallin yesterday . Young team that will cause a few problems this year already taken some big scalps but playing some great football.
  6. Yes forgot Eastfield who I would also make strong favourites based on performances and results this season. Always a few shocks along the way and I think that Shortlees ,Oban and a few other good teams will all fancy their chances this year.
  7. Wide open this year but certainly St PATS, HARESTAINES and Bannockburn will be favorites but I suspect this might be the year a Fallin or a Sandys might just get through to the finals -who knows but good luck to everyone involved this weekend!
  8. Des18


    Great result from Fallin today coming from 2-0 down to win 3-2 with some great saves by the goalie. Bannockburn given a lesson by Eastfield by all accounts. only 7 games in but looks like Harestaines, st pats and Eastfield will battle for the honours this year.
  9. Des18


    Good result and from my limited knowledge this looks like a fairly strong team? Given your position and experience, I suspect you have played most of the so called bigger teams - is there anybody you have come up against who you would like to see added to this squad or do you think this is a good representation of the CSAFL ?
  10. I think there is a gulf between CSAF top teams and the others but in the Scottish Cup anything can happen. Just remember a few years ago Colville were knocked out by Douglas? So you just never know. …..
  11. Des18


    Took in st pats v Fallin today . Thought Fallin deserved a draw as they gave as good as they got but bit of slackness going into last 5 minutes cost them the game. Not many goals but a tight competitive contest.
  12. It is on west of Scotland Twitter page.
  13. What is the tie of the round then ? Some tasty looking games ahead.
  14. Des18


    decent team it was a good competitive game in my opinion. thought Greenock did well and were well organised.
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