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  1. I personally would not believe a word that comes from either our Chief Executive or President's mouths.
  2. Not I. I thought we would be top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ferrie my man of the season so far. Very sound and positioning sense is brilliant.
  4. I think some of the comments on Eze are harsh. No comments on a couple of excellent clearances. He was left exposed by arguably the most experienced player in our team. One man cannot stop that Dundee team. The messing about before the cross field pass for the first goal should have been sorted. With Fox there beside him we will be better placed to judge although Charlie has been careless on occasions this season. The second goal was something that happens from time to time and it happened to us yesterday. Brilliant goal or just plain luck? It was a superb strike, though. Huge plaudits for Ferrie who has been brilliant this season.
  5. He did not even shine with Stenhousemuir the season before us. He was totally out of his depth in Lg 1. Strange signing.
  6. For me, Liam Brown has never fulfilled his potential with us. He obviously has some talent and I think he would be better in a lower league but not in a struggling team. He needs to be in a team that is dominating.
  7. No reason to fear this game. Hope Simon Murray will be fit and his substitution was only a precaution. I would take a draw as a consolation.
  8. I take your post as you intended (I think), but it does raise the issue again that Lesser Hampden is totally unsuited to our ambition. Where next?
  9. Providing BBC and Sky don't chalk it off that should do. Brilliant to see Williamson get his first Championship goal.
  10. We really need to make some of these shots count.
  11. Fox missing today is a huge blow. Advantage Arbroath.
  12. Huge blow. Potentially could change our season.
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