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  1. Massive three points. Absolutely delighted. Congratulations to both teams for their display in this weather. Sadly, I think McHugh has played his way onto the bench for the foreseeable future and when Murray and McGlinchey are at full fitness we will be away. Grant and Muir were stars and their contribution must be noted as important as McLean's goal. This was the sign of a successful team grinding out a win whilst not firing on all cylinders.
  2. I would hope that we could win this but would not be unhappy with a draw. We will not be firing on all cylinders until both Murray and McGlinchey are fit. When they are I don't expect us to lose many points. If any team has a chance against us it will be in the next two or three weeks.
  3. His pedigree is exactly what we need. I wish him well.
  4. Total control. Played at the pace of a training match. Second half was poor but pleased to see Slater looking hungry. More impressed with some than others but not going to criticise anybody at this stage. Can't wait for Simon Murray to be fit.
  5. I will wait until Slater and Murray are back in the team and hopefully free of injury although Slater does worry me.
  6. I cannot see us losing this one. Questions will be asked if we don't. I want to be greedy and demand a stylish performance.
  7. It means I do not have to wear my blazer while watching!
  8. I am on record before the season started and at the beginning of the match thread that I believe you will be our toughest challengers this season. You have gathered a pretty decent squad this season. That said, you will forgive me, I think we will end the season several points ahead of you. Good luck in the play offs! 😉
  9. I think this will be one of our toughest fixtures in this league. Albion have recruited well and I believe will comfortably be in the play offs. With our two star men out I will be happy with three points in whatever fashion. Be obliged if Albion choose not to play a goalie!
  10. Just received my User Name and Password for our live streaming of home games. FOC to season ticket holders.
  11. Far from being critical I thought the movement as a unit was far and away superior than anything we saw last season. It was evident that Thistle were sharper by dint of playing more games than us at this point. The number of balls we put into their box and headers won in the first half in that area was also encouraging. Yes, we are missing two key players. I have no idea why. I assume injured? The squad is light but Ray has said he hopes to add to it soon. I was greatly encouraged by what I saw both today and against Airdrie. Don't care about Tuesday's game other than a workout and hope we remain injury free.
  12. Excellent concept. One small point of, I hope, constructive criticism. Please try not to cover your mouth when speaking. Those who have to lip read (myself) have no chance.
  13. Absolutely brilliant. Ordered just now. First time I have ever bought a strip in my life.
  14. Even that would have been informative if posted on the website. There is a tendency to withhold information re friendlies.
  15. Darren Lyon is a terrific signing. The midfield will be a powerhouse.
  16. Thanks. My hunch is that you will be our closest rivals this season.
  17. Steady now. I would go with you on leagues 1 and 2. I think if we become an established Championship club we will be well pleased.
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