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  1. That mention of Blindness there gives me an excuse, if an excuse be needed, to watch this again... What a magnificent, pulverising racket. After that whole Ned's Atomic Dustbin unpleasantness, the people understandably felt that no group should ever use two bass players again. They were wrong.
  2. Went to see the documentary last night and it's well worth a watch. Scabies tears got me right here.
  3. If you're prepared to see past his deranged mispronunciation of the word 'pasta', then you're a far better man than I.
  4. Is the groom to be a fan of early 20th century polar expeditions? If so, I may know of just the place to visit.
  5. Gather below the Wellgate Clock just before the hour strikes, then watch in wonder as the magic unfolds.
  6. Last nights episode was kind of pointless. That whole relay thing was just a bit silly.
  7. He's nowhere near as insufferable as Jackie, there's very few people alive who are, but this thing of sticking to the same culinary style, irrespective of whether it remotely fulfils the brief or not, certainly brings her to mind. It really is tiresome, and he probably should have been penalised for it. Tony's pretty damn good though. Cuts quite a dash to boot.
  8. Robert's exit from last years series still leaves a very biiter taste in my mouth. It well and truly belied the myth that anti-Lindy Hop prejudice had been eradicated from society.
  9. I'm not a fan of this new thing where we eavesdrop on the contestants blethering to each other after they've dished up. Whilst in competition, they should not be allowed to speak to their adversaries at all.
  10. It's obviously a very good thing that Katie Hopkins hasn't won, but that dullard Jordan really doesn't deserve to either. What a truly appalling final two. I just feel so terribly jaded by it all.
  11. It's yet more proof, if more proof were needed, that the general public should not be allowed to vote.
  12. Perez really is a magnificent housemate. Granted, he's been frequently insufferable, and has overstepped the mark on a good few occasions, but he's just such a brilliantly watchable character. I'll be cock-a-hoop if he somehow finishes ahead of Katie Hopkins.
  13. The fact that Katie Hopkins is the bookies favourite to win this makes me despair for humanity. I may have to take to my bed until this whole sorry affair is over.
  14. No, it was about the size of a rowing boat. It was quite dark though, and I was half cut. In hindsight, it might just have been a rowing boat.
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