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  1. Good summary- I think both teams were very nervous ,understandably but thought Fallin just shaded it although you could argue that Cambusbarron had the best chances. Best of luck to Cambusbarron for the rest of the season and good luck to Fallin in the final.
  2. Good luck to Fallin tonight in East of Scotland SF I hope it is a good game. Cambusbarron a good team from what I have seen this season but I think that if Fallin turn up then I think they will be too strong. Looking forward to the game tonight.
  3. Des18


    I understand that young Lee Hadden (Wishaw FP ) played for East Stirling as a trialist last night and did well. the shire also have expressed interest in a couple of young Bannockburn players. Good to see that there is interest from semi pro ranks at amateur level, from what I have seen there is a lot of good young players in the amateur ranks.
  4. Think it is unlikely that the leagues will be willing to change particular central and Caledonian as both seen to be successful. i wondered if you could perhaps look at a champions league type format that takes top 2 teams from each of the associations to play home and away? In theory taking the champions of each league into direct competition say rather than the regional squads which doesn’t appear to have much appeal. If it was successful you could increase the numbers from top leagues but it becomes less of a champions competition then. i agree that new ideas are required to try and stimulate the amateur game which appears healthy in some areas more than others. just a thought.
  5. Fallin will beat Cambusbarron, if they can keep big striker quiet then I think they will win comfortably.
  6. Des18


    Think the run in will be interesting but for me Eastfield are the strongest team I have seen but I think they want to win Scottish more than anything and that might let st pats or Harestaines nick the league I suspect.
  7. Think this will be a tight game Castlemilk will be be a tough tie and if Shortlees get through then I think they will be one of the favourites in my book.
  8. Not directly involved just my local team and I know a few of the boys. Age wise only 1 player over 30 with 6/7 just in early 20s. Good luck to Castlemilk in next round I hope they can beat Shortlees.
  9. Funny game football. Thought Fallin were the better side. LB then gets a red which seemed harsh and Castlemilk go on to win. never mind always next year - Fallin have a good young team that will only get better.
  10. Think if Fallin get through tomorrow then a home game vs Shortlees will be a cracker. Think Bannockburn still have to beat Greig Park tomorrow to secure tie against Tollcross. Think trip to Fife could be difficult may need a second game to get through. eastfield and harestaines are still the favourites in my view but as I said before I think there might be a few shocks along the way this year!
  11. Des18


    Tight game between Fallin and Harestaines with Harestaines edging it in the end. Think it looks like a 3 horse race although still early but Eastfield and St Pats as well Harestaines all look solid units and don't see all of them having a dip in form. From games I have seen Eastfield are the most impressive but I think there may well be a few twists and turns to come.
  12. Des18


    Another good win for Fallin yesterday . Young team that will cause a few problems this year already taken some big scalps but playing some great football.
  13. Yes forgot Eastfield who I would also make strong favourites based on performances and results this season. Always a few shocks along the way and I think that Shortlees ,Oban and a few other good teams will all fancy their chances this year.
  14. Wide open this year but certainly St PATS, HARESTAINES and Bannockburn will be favorites but I suspect this might be the year a Fallin or a Sandys might just get through to the finals -who knows but good luck to everyone involved this weekend!
  15. Des18


    Great result from Fallin today coming from 2-0 down to win 3-2 with some great saves by the goalie. Bannockburn given a lesson by Eastfield by all accounts. only 7 games in but looks like Harestaines, st pats and Eastfield will battle for the honours this year.
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