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  1. I certainly think he has the potential. Best of luck to him. He should still be with us IMO.
  2. Clyde fans think Ray Grant on his way.
  3. He was released which was a major disappointment to a lot of fans. Will be an excellent signing for you. Commands the air and distribution is sound. Best of luck to him.
  4. That was the reason that I thought it worth the asking.
  5. That was the only decision which really surprised me, unless he did not want a contract. He had the ability to play at a higher level in my opinion.
  6. Would like to ask the question of Stuart Morrison and Josh Doig.
  7. In my opinion he needed his mate Nicky Jamieson to cover his mistakes. That said I think he can make a decent League Two defender but no more. His distribution needs improving.
  8. Had a look at the Clyde forum on here and they are suggesting the club pull out all the stops to try and keep him.
  9. Clyde fans seem to think Ray Grant will sign for us.
  10. That is great news on McLean. Real danger man. I think Salim would have had to play second fiddle to McHugh if he stayed and we continued to play one up front. McHugh is a class act at our level. Good luck to Sal.
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