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  1. Where is the risk for QP? Have you done your homework?
  2. I dread to think what state the pitch will be in. It isn't good in summer! Unfortunately this could be an annoying leveller. Technically we should win albeit with some effort but in truth I will not be too disappointed with a draw. Scrappy 1-0 victory 🤞
  3. Apparently he asked to retire with immediate effect having failed to make the 1st team.
  4. This is not like a player going down leagues. The management challenge and reward is what motivates people like her. As said above the chance to be in on the ground of the most exciting thing in Scottish football at the moment is something that anyone with her skills could not turn down. Being liked is not a required quality, although I have yet to find the average Joe down the pub who can comprehend management at this level particularly if he drinks Tennents.
  5. It must be right. It was in the Scottish Sun 😃
  6. Simon Murray and Bob McHugh are going to be devastating in this league. Hard fought match where we missed a significant midfield presence with Carroll and Slater out. Slater is a big concern. Hopefully Grant will be back next week for the donnybrook at Central Park. To be fair Stenhousemuir looked a much better outfit than I had anticipated. They were a well organised side. Great win.
  7. This is another game that I cannot see us losing. I doubt Stenhousemuir have the class to push for promotion and we will overcome them with another clean sheet. 2-0.
  8. In over 60 years of watching QP I have come to never expect anything but I would be mightily disappointed if we did not control and win this game comfortably. I think the bench is the best hope for Simon Murray but great to hear of his performance this week. I think it is time to give McHugh a rest but believe he will be important for us as the season progresses. Carroll, Slater, McGlinchey has an awesome ring to it and I would always want McLean in my team.
  9. We have only had one home game this season. We got two goals in that one.
  10. We haven't really got started. Getting there.
  11. Hampden money isn't paying wages. Willie Haughey is.
  12. They didn't get to the Champions League. We're on our way.
  13. I truly believe that if we win this we will be out of sight by New Year. This is a huge game. It will also be extremely difficult against one of the better teams in the league and certainly a play off contender. All my fingers are crossed but the messiest of messy 1-0 victories would be wonderful.
  14. Canice Carroll. Could he be a contender for right back?
  15. Hope that is not a Match Report in advance.
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