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  1. Seems absolute madness that all the way down to the South of Scotland league are able to continue to play and train but amateur teams can’t
  2. All training looks to be off now until at least 24th August
  3. SFA statement earlier says all professional and grassroots football is suspended, I’m not sure but assume amateur football will be part of that
  4. Eastfield very good ball playing side but Hurlford been there and done it so many times which is very important this stage of the majors
  5. Fancy Hurlford to scrape a win today. 2-1 hurlford my prediction
  6. Never noticed the Tarbolton result, that’s a hammering for Irvine who by all accounts are a decent team and looking like they’ll be in the premier next year
  7. Great result for Hurlford today. Dailly is a very hard place to go and pick up 3 points
  8. Dailly really are flying this year. Have a good chance finishing top 3 imo
  9. Think Haggs will run out comfortable winners
  10. That’s embarrassing if true[emoji23]
  11. St Joes Glasgow Uni Eastfield Uddingston Castlemilk Tarbolton Shortlees St Pats
  12. Brilliant this year. Feel like most teams in top half of table will fancy there chances
  13. Can’t see any of the Ayrshire teams going all the way, much stronger teams in the past have tried and failed
  14. A see the squad for Sunday's game has been announced, looks a good team
  15. They were 6-0 up when I left, they ended up playing Kilbride thistle though not shortlees
  16. Not sure it would help struggling clubs, can't see there being too many players who would want to play a game in the morning then again in the afternoon.
  17. Who's everyone's favourites to go up from the first now then? Obviously crosshouse but for me think it's going to be Irvine or west Kilbride
  18. New Farm 4-4 Cumnock, decided to take this one in and was a really entertaining game of football actually.
  19. Some effort that, the highlights are always top notch though to be fair. Would say they're the best of all the junior teams doing them
  20. Neutral here but get the highlights up lol, sounds like a cracking game of football.
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