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  1. Who knows? I find it quite distasteful as it stands.
  2. Too late now but the hard fact is Lesser Hampden was never the right choice to match our long term growth. It was expedient at the time and we messed it up. To suggest that we should stop away fans coming to games is just plain madness. I would also think that 900 will not house QP fans who want to attend. Promotion will bring in some more and there was still a number who could or would not go to Firhill. This debacle is not going away any time soon.
  3. Listed as a Heart of Midlothian player and not QP this time.
  4. I quite agree but we didn't own the land. Council property.
  5. Demolition costs did not make that viable. We were between a rock and a hard place.
  6. We don't need our full team to take on Sevco.
  7. It is our time. We have not had such a decent squad available to us since last August. We will be a much different proposition to that seen a few weeks ago and in all honesty since Christmas. Quietly confident for this one.
  8. I don't think Kilday would get into that team now.
  9. Indeed there are a number of them that I think should be punted but none I can think of due to attitude. I really do not believe that any footballer, professional or amateur, full time or part time, goes on to a pitch not caring whether they win or lose. Their ability, or lack of it, may make them give that appearance but it just does not happen that way. I would immediately thank the loanees for their service and wish them the best of luck. Doyle has had his day as has Grant, Longridge and Kilday. I like Davidson at full back and I would not be unhappy if Morrison stayed. Fox is a stick on for captain. Robson gets a pass, just, and I would keep Gillespie as a squad player. Brown obviously will stay but needs the occasional kick up the backside. Murray is made of glass and should go as should McHugh who overall has underperformed. I would keep Quitongo. Forgot about Moore, as you do. He goes. The really difficult spot for me is goalkeeper. Both Muir and Ferrie have strong points and weaknesses and I believe we need an improvement in that area. I would punt both if a replacement could be found. If so Heraghty is a fine prospect for No 2. The saddest one of all is Baynham. No idea what his condition is but it must be serious. I believe he could have been a star this season.
  10. I agree. Notably without the recent loanees. Quitongo made a huge difference.
  11. Hear Hear. Thank you for organising this. It was good fun.
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