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  1. Naw its no but when the team.your playing put ball.out when your player is down the precedent is set
  2. Ballocks m8. Sending off for a 2nd yellow when the ball clearly hit the chest of the NF player. Glenburn disgraced themselves by not putting the ball out when the NF player was down running all.the way up.park to score only 5 minutes after NF did the correct thing by putting ball out when Glenburn player was down. 3rd goal was so far offside it was embarassing. Jim Brown has never reffed a game without being centre of attention in his puff. Straight legged challenge by i think Orr? Not a word said. This was a game won by the referee simple.
  3. Would football not drive you to drink? lol had a steady and very competitive pre-season with plenty of bodies etc. First 3 competitive games and scratching to get a team together. No arguing about our losses but in each game we have been in it for long spells but lack of subs and key players missing kills us. Ive never known as many players to be on holiday or working in my life. Its the sad reality of life in general where players have to work. Travelling for midweek games is the same for everyone so no point me complaining about that. We travel to Finnart tomorrow night with a depleted squad again and hope for the best. Like most teams you just have to plug away and hope to turn the corner.
  4. New Farm showed they can compete with the top teams. Chances were similar for both teams with both keepers making great saves and both teams hitting woodwork. Thistle should defo been down to 10 men the left back blatantly kicked NF no 7 off the ball right in front of the ref. On the other hand NFs claim for a penalty was quite rightly turned down lol. Mullen didnt get many chances but such is his class he only needed 1.
  5. Dailly 0 -1 Glenburn NF 1-2 Thistle Tarbolton 1-4 Shortlees Dirrans 3-1 Kilbride Cumnock 2-1 Mossblown Ardeer 4-1 Stewarton
  6. Ive constantly been slated on here for bigging up NF. 9 points out of 9 although granted only 3 games into it long way to go. Also got slated for stating that stewarton will be bottom end of table 3 defeats out of 3 although i believe they will improve.
  7. Who you fancying for the other 4 of the top 5? HT GLENBURN ARDEER SHORTLEES
  8. Dont think these match up. Referee cost stewarton a point minimum or stewarton werent in final third much and nf could have been double figures. Thats what i love about ams football all about opinions. I still say NF top 5 no problem.
  9. Cumnock 1-2 Shortlees Dirrans 0-3 Ardeer Hurlford 3-1 Kilbride Mossblown 2-2 Dailly New Farm 4-1 Stewarton Tarbolton 2-4 Glenburn
  10. Glad to see we both have scruples m8
  11. The same hurlford players that took the money when they played for them? Hailed as heros but to me theyre no better simple as
  12. Whats the predictions Callendar v Eaglesham Cambusbarron v Dal Riata Dumbarton v Doune Dunblane v Viewfield Finnart v Glasgow Harp Kilsyth v Westerlands Milton v Holytown Colts RHU V Rothesay Stirling Uni v Weirs
  13. Stating facts as I saw them as you are stating them as you see them I could question what chances your talking about but that's just one of those things forums are there for commenting on. p.s I don't like getting beat period!!! when I start to like it ill pack in
  14. Viewfield Rovers 1 V Carlton YM 2 As a manager ive never seen as one sided a game as this. 2 nil down after 20 mins through 2 flukey goals. To sum. It up Carlton had 3 good chances full game 2 they scored. Our sidelines counted 14 scorable chances. Unfortunately a combination of poor fijishing and a keeper on form did not give the correct balance of play however its about taking your cjances.
  15. Cmon up to viewfield at lochwinnich playong carlton ym you can grab a beer and be made welcome
  16. Predictions for top 3 Premier and 1st Division please? Premier 1.Dumbarton 2.Thorn 3. East Kilbride 1st Division 1. Cambusbarron 2. Kilsyth 3. Westerlands Obviously im hoping Viewfield will be in the mix in the 1st but going by last year etc this is how I see it.
  17. Viewfield Rovers 1 v 1 Hillington AFC A very competitive game not played as a friendly at all. Great to have our long term injured keeper George Scott. Got some valuable minutes on some legs. All the best to Hillington for the season ahead.
  18. A hammer blow m8, ref let down both teams tried to get a ref couldn't get one for love nor money, I would never play any game without a ref no matter how much I like the other team. New Farm got a ref but by the time we found out and called our players you know what they are like "nah ive arranged other things" code for wife says im going shopping. We did offer Sunday but understandably that didn't suit. The other down side was I buried my brother on Friday so had my phone off all day and night so was behind in messages. Anybody that knows me knows I would never cancel a game.
  19. If were honest HT have been going about there business quietly and IMO signing some solid players. It will be tough to see past them but I do think Glenburn will be challenging to the end this year and a bit of luck they may just nip it.
  20. I see New Farm finally turned it on on Saturday with a convincing win v Symington. We host New Farm at Viewfield Park, Lochwinnoch, this Saturday looking forward to the game.
  21. A tough and VERY physical challenge on Saturday against last years Scottish Cup finalists and treble winners Lesmahagow. 3-1 defeat wasn't helped by 2 outrageous decisions by the ref. Gave a corner when everyone that was there saw that it went out for a shy at least 5 yards from the corner flag, boy whipped corner in for his own player unmarked put it high over the bar only for him to award another corner WTF! even the striker said 'cmon ref' and that's a fact. Awarded a penalty in 2nd half that was as good a tackle as you will ever see. However we missed 4 one on ones and had a lot of the play. 5 boys return this week too boost the numbers having had to use 2 of our youth team on Saturday. To be honest it was a closely contested game with nothing between the 2 teams. This Saturday we host Ayrshire Premier team New Farm Loch, quality team and some good friends involved in that team hopefully we can put up a good contest. I must admit we are getting there this year hopefully a much better season ahead in the Cale 1st.
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