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  1. Airdrie 2 East Fife 0 Clyde 1 Queens Park 3 Falkirk 2 Dumbarton 1 Montrose 2 Alloa 1 Peterhead 1 Cove 2
  2. My apologies. The Match Preview was posted so late I gave up looking for it.
  3. How come you get the news about Baynham but the club cannot tell us this? What about Quitongo, Grant, Morrison, Davidson, and now disappointingly Kilday? What was the reason for Baynham's absence?
  4. I agree with you about our speculative inaccurate shots from outside the box. This seems to be Laurie's policy of "working the keeper" but shots from outside the box are generally food and drink to the average keeper. They must also be on target. We must be more creative and composed in the final third.
  5. With so many automatic first team players out injured for how long nobody knows I am amazed and delighted at our league position. To expect us to carry on at this level without them is optimistic in the extreme. It is so frustrating to get the wall of silence which would at least give us an idea of when we will really start the season. I can't get excited at the moment.
  6. Alloa 1 Falkirk 2 Cove 2 Montrose 2 Dumbarton 1 East Fife 1 Peterhead 0 Clyde 1 Queens Park 2 Airdrie 1
  7. I agree. We seem to be building a stadium out of expediency not related to our ambitions.
  8. Great result. That makes up for the dropped points at Alloa last week. Well done, lads.
  9. A loan signing at last! Good luck to the lad.
  10. I agree with everything you have said. It was the original report that you were "told" that kicked me off. I can understand you being asked but at the same time there is no possibility that truly sensitive information would be released at such a meeting. Perhaps an accurate report in the first place would have kept my silence. For what its worth I am not that interested in the debacle of Lesser. It is what it is. My main concern remains the lack of basic information which supporters expect ie updates on Grant, Quitongo and Baynham. The last minute ticket pricing etc.
  11. What gives "them" the authority to tell attendees what or what not to do. Like school children these attendees seem to have been entranced by the spell. As has been said the meeting, as I understand it, was about lack of communication not just with members but also the entire support. If anyone had had the guts at the meeting to stand up and state quite plainly that they would not be drawn to secrecy are we to understand that either that person would have been ejected or the meeting would not have taken place? The Masons have nothing on this.
  12. Difficult to split the teams. Falkirk probably have the edge but I would not be surprised with a draw. We have the perfect partner for Murray in Will Baynham. He will distract defenders with his height while Murray gets on with the job. Why he is not included in current squads is a complete mystery which the club seems to take delight in withholding from us. I would hope that we can get some loans in as our squad is paper thin where it matters. It is unfair to rely on youngsters learning their trade to come off the bench and make a difference if things are getting sticky. Big game, looking forward to it. Although I have no criticism of McKinnon I have to say that I like the new style that Ellis has introduced and I think it shows in the players.
  13. Airdrie 2 - Alloa 1 Clyde 1 - Cove 3 East Fife 1 - Peterhead 1 Falkirk 1 - Queens Park 1 Montrose 2 - Dumbarton 0
  14. He apparently got a head knock in the game v QoS (I think). It must have been one serious head knock (I hope not). There was one report that he had returned to training but the secret society rules again. Not even a match preview this week. The "mushroom principle" of communication is turning me right off. I am not attending any games until the club treats its fans with respect.
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