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  1. Willie Neil would walk into my team. John McGregor too was a class act with all the potential and more of Robertson before he was injured.
  2. I understood the original question to be "all time" not just those within living memory of our younger support? Bert Cromer, John Valentine were real class acts who should not be forgotten. Same with the goalkeepers. Bobby Clark and Brown were internationalists, something our more recent crop were nowhere near.
  3. I have no idea what the financial situation and arrangements are for our club. I notice on other teams threads on here that fans seem keen on the idea of transferring admission money for cancelled home games to the club as a means of helping out. I think this is very laudable. Wonder what any season ticket holder thinks of asking the club to sell season tickets for next season at this season's price for the next two weeks only? I know that nobody knows if there will be a full next season but I would see it as a donation to the club at the very least. A possible win/win situation?
  4. Thank you. The thought that we might be playing on a hard dry pitch at Coatbridge is mind boggling!!!!😂
  5. All the more reason to get into the top four before the whole season is abandoned.
  6. Agree with what you say. We are now into the must win category if we want to really challenge for play offs. No matter how we spin it the draws at Brechin and Stenny were costly to our chances. Not an easy place for us but no reason why we should not come out on top.
  7. At the moment it might have to be King.
  8. If Salim were to get injured do you think we have adequate backup? Just because we need two strikers we are not obliged to play them together although I think we should. Cove and Elgin manage fine.
  9. Celtic, and they are doing OK.
  10. I quite agree but my point is that we need another pure striker to play alongside him. His winning of the ball in the air is wasted as he is on his own. Young Moore has promise and I like him a lot but he is not currently the answer.
  11. Wasn't getting at Sal. We just don't have a natural finisher.
  12. We really need to find a proper finishing striker.
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