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  1. Airdrie 2 Dumbarton 0 Cove 2 Clyde 1 Montrose 3 East Fife 1 Peterhead 1 Falkirk 1 Queens Park 3 Alloa 1
  2. Indeed, but the time for information was surely in the post match interview when either the obvious questions were never asked, edited out, or the interviewer was warned off.
  3. My goodness me! Murray????????? If he and Connell are injuries then I think we should be examining our fitness training techniques. This is worrying.
  4. Alloa 1 Peterhead 1 Clyde 1 Montrose 2 Dumbarton 1 Queens Park 2 East Fife 1 Cove 2 Falkirk 0 Airdrie 0
  5. I rate Calum Ferrie highly. He gives more confidence when coming for the ball than Wullie. I would like to see him given a run in the starting X1.
  6. I would play the under 18s against Kilmarnock. Nonsense competition.
  7. We must get help for Murray up front, even if it means trying one of our talented guys out of position. McHugh is just a waste of space in my view. Fox was outstanding and was some find when we knew Grant was out for some time. Unfortunately Baynham's injury, whatever it was, has a much more significant affect on the team balance and we have suffered big time as a result. That said if we can achieve top spot for the first quarter with one hand tied behind our back the rest of the season can just get better and I now expect we shall be up there at the end of the season. The technical football we play is probably the best I have ever seen us play in sixty years. With Baynham and Quitongo in that team we would scoosh this league.
  8. Airdrie 2 Clyde 1 Alloa 1 Cove 1 Falkirk 3 East Fife 0 Peterhead 1 Dumbarton 1 Queens Park 2 Montrose 1
  9. Why Connell did not start I will never fathom out. Good type of game to win and we don't come back very often. Will take the three points but we have to do better next week to get something.
  10. Interesting team selection. Starting with ten men. Surely a punt on either Connell or Longstaff up front would be more productive than McHugh. Will be interesting to see if they start 4-4-2. Shame Longridge is missing.
  11. I would have no argument with that line up if it is available to us.
  12. You really are a bitter and twisted person. Seek help before it's too late.
  13. Take care and safe journey. May your team get all the breaks they need AFTER Saturday.
  14. We are top of the league but should be several points ahead even with the depleted squad we have available. Until our injuries sort themselves out each game will be a bit hit and miss. Our own youngsters have potential but we need more than that to win matches in league 1. We have to get somebody up front with Murray in the interim. We can't expect him to star every week although I think we are entitled to expect him to be played in the centre and not shoved out wide. I too was surprised at our starting selection last weekend. For our confidence to be maintained we need to win this one. Winning it well would be a bonus. Biggest game for Laurie so far.
  15. No, he is just not doing it for us. Shame, I was really pleased when we signed him and kept giving him the benefit of the doubt but under two different managers he is producing nothing. If we had Baynham and Quitongo fit McHugh would be nowhere near the first team.
  16. You've seen him play????????????? More than we have.
  17. Cove 1 Airdrie 0 Dumbarton 1 Alloa 1 East Fife 0 Clyde 2 Montrose 1 Falkirk 1 Queens Park 3 Peterhead 0
  18. Pleased to have stunned you. Every day is a school day.
  19. I am pretty sure it is accurate. If he can be registered in time for tomorrow he could win the match on his own.
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