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  1. did we not announce the pre-contract of Tidser? I have a feeling we did and then it almost fell through.... in hindsight would have been better had it fallen through.
  2. I hate to pour cold water on things, but when have we ever announced a players leaving list the day after the final game. I expect we won't see that list until the end of the month (and it will be sickening if they get thanked for their contribution!), or at the very least until a new manager has been appointed and he can decide what of the dross he wants to keep. I'd happily be proven wrong though. I expect the next Deans statement will be we weren't good enough so we've brought in this new manager / management team to turn the ship around rather than anything imminent.
  3. my guess is its a youth player on peanuts that might become a decent keeper, end of the season gives us a chance to see what hes about
  4. With the squad Hartly had assembled his PPM would have dropped like a stone regardless of how he did the season before or is now doing with cove. I get its an indicator over all, but PPM season by season is a much better way to show actual progress or decline or comparison between managers within a season.
  5. "Pele" we had a few years ago surely must have retired now, be amusing to say that Pele's our director of football. But on a more serious note, should we not be keeping costs to a minimum on the non playing front, in case we end up with another year in league 1, and hold off on trying to fill what seems to be a bit surplus to requirements this year?
  6. Are we talking top flight clubs in the vatacan here or something!?
  7. i would keep dixon and play him at CB. think he'd be much steadier than durnan/hall combo. Telfer can go for me too, I suspect he has 1 way of playing (and 1 position) that really suits him and its just not the way we play.
  8. I'd like to keep McManus, Miller and maybe longridge. Longridge maybe less so.
  9. One would hope that the rules on broadcasting Falkirk TV and similar from other clubs to those in the UK would be relaxed so people could pay to watch the game that way. Would at least give the clubs some money from closed doors games.
  10. Give the lad a go, I'm glad we're looking at younger players and not just adding "experience". If he's played on the left side of defence beside Dixon, hopefully he will keep him right (in the way cracks and dodds did from CB). I'm not as convinced with Buchannan in that kind of mentoring role.... but we'll see.
  11. No way its this worse than the squad last season. Ray has shown far too much loyalty to some players, which I guess is to be expected when he takes the same squad where ever he goes. He also has no idea how to get them to play well. Why give up with a 442 that's giving results to try a diamond?! What was the formation today anyway, was not clear from the bizarre team sheet. Was Miller not signed as a rb / cb? Yet we only see him today as a midfielder!
  12. even if it was enough for everyone, he has a reprieve until the take over concludes one way or the other.
  13. Not sure I really need to look at hospitality for the next time game.
  14. What is he going to say though. Even if he was thinking we need a new manager, he couldn't really say it in social media.
  15. Colt teams in the league give an even more unfair advantage to the old firm and any other large teams who have them in the league. While everyone else has a reserve team where they are playing against kids and players coming back from injury, they would have come through a mans game and be much more prepared for life in the first team. It's really something the ugly sisters need, another advantage to widen the gap. They also aren't likely to even bring much of a fan base to make up for this with cold hard cash. That's my opinion anyway.
  16. I guess they realise the limited interest in a match against Celtic Colts. Not even sure its worth paying a fiver to go to.
  17. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4547431/john-park-celtic-falkirk-move/ I assume this is the story that everyone is getting excited about How is this not unexpected? Would you start a job for a club when you work for someone who hasn't bought the business out? I know I wouldn't. Once the take over is signed sealed and delivered is when I'd expect him to take up the role. The only thing he might be doing is thinking about what we need to sign, but again as said those won't go through until after the take over is signed, and the players he identifies now might have new clubs by then.
  18. Anyone asked if he plans to buy the council out of the stadium?
  19. Was the money only having him from the east for Sunderland. Might not need many backers to buy us.
  20. my assumption is they want to make a success of the academy. In the SPFL bring players through the academy and sell on for more money than we got in the championship. If it works it could be a very good option.
  21. We have a backup with another left back coming in. If needed Dixon could comfortably move over one. I agree we need a bigger squad though.
  22. Are we aIl just randomly putting eyes so who ever gets it right can say they are in the know? Lol
  23. I did find it odd that Blair Malcolm was still around the club. Fairly sure i saw him going into the stand with gomis etc.
  24. It sounded like a few were p possibly going to get a contact going by the post match. Also got to be a kick in the nuts for the midfielder trialists when he said he was happy with his midfield and was looking for strikers and defenders
  25. I find it odd the official twitter has named one of the trialists as Blair Malcolm.... something leaked out somewhere else maybe?
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