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  1. I am grateful to Ray for lifting the gloom of the times during his tenure. He came in and undoubtedly got us players we would not have got under our own steam. He marshalled the squad with one objective-win the league. This he achieved and I for one will not forget the scenes when we were presented with the trophy and the lads got their medals. The sight of Jai trying to jump on his crutches was unbelievable. All that said I do not and did not believe that that squad was good enough to challenge in league 1 and that major surgery would have to be applied. You are only as good as your last game. Good luck to Ray for the future and the incredible journey of a professional QP goes on. Can't wait.

  2. 46 minutes ago, an86 said:

    If we do want to climb, then we need to be ruthless and even borderline harsh. The squad did an excellent job this season, but next season is a completely different challenge. 

    Muir (keep) Heraghty (loan out) 

    Sign a genuine challenger to Muir. Competition is healthy. 

    Doyle (keep) Robson (keep) Grant (keep) Kilday (keep) Morrison (release)

    Need more depth and pace in defence. Wouldn't see Robson as a regular starter for a Championship side, but definitely good enough for the squad. Championship is the level we need to look at because that's where we're trying to get to. Morrison is by no means a bad player, but is he getting a full-time team if he leaves QP? No, for me. That being the case, it's hard to justify retaining him. 

    Gillespie (keep) Carroll (keep) Slater (release) Lyon (release) 

    Would hope we could do a deal for Connell for the season. This is an area of the pitch where I think we're going to need to be extremely harsh. Slater is undoubtedly a good player, but he's made of glass. I don't see any of these guys as regular starters for a Championship side, but Gillespie is a useful player to have in the squad and there's development in Carroll. Lyon was absolutely fine this season, but is he going to help us see off Falkirk and Morton level opposition? Not sure. 

    Quitongo (keep) Longridge (keep) Maclean (release) Galt (heart/head conflict) 

    Quitongo is easily a Championship player. Longridge came onto a game, but I'd be looking to bring players in to drive him on and have to really scrap for his place. Maclean wasn't quite as effective as I'd have hoped this season. That's not to say he didn't chip in. He did. However, would he get a game for a Thistle or Dunfermline. No. Galt is a great guy and has been a great servant. I wouldn't be disappointed to keep him, but I don't think he managed a goal this season? 

    Murray (on a two year) McHugh (on a two year) Baynham (release) 

    Murray will be great, when fit. McHugh should either be moved on or improve drastically if he's to feature in the challenge for the league above. We need some who is going to bang them in here. 

    Probably missed multiple players, but it's Saturday morning and I'm half asleep. The squad assembled for this season's job was to win the league. It did it. Next season is a totally different challenge that will require us to evolve. 

    Can't disagree with your assessment. To be quite frank I think the game is passing Galt by and although I have the utmost respect for him I think he might be happier moving on. I don't think Baynham was given a decent chance. He scored some important goals and has a good instinct. Depending on who we can get I would keep him as backup for now. If, on the other hand Ray does not fancy him then he will go and we probably would not miss him half way through next season. Slater I agree not worth the risk and with Ray Grant now available I would hope that we at least try for him. So disappointed in McHugh this season. Perhaps he produces touches and passes that are beyond my level of thinking. I am of the old school that a striker is supposed to score goals and with his experience he should have been doing better. I can see at least six newcomers coming in for next season. Connor Sammon worth a shout?

  3. 56 minutes ago, an86 said:

    What we thinking then? Put the tools away in order to maximise the chance of a few beers in Grantown next season?

    Tempting as that may be for us fans professional pride will shine through and although a tough fixture at the best of times we should control it along the lines of a 2-0 victory. Elgin are a good side but I feel they fall just short of Stranraer for play off success. Yes I know their last result against Stranraer.

  4. 7 hours ago, qpfc said:

    I’d be inclined to agree. There’s a selection of players who I’d say who are more than capable of playing in league 1, however whether they would be capable of winning or at least competing at the top end of league 1 next season is a different question all together

    As it stands this how I’d view the squad going into next season:

    Definitely keep- Muir, Doyle, Grant, Kilday, Robson, Carroll, Gillespie, Lyon, Quitongo, longridge, Murray and although I’ve not rated him, I’d imagine McHugh will still be around. 

    Unsure- Maclean, Galt, Morrison, Baynham, Slater(too injury prone despite his ability). 


    I have no argument with your projection. Sadly, I think the game is passing Galt by. McLean has some touches worth noting but overall does not dominate. Morrison has been discussed and Baynham obviously does not suit Ray. Slater - who is he?

  5. 14 minutes ago, Mick1867 said:

    The main one is obviously gone but there should be an incentive for certain players to prove to the manager they are worthy of being kept on next season ( plus are they not on win bonuses? No idea) 

    We're also paying a tenner to watch it

    Mick, I agree with you, particularly your last point but the natural chain of events is that it is very difficult to motivate yourself after such a high. The possibility is that some players might already want to move on or know that their time is numbered so aren't really bothered. Human nature is what it is.

  6. 12 hours ago, Velvet Donkey said:

    Stranraer sharper and first to everything. Laughable goal to concede and we were lucky not to lose by more, but who cares.

    Robson and Maclean best for me, but the ref trying hard to draw all the attention.

    So that's Murray, Grant, Quitongo and Mullen all taken off that pitch injured in the last 10 days without any other player contact. Probably coincidence, but remarkable all the same.

    I don't believe in coincidences. That pitch worries the hell out of me. The sooner we are away from there the better.

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