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  1. Would be sorry to see Galt go, but it is hard to see anyone else getting an offer. In truth, with the exception of Burns, McLaughlan, and Donnelly, I would encourage them to go.
  2. I met Muir's father in law a couple of weeks ago and he said that Wullie's wife was on at him to get paid for football. He took the chance to go when it came up. The guy said that Wullie just told the club he had to leave for money reasons and they let him go. I believe that to be 100% accurate.
  3. I think that summed up our season in 90 minutes. Two pretty poor teams who never really got a grip of the game. I hope Ross Millen's injury is not as bad as it looked. At least that will be the last of that awful strip.
  4. I think the referee made a big mistake there but I am not sure we deserved a win. Cummins made a stupid tackle and can have no complaint although I do think another referee might have seen it as a booking. We were vulnerable in both full back positions. Why we keep backing off opponents running at us beats me. I would give Sean pass marks for going forward but Millen has just not been with the pace for a few games. That worries me for Saturday. Enjoyed the game and all to play for on Saturday. Sorry for McMenamin. I wish him a speedy recovery.
  5. Ah, I stand corrected. BMX competition more important than Clyde. Makes sense!
  6. I don't think so. We currently are the highest ranked team in the play offs. Should anybody beat us ( which they wont ) they automatically assume that mantle. If you recall when we beat Cowdenbeath we were the lowest ranking team but we were ranked higher in the final than Lanarkshire's poorest. Who wouldn't be against them?!!!!!!!!!
  7. Agree with An. We are not as bad as our desperate position implies. The players will put in bags of effort as always. Our best chance is to leave Gus behind and let the lads play with some flair without fear of either never playing again or receiving a public roasting.
  8. Credit where credit is due. Sean Burns has been effective and merited his place in the team when he is played in his current best position. He was at his best in the left midfield when he played there last season as well. It was a delight to see him win that ball on Saturday and score. That spirit and determination has been lacking in midfield all season. Why he has not been played there all season is an issue for another topic. Well done Sean.
  9. Donnelly had a belter last time in Coatbridge. Bring him in instead of Docherty who flatters to deceive.
  10. It was another classic example of where our main problem lies but it is apparently worth keeping him because he did well four years ago.
  11. I agree entirely. My point was to emphasise that now that cards are on the table for a positive outcome for all parties we should not drop the ball due to sentiment. My first option 25/30 years ago was along your lines but there was little or no support for it. Admittedly I did not have realistic demolition figures at the time. Now is the time for professional negotiating, including GDC, to result in a secure future for us. I sense that by letting the cat out of the bag early the SFA would much prefer Hampden over Murrayfield but we should not push too hard on that. I see this as a great opportunity for us.
  12. Whilst I recognise that newspaper reports are normally more fiction than fiction the idea of someone (SFA) giving us £2 million, building us a stand at Lesser, and guaranteeing financial support for 10 years is very appealing. Lesser is all we will ever need in the future and could be transformed into a very tidy ground. In this day and age a business proposition like that would be snapped up very quickly. What other club in the lower leagues can guarantee stability for the next 10 years. I see no benefit in turning professional. I can only see the barrier being a bunch of dinosaurs steeped in the past and tradition. Nobody can take that away from us but surely we must move with the times. What is to be gained by calling bluffs. Do we really want to be left with a crumbling, unaffordable white elephant where the rates bill would bankrupt us? Personally, I consider a deal along the lines reported is a no brainer for us. I have to admit that I advocated this type of direction 25/30 years ago but the "blazers" looked at me as if I had horns coming out my head. At that time I also suggested turning professional which gave a few a heart attack but I have to say that I now see no benefit in that. Only greatly increased costs.
  13. For those who have defended MacPherson so resolutely please explain that starting line up and then the tactics. He should be asked to leave immediately. Fotheringham, Burns and Donnelly should go with him. What a sickener.
  14. No sweat. Our one foot wonder Sean Burns will be slotted in to another position unsuited to him! In Gus, we trust???????????
  15. Personally, I think we should have sold Hampden and surrounding ground 25/30 years ago. It is prime housing real estate and part of the deal should be to upgrade Lesser Hampden into a luxury little stadium more than enough for our needs. My concern would be the long term financial situation. Where would income come from? Other clubs seem to manage so we should be able to. Initially we could potentially be one of the richest clubs in Scotland. Biggest fear is those who are running our club wallowing in status and nostalgia. Arguing a case for a neutral National Stadium is not difficult until you actually look at the stadium you are talking about. It is dated and not in keeping with modern stadia throughout the world.
  16. That's all we need. We're doomed I tell ye, doomed.
  17. Harsh. I would not fault White for any of those goals. With a defence like that in front of you who would want to be a keeper? We just have not got the basics of clearing lines and passing to someone in a similar coloured shirt. Add a feckless midfield and you don't have much left. Hard road ahead.
  18. I was, and know exactly what you mean!!!!!!! Some of them looked over 30.
  19. At this point in the season it is not Muir's decision to make. Queens players are on contracts for whole season. There is no finance involved in Queens signing loan players. Parent club must pay the wages. There are no fees as far as we are concerned.
  20. Without prior knowledge I can only assume that Muir's departure was not dissimilar to the Paul Woods type of departure. Why else would you let a keeper like him go mid season when you don't have to? To expect useful information on our website is a step too far!
  21. If correct it would be interesting to know the circumstances behind this. Apart from his occasional reluctance to come for a cross ball he was a very competent keeper. We are fortunate to have a capable replacement who can keep goal pretty well. Least of our problems.
  22. I could not agree more. Should have happened twenty five years ago.
  23. I am afraid it was plain for all to se that MacPherson has little tactical ability. Not for the first time we have sat back to defend a lead but to do this as our main tactic from half time onwards was quite clearly stupid. It really looked that if we had scored a third the scorer would have been substituted. To use these tactics with these lads is nonsense and with Burns at right back is criminal. OK, stupid mistake for their equaliser but we should not have been in that position and had we not been intent on retreating it would never have happened. You can't tell me it was the players' decision to play so deep from half time. It is clearly in MacPherson's head that this is what we should do. Sorry Gus, but you are just wrong. You need to read a few more pages of the tactics book to learn something else. MacPherson lost us two points today, no mistake.
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