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  1. That would be a disaster. Old boys club rules still with us if this happens. Cannot see Dempster being impressed with that.
  2. I really hope not but the press will find out before the supporters of the club. Their PR skills are atrocious.
  3. I have an issue with his ability. The guy made a mistake that thousands of us have made in the past. I will not be hypocritical but I am not at all convinced of his ability to be the right man for us. Same with Stubbs.
  4. Motherwell giving this season's season ticket holders a free ticket for next season. I will not renew until I know where we are playing.
  5. I think he will make a very good player at a very high level. He has the right attitude, a wicked left foot, and knows where the goals are.
  6. I did realise that. Just putting my feelings on record, like yourself.
  7. For me Derek McInnes was another manager with absolutely no flair. How he lasted so long is beyond me.
  8. I am grateful to Ray for lifting the gloom of the times during his tenure. He came in and undoubtedly got us players we would not have got under our own steam. He marshalled the squad with one objective-win the league. This he achieved and I for one will not forget the scenes when we were presented with the trophy and the lads got their medals. The sight of Jai trying to jump on his crutches was unbelievable. All that said I do not and did not believe that that squad was good enough to challenge in league 1 and that major surgery would have to be applied. You are only as good as your last game. Good luck to Ray for the future and the incredible journey of a professional QP goes on. Can't wait.
  9. Fair enough. I only asked. I would also ask about Cameron Binnie as backup/competition for Wullie. He was a surprise release by the Binos. Ray Grant is one I would like to see added to replace Slater.
  10. Can't disagree with your assessment. To be quite frank I think the game is passing Galt by and although I have the utmost respect for him I think he might be happier moving on. I don't think Baynham was given a decent chance. He scored some important goals and has a good instinct. Depending on who we can get I would keep him as backup for now. If, on the other hand Ray does not fancy him then he will go and we probably would not miss him half way through next season. Slater I agree not worth the risk and with Ray Grant now available I would hope that we at least try for him. So disappointed in McHugh this season. Perhaps he produces touches and passes that are beyond my level of thinking. I am of the old school that a striker is supposed to score goals and with his experience he should have been doing better. I can see at least six newcomers coming in for next season. Connor Sammon worth a shout?
  11. Shut the Pyramid down if the LL vote for it. They can then get on with playing meaningless games to their hearts' content.
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