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  1. Queen's Park v Clyde

    Except in a Leap Year!
  2. QP v ANNAN

    Pretty poor. Second best to every ball. Nobody, except Summers, was really bad and Galt tried his heart out but we allowed ourselves to be outmuscled off our game by a competent team who resembled Connaghs Quay in some ways. Referee should have spotted more of the niggling.
  3. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Well done Rovers. I am so pleased for Smart. I believe he got a raw deal at Hampden. Good to see you next season.
  4. QP v ANNAN

    Magee back in is the only change I would make. See it as a close 2-1.
  5. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    At least we have one to sell and spend the proceeds on building our own stadium.
  6. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Two time loser. Shame.
  7. Berwick v QP

    Ironically the loss of McKernon, Roberts, and McGrory may be our trump card. With new faces coming in and familiar faces playing different positions it could take Berwick at least an hour to figure out what is going on by which time we should have the game won.
  8. Berwick v QP

    Totally agree about same team. I think it has exciting potential. Confidence must be growing and, heaven forbid, complacency could be our enemy. Don't say that very often following QP. Comfortable 2-0 victory for me. Perhaps Berwick will have their elderly fan playing this weekend. He could be no worse than some of them.
  9. Rovers v QP

    Delighted for Magee. I hope he can be persuaded to develop in this position. It gives us so much more versatility. In the few occasions when he has found himself upfield, after a corner, or decided to run forward with the ball I thought there was possibly more to him that originally met the eye. Could a star be being born?
  10. Rovers v QP

    Or scan the loan market. We have been relatively successful there for strikers in recent seasons.
  11. Rovers v QP

    He was very hot and cold, which has been said re his other clubs. On his day, beautiful to watch but he wouldn't be a starter for me and we seem to have a decent bench now. We have no natural striker. Smart could win balls in the air like Hawke but for me had much more ball control and touch. He was not easy to shove around.
  12. Rovers v QP

    Thank goodness. We should never have let him go. Could do with him now.
  13. Rovers v QP

    This will be a difficult fixture. Whilst I don't subscribe to "nothing to play for", there is always pride, I would be satisfied if we come out with a draw. 1-1.
  14. QP v Stirling Albion

    I would expect a win. It would be good to jump another place so something to play for. Not sure about Gerry coming in. His fitness was questionable before he went out. If he were to be included I would drop McKernon as central defence is not his place and midfield gelling too well to drop anyone. Good to have a choice though. 3-1.
  15. Cowden v QP

    Can't believe we have not secured the win by now. Nervy second half in store.