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  1. I now know why I don't read the Daily Record. What utter tosh.
  2. Have we actually signed Joshua Rae? I hope we have/do.
  3. Go to it lads. Fingers crossed for right result.
  4. 0-0 is par for the course. We have found some shooting boots recently so will go for 1-1.
  5. I am not a member but to give some hope I know three members who were initially against this and were still that way inclined two weeks ago. Having gone to the meeting on the 4th they will now be voting for it.
  6. What planet are you from? Time to go back. Uneducated was a compliment.
  7. You need to keep up. We have passed that page.
  8. Name is Joshua Rae according to club website match report. Ex Celtic, Leeds, Hibs, and trialist at Athletico Madrid. 19 years old. I too thought he looked the part.
  9. Comfortable win as it turned out. Difficult to judge whether we are back when the opposition was so poor. Don't mean to criticise Brechin but you reminded me of Berwick last season. You seemed to have no direction and appeared a team full of individuals without a plan. I do hope your season picks up. Impressed with our trialist goalkeeper. His handling was secure and his anticipation excellent. He did everything asked of him. He will give Willie Muir a good run for his money. Next week will be a better indication of where we are but a welcome three points nonetheless.
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