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  1. Buzzing for this today! Mon the Dow.
  2. Just thrilled to be in a position to have this chance to go to the top if we win, this time last year I’m sure almost everyone thought we would be getting relegated. Going for a tough 2-1 victory tomorrow to Meadow
  3. 4 on the bounce in the league now I think. We just keep grinding out results, some amount of energy in this team. Colin Spence man of the match for me yesterday, always looks like he has so much Time on the ball, such an intelligent player. Two massive games coming up in the league against Pollok and Clydebank.
  4. No argument from me, I don't think anybody expected or even claimed for a penalty. Harry Mitchell certainly didn't. Yep your spot on, looks horrendous but got to imagine it looked completely different from the referees angle. Competitive game yesterday albeit lacking in quality for a lot of the game. Good crowd aswell, hope yous do well this season!
  5. It’s also a horrendous decision to award the penalty.
  6. Looking forward to the trip to play Glencairn on Saturday, I see that they scored a hatful of goals in the Scottish at the weekend so I’m sure they’ll be heading into the game with confidence high.
  7. I agree, think Cumnock are in real danger of going down. This is based off of the game at the tail end of last season and the game this year against meadow so admittedly I may have just witnessed them on two poor occasions but they really seemed to lack any cutting edge. Going by reports from their games aswell they seem to be struggling.
  8. What a ridiculous post ...
  9. Yeah great last 3 wins on the trot. Thought Saturday was the best of the lot, we really seem to suit that formation and most of our big victories have come when playing that way. Big Neil Slooves also seems that suit that formation best and I thought once again he was tremendous, which was great with gow and miller missing. Hope Jordan is alright, there seemed to be a high level of concern over him for what seemed like a nothing coming together. High amount of players missing at the moment but I’m sure every team feels that way. All the the best to buchanhaven hearts, always a shame to have to forfeit a game, hope they bounce back! Into the 3rd round for Meadow however.
  10. Great back to back wins to get back on track following the defeat to Kilwinning. Thought it was back to the Meadow of last year on Sunday with a real stout defensive showing. Unfortunate with Jordo’s sending off, with an appeal failing and an additional 2 games tacked on it does feel very harsh considering the Beith player was the man at fault. Good display aswell last night against a decent Rossvale team. Though Rossvale knocked the ball about well without threatening too much, Meadow CB’s seemed quite comfortable. Thought the left back and left winger for Rossvale were very decent. On too the Derby tomorrow night, hopefully get a few players back soon as with 6 out injured on Sunday and 5 out injured last night + Jordo’s suspension.
  11. I agree with rambler in that pre game I would have taken the point however after the sending off was really hoping we would push on for the win. Have to say Glenafton were well organised with the 10 men and had some right good chances themselves to win it at the end. Good competitive game and when you step back and take a look at the big picture it’s great that Meadow are big in the big leagues and going to places like Glenafton and competing. Huge steps forward over the past couple of years. What a start to the season from Jones, puts in some shift every week, and what a leap he has on him, Great header for the goal. Would like to see Sharpe given a chance to partner him up top. On to Kilwinning next, fingers crossed we continue the good form against them.
  12. Big game tonight against Glenafton, lost twice to them last season so be a real sign of how the squad will be able to compete this season. Any word on how Spenny and Rhys are after Saturday?
  13. First league game of the season today as Meadow welcome Largs. Be interesting to see how Largs shape up after some changes to the team since last season.
  14. Poor result losing 1-0 to Troon last night which will mostly likely ensure Troon qualifies from the group. Didn’t think there was much between the teams with 1 quality bit of play from both teams with troon scoring there one and Carson missing for meadow. Lots of tough tackling as to be expected from a derby but in truth quality was low. Don’t think meadow looked too sharp at all last night. Troon number 7 best player on the park and hope the Troon number 10 isn’t out for too long.
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