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  1. I think we need to give them a bit of time, yeah I'm not convinced by our striking options either but who knows, maybe Sheerin is more like Houston where he'll get more out the team than the parts suggest is possible and we'll come good. We'll be able to tell more from the ayr and cove games than Hamilton, Albion Rovers and the up coming Edinburgh city game. Having watched the highlights back, I really hope another CB is on our recruit list as that Hall header for the second goal was horrific. Incidentally does anyone know how many games miller is suspended for?
  2. yep, I just reregistered with the same details. Not sure how that would link through to a season ticket though.
  3. Think it said pricing to be confirmed on Falkirk TV website, could be wrong
  4. Can't say as I'm sold on either, I don't understand why the sponsors in red on the home top. Would have thought yellow would have stood out a lot more.
  5. So I can't really comment about how zoom calls work. I rarely use that platform, but with MS Teams we have questions asked by typing live and they answer the most upvoted questions. Surely this would be a better way to handle it? I guess it doesn't allow them to filter some abuse they may or may not receive.
  6. AFAIK you are always gonna have 1 defender organising the defence, sort out who's doing what, I don't see hall or durnan as that type of player.
  7. Its possible that Hall might be a better player if he has someone beside him managing him through the game. I can't imagine durnan or hall was managing the backline, and I'm not sure a full back should be trying to do that either.
  8. so.... you mean he's just bad then who knows maybe he'll do better for us than you guys think he did for you (blind optimism you might call it). I don't ever remember thinking Todorov was gonna see the pitch for us let alone score..... the rest is history.
  9. I think we'd like a bit of clarification at what you guys see is bad about him? Just saying how bad he is doesn't really tell us much... can't tackle? terrible in the air? can't pass? can't hold the ball? what???
  10. do you mean he cant defend, has the odd howler or he can't pass?
  11. I would guess they are thinking this year to get up, next two years in championship
  12. did we not announce the pre-contract of Tidser? I have a feeling we did and then it almost fell through.... in hindsight would have been better had it fallen through.
  13. I hate to pour cold water on things, but when have we ever announced a players leaving list the day after the final game. I expect we won't see that list until the end of the month (and it will be sickening if they get thanked for their contribution!), or at the very least until a new manager has been appointed and he can decide what of the dross he wants to keep. I'd happily be proven wrong though. I expect the next Deans statement will be we weren't good enough so we've brought in this new manager / management team to turn the ship around rather than anything imminent.
  14. my guess is its a youth player on peanuts that might become a decent keeper, end of the season gives us a chance to see what hes about
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