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  1. CSAFL

    I was up the hill as well and would agree that BB players did well not to react to some pretty dangerous challenges. the former BB manager though had some pretty embarrassing shouts and St Pats sidelines at the end when two players were sent off were just as bad in my view. sets it up nicely for next season I sure there will be no love lost between these two for sure.
  2. CSAFL

    Took in BB v St Pats game last night and was surprised by amount of needle. Some of the challenges by St Pats boys were shocking .They ended with 9 men but easily could have had a couple more sent off. Really feisty game given nothing to play. Behaviour by both touch lines wasn't great either.
  3. CSAFL

    So another successful season for Colville but will be interesting to see what happens next year? With all the changes at Colville will they be as dominant next season. Both Bannockburn and St Pats will need to strengthen and Eastfield will just need to add consistency as on their day can match anyone. What about new boys Fallin and Uddingston what will they bring. I am looking forward to the new season already and still have the Cup Final this weekend. Good luck to both teams involved!
  4. CSAFL

    Colville won comfortably today , started well and got three early goals BB never really got going - made some basic errors and conceded 3 soft goals. Colville still strongest team in this league.
  5. CSAFL

    Critical weekend in the title race - a win for Colville at Bannockburn tomorrow and St Pats would need to win both remaining games against Eastfield and BB, a tough ask. Great that this is going to wire.
  6. CSAFL

    Scotttish cup final rehearsal tonight with Eastfield v Colville- I think it should be a cracker think Colville just might edge 3-2. St Pats v Bannockburn will be a tight game as well but I think St Pats will be too strong given BB cup final exertions last Friday.
  7. west cup

    Congratulations to Bannockburn who deservedly lifted the cup. Commiserations to Oban who contributed hugely to a fantastic game. Both teams were competitive and positive in their play and it wasn't until. Extra time that Bannockburn managed to secure the win.
  8. west cup

    I think it will be a very tight game two very good teams and much will depend on the attitude on the night. Oban will contest every ball and if Bannockburn aren't up for it that could be there downfall.
  9. CSAFL

    Great result for St Pats big one next week when they play Colville. Could be the decider?
  10. CSAFL

    Colville breathing down st pats neck now. Some big games to come league not over yet I suspect. I think 3 games a week will take its toll but clearly the games between the top 3 will have a major bearing. The Scottish might be a distraction for Colville but given the quality of their squad they are still my favourites!
  11. Scottish cup predictions

    Thought Colville were a class apart some of their attacking play was very good and midfield dominated the game. HT made heavy weather of it and once they missed the penalty they were never in it. I think it does show CSFL is the strongest league set up going by the results in the majors.
  12. CSAFL

    Sai have said before tough run in for Colville and BB so St Pats slight favourite you would think. St pats got 5 tough games I think Colville have better squad and might just nick it at the end but it will be tight. Think BB have too many games and not enough depth of squad to maintain a run through tough set of fixtures. But as. We all know anything can happen.
  13. Scotland Select v Ireland

    Sorry point I was making is that regardless of whether the central is the strongest or not the Manager hasn't selected from the top most successful teams with exception of Eastfield? Basically if Colin is just using auld pals act ? You would expect to see a few boys from Bannockburn - no? I think the complaint that Bawsoot has raised is that he is ignoring players from Leafa who have performed well. I just think the Manager has an impossible task and as I have said he picks a squad and sticks with it to try and create a club spirit I suspect.
  14. Scotland Select v Ireland

    Don't think that there are any players from Colville or Bannockburn in the squad and only one from St Pats from what I saw?
  15. Scotland Select v Ireland

    I think this is almost impossible to please everyone, that said I suspect there are a lot of varying factors, players don't want to play, unavailable due to injuries etc but I think the Scotland manager picks a group and then sticks with them. Normally teams that do well in the majors are well represented but that doesn't appear to be the case this year with a smattering of players from several teams across the leagues and even across the divisions. Personally I think it is always easy to highlight players that miss out as it is all about opinions ? any way good luck to the boys today and hope they can get a good result.