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  1. I don't believe in coincidences. That pitch worries the hell out of me. The sooner we are away from there the better.
  2. Not sure we should judge anything by that. We improved in second half and with a bit of luck could have levelled. Stranraer looked as if they were taking it seriously. Onwards and upwards.
  3. I think there is a big incentive to finish the league unbeaten. That would be some achievement. Shame about the casualties but Morrison has been on a game recently. Think he might keep Murray on the bench and give Baynham or Salim a start with the anonymous Bob McHugh. McHugh to score, QP to win.
  4. So sad for the genuine fans of Brechin. This has to be the most embarrassing unsubtle action of any football club ever. Makes Sevco and wee Budgie almost look honest. They must be stopped and the small minded despots in charge of Brechin removed without trace. What a bunch of arseholes. The same will go for any SPFL 2 club who gives them support. Have the guts to go for the play off and let the best team win.
  5. I share your fear!!!!!! It depends on which Elgin turns up on the night. They can be a very decent side. That said I hope we can relax and win the league with some style. Will Baynham hat trick???????
  6. I have been saying that for weeks. They click as a pairing. I don't care about training it is what they do in a game. Baynham contributed more in 20 minutes than Mchugh in the last few games. Brilliant result. Well done lads.
  7. Questions being asked now. Composure required.
  8. More of the same will do me. Another goal to tie it up would be good.
  9. Didn't see that selection coming. Cannot fathom out our right flank formation.
  10. I agree with both previous posters. This is the big one. This is the game by which we can judge how we might be in Div 1 as I think (and hope) that Edinburgh will be joining us there. They deserve it. They may be part time but they have a very decent squad. Our rotation system has helped keep the squad fit but it does nothing for bonding into a well honed team. Chopping and changing our strike force has resulted in us not scoring the number of goals we should whereas not tinkering too much with the back line has given us the best defensive back line I think I have ever seen in black and white. I earlier queried the fitness of Carroll and on his last display. Connell has a long way to go to live with the big boys.. For the umpteenth time I ask what Baynham has to do to get a start. Murray is a given and it is between McHugh and Baynham for the second spot. Salim, I liked, but he has gone backwards since last playing for us. This calls for our strongest fittest squad to go out there and effectively win us the league. The boys can play for the remainder of the season if that happens. So, yes, Lyon and Gillespie back please and Robson on the left. Champagne ready to pop. 2-1 Queens. Do it for Jai.
  11. We could just forfeit that round. It won't make any difference!!
  12. Totally agree about Morrison. His best game in Queens Park jersey.
  13. That was dire but a good result with other results going our way. First touch was poor and I fear we have seen the last of Quitongo for the season. Doyle took a sore one and I am not sure Carroll is not still carrying a knock. Could have been an expensive game for the squad. Good to play so poorly and win. The one bright spot was the goal. Great knock back from Salim.
  14. Still not sure what Baynham has to do to get a run. Our midfield is non existent with Connell like a little boy lost. We miss the composure of Gillespie. Wullie trying to make it exciting but all in all a poor game which we are just beginning to control.
  15. I have always thought of Annan as a bogey team but this season has changed the dynamics completely. With the right team this could be the big one we have been threatening. Comfortable win for QP 5-1 providing Murray in the starting line up.
  16. Total control. We must be hellish to play against right now. Murray showing the danger he can be. Gillespie just gets on with it and wipes up most that comes his way. The entire teamwork is impressive.
  17. I understand squad rotation but what does Will Baynham have to do to get a run with Murray?
  18. Never an easy ground to bring back points from. However this season we are a class above most teams. Our defensive unit is brilliant. Our attack will someday give somebody the fright of their lives but I suspect it won't be tomorrow. 2-0 Queens.
  19. Games coming thick and fast. Would be surprised if this was not a comfortable victory. Hope to see Murray back up front.
  20. I think our aim now is to win promotion before the split.
  21. I suspect you have hit the jackpot with your theory. All three absentees available for Tuesday according to Ray.
  22. Excellent hard fought win. I believe if we had Murray on the field it would have been comfortable. Salim looked off the pace and McHugh worked hard but did not show. Impressed with the cameo from Baynham and Quitongo. I would start them on Tuesday. Paterson's best game so far and the defence looks so comfortable. League over for me.
  23. So now we know about Craig Slater. I hope his operation was successful and wish him all the best for a speedy return (probably next season). Still no explanation for Robson and Murray who both looked fit as fiddles against Stranraer. Carroll was certainly injured in that game and we must assume that is keeping him out, but for how long?
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