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  1. Game of the (short) season. A draw will do but if we can get some of our injured/rested stars back we should win narrowly.
  2. I really don't think that is something you would want to post on a public forum. Embarrassing idiots.
  3. Biggest opponent tonight will be the pitch. We should have the quality to win comfortably. It was interesting to read that Rovers may field a slightly weakened team to save the regulars for a game they have more chance of winning. A Cowdenbeath fan has suggested the same thing when playing us. Makes sense I suppose in this congestion charged sprint for the line.
  4. Wow! Has our squad been decimated with injuries already or are we just resting/rotating? I know Connelly and Carroll were doubts but Robson and Murray? What is the problem with Slater?
  5. With Ochilview as backup. So much for the waffle about pitch size, coaching staff involvement etc.
  6. I am not as confident as I should be. We could be missing Carroll and Connell from midfield and they contributed so much last week. Would not be surprised with a draw.
  7. Good to hear, I was really excited by the prospect when he signed for Livi but he's had no luck at all. Do you think he'll be able to make the step up? I do.
  8. Sal was fine. Showed some nice touches but in all honesty the game was won when he came on and we were just going through our paces. I am sure he will feature well in games to come.
  9. Canice Carroll filled the midfield on his own. I thought this was the most comprehensive display this season. The teamwork was brilliant.
  10. No Slater or Baynham. Midfield looks a bit empty. Let's go for it.
  11. I would have had Broadwood at the top of my list headed "Venues not to be considered".
  12. Tony Quinn still with us. Announcement on website.
  13. I read that. The press get the info before the fans. Our President and his cohorts should be ashamed, very ashamed.
  14. I think arguably this is our toughest fixture of the second half of the campaign. Coming first after an enforced break makes it very difficult to predict. Both teams will be a little rusty but I was pleased to see that we scored goals in our friendly. More in hope than anything else I will predict 2-1 to QP.
  15. Communicating with fans has never been a strong point at QP. The website is there to be used. Are we back in training? Wouldn't know if I was relying on the club telling me. Other clubs have posted pictures of their team at training with some comments from players of how they feel about being back. Comments from managers/head coaches are all over other websites. Friendlies have been announced. Development of our future new home is top interest for fans but the only news on the website is that the office is closed. A message from Ms Dempster setting out her role and aims for the future would have been nice. Is anybody in?
  16. Good question. I suppose it would depend on whether for this exercise the two divisions were being treated as a unit or not. I would see no harm for an individual league to press on with play offs if it has complied with the original ruling.
  17. I think the proposal looks OK. For the first time we have an agreed plan B. The favoured plan is obviously for 22 games but should any reason intervene (Covid) to prevent 18 games being completed by all clubs by 23rd April then league will be decided on 18 games. Seems quite fair to me. It is impossible to factor in Highland and Lowland leagues when they are not playing and if they cannot offer up play off contenders then I suggest the relegation from League 2 will be scrapped. It is what it is.
  18. Agree. We need defensive backup. We are vulnerable in this area with a key man injury prone. I was also sad to see McGlinchey leave. Thought he was a tidy player. We have a five point cushion to defend. If we can achieve clean sheets in 50% of remaining games we will coast this.
  19. They don't need to know that for at least the next six or seven weeks. What is important is who we play next week.
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