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  1. I think he will make a very good player at a very high level. He has the right attitude, a wicked left foot, and knows where the goals are.
  2. I did realise that. Just putting my feelings on record, like yourself.
  3. For me Derek McInnes was another manager with absolutely no flair. How he lasted so long is beyond me.
  4. I am grateful to Ray for lifting the gloom of the times during his tenure. He came in and undoubtedly got us players we would not have got under our own steam. He marshalled the squad with one objective-win the league. This he achieved and I for one will not forget the scenes when we were presented with the trophy and the lads got their medals. The sight of Jai trying to jump on his crutches was unbelievable. All that said I do not and did not believe that that squad was good enough to challenge in league 1 and that major surgery would have to be applied. You are only as good as your last game. Good luck to Ray for the future and the incredible journey of a professional QP goes on. Can't wait.
  5. Fair enough. I only asked. I would also ask about Cameron Binnie as backup/competition for Wullie. He was a surprise release by the Binos. Ray Grant is one I would like to see added to replace Slater.
  6. Can't disagree with your assessment. To be quite frank I think the game is passing Galt by and although I have the utmost respect for him I think he might be happier moving on. I don't think Baynham was given a decent chance. He scored some important goals and has a good instinct. Depending on who we can get I would keep him as backup for now. If, on the other hand Ray does not fancy him then he will go and we probably would not miss him half way through next season. Slater I agree not worth the risk and with Ray Grant now available I would hope that we at least try for him. So disappointed in McHugh this season. Perhaps he produces touches and passes that are beyond my level of thinking. I am of the old school that a striker is supposed to score goals and with his experience he should have been doing better. I can see at least six newcomers coming in for next season. Connor Sammon worth a shout?
  7. Shut the Pyramid down if the LL vote for it. They can then get on with playing meaningless games to their hearts' content.
  8. Perhaps you could offer your cat to your own team? We are not "flinging around" any budget. Our team wages are being funded for us for the next nine years.
  9. And what a cracking job he did levelling League 2. He should flatten League 1.
  10. No matter who beats who I think the League 2 team will prevail and join us next season. Very important season to leave League 2. Kelty will only be the start. Plenty more to follow them and this division will have a completely different look in five years time.
  11. Did McHugh miss the bus? Never saw him. Well done Elgin. On their game they are a very decent footballing side.
  12. Tempting as that may be for us fans professional pride will shine through and although a tough fixture at the best of times we should control it along the lines of a 2-0 victory. Elgin are a good side but I feel they fall just short of Stranraer for play off success. Yes I know their last result against Stranraer.
  13. Happy for you. I think you will be coming with us. You deserve it.
  14. I would very much want Brechin to remain but I have a hunch that Brora might just do it. Please please please not Kelty.
  15. If I had anything to do with Stenhousemuir I would dismiss that arsehole immediately. Disgusting piece of scum.
  16. Magnificent. Cool calm and very competent. Total control. Carroll was brilliant. Well done the lads. See you somewhere next season.
  17. It is the correct decision. Good luck to Brechin. This confirms that the SPFL administrators are a bunch of conniving scoundrels who are not fit for the purpose.
  18. Back to the old days with Salim. Could we entice Livvie to let him go?
  19. I have no argument with your projection. Sadly, I think the game is passing Galt by. McLean has some touches worth noting but overall does not dominate. Morrison has been discussed and Baynham obviously does not suit Ray. Slater - who is he?
  20. Mick, I agree with you, particularly your last point but the natural chain of events is that it is very difficult to motivate yourself after such a high. The possibility is that some players might already want to move on or know that their time is numbered so aren't really bothered. Human nature is what it is.
  21. You are a negative mad fool. I would not be surprised if you took everything from this game. The incentive for us has gone and you are still striving for something. Having said that I fancy fourth place is the one to finish in. Hardest tie is 2nd v 3rd. 2-0 Binos.
  22. I don't believe in coincidences. That pitch worries the hell out of me. The sooner we are away from there the better.
  23. Not sure we should judge anything by that. We improved in second half and with a bit of luck could have levelled. Stranraer looked as if they were taking it seriously. Onwards and upwards.
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