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  1. Well I have so I suppose we need to agree to disagree. Too much dodging around the fact that Players cheated too that's just a fact and on here everyone else is squeaky clean unless its HT or indeed Colville Park (both happen to be the 2 most successful Amateur teams in Scotland over the last few years). Lets get one thing straight I don't agree with it but as yet no one has produced any real proof other than hearsay and so and so told me. As I said in my previous post Karma will come calling eventually.
  2. Im not the one missing the point?? it cant be ok for players to take money and play then move to another team and label that team cheating ba**ards?? that's just nonsense and ignorant. You want to sort it? get the players to have some integrity and refuse to take the money lol then they can have a right to slander that team. But we all know there are players happy to take the cash and take the digs in a lot more teams than HT.
  3. Who is talking about money in this instance. We are talking about a club publicly goading other teams that fold or look like they will need to fold. I wonder if the post was aimed at new farm if u would think it was as acceptable. I don't support any Ayrshire team I take a team in the Cali league, I watch Ayrshire games when ours are off because I stay in Stewarton. However FOLK are talking about money on this thread, and since I didn't quote another post I presumed everyone knew it was a general post. HT have been goaded plenty of times in fact daily on here so as far as im concerned for whatever reason they decide to fire a few digs, so what its Ammie football and its all speculation anyway until the facts are out.
  4. Here we go again. Look I am not a supporter of HT or Shortlee's even though I have connections to both villages. IF (ahem!) HT are paying their players and NO other team is, then revel in what can only be described as a waste of money. They lost the league last season and it was close this season all by a team that are supposedly getting paid. EVERYBODY that has played for, or connected too HT must be classed as a cheat then whether they are still there or not. I have posted that many times not once has anyone commented and if they do they need to explain why that said person should not be classed as a cheat. Given the criteria on here for being a cheat I fail to see where a reasonable explanation can come from. HT have won 9 out of 10 Premier titles, Shortlee's stopped them last year with what was lauded as a team full of mates just playing for the jersey against their bitter cheating enemies??? a LOT of that team played for HT FFS! so now they don't they are not cheats because they are wearing your teams jersey? leave it out ffs!. Strange how its rumoured that Shortlees are struggling with various players leaving?? wheres the comradery and friendship that this team was supposed to be built on? nonsense, Shortlee's last year were put together to beat HT and now that's achieved the players aren't interested especially after this seasons campaign. I cant believe that people are on here complaining that they have no class and basically cheating scum! tell you what id tell the lot of youse to go f**k yourselves too if I had to listen to that shite day in day out. See at the end of the day whether they are paying or not paying I guarantee that there are other teams doing the same one way or the other. The fact that HT constantly win the league has driven the bitterness into all opposition and youse just cant accept that the best team won the league. FACT! You reap what you so and if HT are paying players Karma will come knocking at some point but until then why don't you all concentrate in trying to knock them off their perch like Shortlees last year, that way you will feel much better about your achievement.
  5. Surprised theres been no meltdown on here re Hurlford Thistle winning the league????
  6. Viewfield Rovers AFC 18-19

    Well the season comes to a close for us at Viewfield this Saturday with a home game V Holytown. A win would let us finish 6th which is a couple places above last season and a good few above the year before, however its been a tale of 2 halves of a season. Right up to Christmas we were competing in every game, racking up points regularly. Alas, Christmas break, injuries, suspensions, player commitment etc has all transpired to have our season fizzle out with a whimper. A club like Viewfield whilst in transition can't attract a huge squad at this time so you rely on the loyalty and commitment of your players. Yeah as a manager you make mistakes and nobody bursts my balls more than myself. The only silver lining is our u17s team is producing some fine talent and hopefully with a good few additions pre-seasons we can bring them on.
  7. Stewarton new manager

    Surely there's somebody that would take this on? hard working committee and the management team and players want for nothing. Still in the Ayrshire Premier a new face may be just what they need to push on.
  8. Think you will find that was me however where did I say they would challenge for the league??? I said they will be top 5 that's not challenging for the league. NF have went 2 seasons unbeaten in the league! correct?? they have ground out results when it looked like the run would end they have also won comfortably on occasion so for ME they will be more of a challenge for top 5 than most of you have predicted. ANY premier league team that take that form lightly prior to playing them could be made to eat their words. Many have cited their poor cup form however many of the so called big teams exited early this year in all cup competitions so for me that's not a marker on what they are capable of.
  9. Holy f**k you certainly are bitter m8. Im neither a supporter of HT or Shortlees but what I've always hated is the constant accusations (im not saying their not true) from Shortlee's and other teams about HT paying players when loads of ex HT players play for them so they in turn must be CHEATS!! or is it a case all is forgiven and ignored as soon as you put on their jersey?? the old saying people in glass houses...……. is so relevant in the Ayrshire premier.
  10. CSAFL

    Mick. nobody ever gets beat by the better team lol. I've been following this thread and its becoming embarrassing. No offence troops but I can guarantee every team you are involved with or support has had a good few ref decisions go there way FACT!. However, when it comes down to the top teams they are only there because the ref helped them but of course it must be true?? winning Scottish, West Cups, Multiple leagues etc has never been done by anyone legally according to some of the pish on here its all tainted. Dry your eyes. I run Viewfield Rovers in the Cali 1st and despite previously being one of the top amateur teams we are rebuilding the club through youth at no point have I shown any jealousy towards any of the top teams maybe a little envious but then I want to achieve the success these guys have had, will we do it who knows times change but I will only worry about my own team as should the rest of you maybe we will get somewhere. From me Mick, all the best at Darvel m8 I sincerely hope it works for you bud.
  11. Lets be honest! nobody is ever beaten by the better team, its always the ref's fault, or the other team are cheating b***ards, we were robbed etc etc the new one that makes me giggle is this their nothing but a 'gang' I mean come on tae f**k! Southside Sat ams got it thrown at them and now New Farm?? fact is NFL were heads and shoulders above the rest of the league in all aspects of the game, management, squad, mentality and togetherness (a gang for all you doubters). I got the chance to watch them loads this season as we had a good few free weeks etc and I called it months ago when there were still doubts. 2 seasons and undefeated in the league to date that's not a GANG that's a well organised machine. If Ryan and Martin were offered and decided to accept the HT job then good luck to them but I think they might just be swayed with what they might achieve in the premier.
  12. Caledonian League Restrucure

    I know its hard at this time of year but we had to travel to Rothesay last weekend with a severely depleted squad and got beat. Its not fair that they get to play games at home and don't get punished for cup no shows away.
  13. Stewarton new manager

    Excellent club, great committee would be a great job for anyone. A few young players that I know well, also a couple coming to the latter stages of there career but still influential. 5 new faces at a decent level and good runs in the cups achievable.
  14. Im not from New Farm im from Stewarton lol I just have a host of old youth players playing for various Ayrshire teams
  15. Spot on! Id also add dirrans to that list. Out with they 6/7 teams anyone should fear the drop. Hurlford ams are a good team and even they are struggling this season. The premier is a very unforgiven league Dirrans? nae chance. Glenburn, HT, Shortlees are a given. Kilbride haven't lived up to their promise and defo not Stewarton or Dirrans