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  1. Brillant! 👏🏻👏🏻
  2. I seen on twitter that he had a 2nd operation on the ankle only last week, not sure if this was pre planned or due to something unfortunate. By all accounts he is working with our club physio but I have no idea with regards to when/if he will return. Delighted with the appointment of Spence and Latta as co-managers, be interesting to see how the dynamic of co-managers works instead of the usual manager and assistant. Good luck to both!
  3. Not sure regarding your points about Arthurlie but from a Meadow point of view that was a decent win. Thought we played some good stuff at times in the 2nd half, although it was quite scrappy throughout due to the conditions. Also good to see a full 90 mins for McGuire, the first since his injury, and almost a full game from Jones who hasn’t been in the squads the last few weeks, not sure if holiday or injury? Miller also coming off the bench is positive despite his mistake for their 2nd goal at the end. Be interesting to see how the new lad does once he is involved, taking the step from Irvine Victoria to ourselves. last 16 of both cups is positive compared to last season.
  4. Also if that’s your argument, not entirely sure how you would explain why our physio was attacked whilst trying to gain entry to the changing rooms? ..
  5. You really are clutching at straws here ...
  6. Stating that they weren’t faultless is you trying to justify it.
  7. There’s not really any excuse for attacking players coming off the pitch. Using the excuse off they celebrated in front of you to in any way claim that justified it is laughable and you need to have a long hard look at yourself. The players had to deal with some horrendous abuse all throughout the game in particular Spenny any Latta but didn’t see them using that as an excuse to go about attacking fans. Onto the next round and Kello awaits.
  8. Apparently it’s sacrilege to dare to pass judgement on the Bankies pitch as we found out after the meadow game there. Very touchy lot that bunch.
  9. How did young Liam Wells play yesterday?
  10. Doubt you’d be asking that ‘simple question’ if you had won ...
  11. Congrats to Clydebank today, thought first half was pretty even but hard to argue against yous winning the game after the 2nd half. Just seen on the Meadow twitter that Ben has a fractured and dislocated ankle and is going in for surgery tomorrow! Fingers crossed it’s successful and he gets back captaining the team soon!
  12. Tbh I don’t think you can 100% rule out the Astro causing the injury, heard someone say his left studs got caught in the turf as he was kicking the ball with his right leg, dont think it was him landing on it at all, I think his foot was already planted. Who knows?
  13. Find it strange that you can recognise that this Darvel Icon isn’t doing you any favours yet yous all defended The Legend to the hilt when tbh the level of stupid, classless statements are the same ...
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