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  1. The chip on the shoulder has grown somewhat. What a plonker.
  2. Very important game and should be a classic. Providing we have no injuries I expect a close game with us just edging it by one goal. 2-1.
  3. We only have one really creative midfield player and his fitness is a huge concern. We really missed a trick when we failed to secure Ray Grant from Clyde. My main concern is that we appear to be one paced and it is not fast. Quitongo is the main man to show a spark out of the ordinary. I believe Murray can do this with service and fitness.
  4. Whilst understandable I think there are too many comments here made too soon after a disappointment driven by too high an expectation. We were playing a team two divisions above us for a reason. Our priority this season is to win League 2 and I think we will do that with the players Ray has brought in. Those same players were beyond our wildest dreams twelve months ago. Now that the season is taking shape it is clear that without Slater in the team we are devoid of creativity in midfield. Not only from him but with those whose game is lifted by his presence. David Galt comes to mind. Sadly it looks as if we cannot rely on Slater's fitness and I hope this might be addressed in the current window. Yes, I would have liked to see Quitongo start last night but I am not paid to pick the team. Moving forward I have no doubt that Ray knows he will have to change some personnel for League 1 and beyond but this is an evolving situation. For now let's get down to winning League 2 and take it from there.
  5. Nice to see Gerry back in senior football. Liked him when he was with us. Best of luck.
  6. Pitch inspection 9.00am. Can't see it happening.
  7. I am sure there are others more in the know than I but Willie Haughey has apparently agreed to meet the wage bill for ten years and we see where we go from there. Immediate, this season, aim is promotion and then to become an established team in league one with the hopes of pushing on to the Championship. The main aim is not be in what will become the league of death League 2 now that the pyramid system is in full swing. I can see at least four or five teams in there just now who have little long term future at this level. I would be disappointed if we lost the opportunity to thrash Clyde four times a season 🤣
  8. The clubs rejected the SPFL proposals. Back to bedlam.
  9. I like the look of the starting line up. Here we go.
  10. Previous thread has disappeared into the ether. We have played well enough down there recently but have not come back with the points. We are a considerably different animal now and it appears Annan have not progressed much, if at all. It will be a stuffy game but I predict we shall prevail 2-0 with Slater in the team. Hope Grant makes it. Does anyone know the extent of his injury?
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