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  1. Stewarton new manager

    I think Hamish McMillan is taking the reigns just now hes been on the coaching/committee for a while.
  2. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Biggest load of pish out tbh apart from how good EKYM are
  3. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Congratulations to EKYM on winning the league with 15 wins out of 15 it was never in doubt, congratulations to St Mungos on gaining promotion probably a fair placing if im honest. For the rest of us its the league cup and to try and finish as high as we can then prepare for next years assault.
  4. Although I don't manage in Ayrshire I take a keen interest in the leagues a good few of my old boys club players ply their trade there. It frustrates me that some players cant see by Hurlford/Shortlees etc and think your not good enough if you don't play for those 2. I have been surprised a Kilbride Thistle I seriously thought they would challenge but I see they are now picking up. We played in the Kilwinning tournament against 3 premier league teams and they were all close games, we played Dirrans in the Scottish and put them out 2-0 but like other teams weve had low points this year with a couple of sore defeats but also competed against teams people had us written off against, Ayrshire is no different its the old adage 11 v 11 if you can't match the opposition with ability then beat them in effort it will even out. As you know I watch New Farm or Stewarton if our game is off. I have said it for months New Farm wont be caught and IMO they will be a top 4 premier league team IF they keep hold of Farrel/Baxter management team. Stewarton were going great being back in the top league but I fear Gary Hamilton leaving could start a slide which im gutted about as I stay there and have for 24 year and some of the players played for me. Our game may be off tomorrow so I hope to go see a good Ayrshire game. I hope Onthank persevere.
  5. On the first point I think most teams would rather have points on the board but Shortlees are a quality team so every chance they will come smashing through the park. I still think New Farm are uncatchable although its mathematically possible I just don't see anyone putting on a run to challenge them. Beith seem to be improving as do Whitletts so interesting Onthank have had a lot of upheaval you just want to see them stabilising tbh. It would be great if Meadow pulled it off but unfortunately I just don't see it and I think there could be 2 or 3 in it, same team took 5 off Stewarton but credit too them for getting this far,
  6. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    A lot of people on here not that long ago saying that the Caledonian League is dipping I think that's 3 teams in the quarters if im not mistaken, plus you guys taking Colville to a replay and Cambria etc just put out Scottish? all the league in the Caledonian are hard and competitive.
  7. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Southside Cambria Shortlees Dumbarton
  8. Sorry to see you go big man I try and watch the boys when I can if our game is off the job you have done should be admired
  9. I think my prediction of New Farm cantering that league is coming true. 19pts not lost a game in league? Farell and Baxter great combination and a club with a huge committee. Crosshouse will come good but I think it will be a battle for 2nd tbh.
  10. CSAFL

    in response to the 2 bams m8
  11. CSAFL

    Guys a rocket m8 wouldn't bother with him
  12. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Terrible game for us first 30mins couldn't see anyone on top we lost a goal then imploded. Eaglesham thoroughly deserved there win no complaints there.
  13. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Hopefully we get some games on tomorrow our game v Eaglesham been postponed twice already
  14. Aye m8 Crookedholm although I stay in Stewarton now. Its the togetherness that is their strong point with quality players. Meadow will probably climb the league m8 how high im not sure. Galston took some doing right enough been on a great run so maybe just a blip, Hurlford are definetly capable of turning anyone over. Crosshouse seem to be slipping a little I had them as one of the favourites to go up. A lot of my ex youth players play for some of the teams so I like to keep an eye on them if my game is off.