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  1. I watched on Falkirk TV last night I noticed Yeats standing in space arms up and getting ignored too. I assume it's tactical decision.
  2. henderson in the middle with McGinn maybe? Maybe after McCanns dart down the right hand side he's being played as a RB with Mackie at left?
  3. I think going in on a 3 match winning run it would be hard to change it. I appreciate its a cup game. I think we will see pretty much the same team until subs are absolutely needed to turn the tide of a game we aren't winning (assuming no more injuries). Then maybe he'll change it up.
  4. I think Henderson will start in the middle and will probably get 45 - 60 minutes.
  5. I don't know that 3 at the back would be good. At the moment its 4 at the back with left and right back pushing forward leaving 2.
  6. That pot was probably eaten to try cover costs of being in League 1. I can't see the pitch being replaced until we are in the championship no matter how bad it gets.
  7. Did anyone ask if he can play right back in case Williamsons still injured? I'm assuming he'll be able to motor up and down the wing, drive the team forward... crossing should be a cinch for him.... (sorry!)
  8. Not sure it'll be McCann being that he has hardly played him so he would have said key? If its anyone in defence we are screwed though.
  9. I thought Algeria was looking better second half and thought there was other people who should have been hooked. 2 up front would have done him the world of good.
  10. Am I the only one that reads the Hogarth announcement as the deal was done and then they found out pj isn't that badly injured. Might be reading too much into the 3 keepers comment.
  11. If we are going that day afield I would think he would have to be first choice. If it was just a backup keeper I imagine we would have got one more locally. Can't say either of our keepers fill me with confidence.
  12. I wasn't at the game on Saturday, so I have no idea really how people played (other than overall poorly). However. Was Yeats not the RB for most of the league cup games and did well in them against stronger opposition? I think its a bit harsh singling him out for criticism considering (a) he actually tries hard (b) he's pretty young and we know from when we had an academy young players aren't always 100% consistent esp if they are being shifted around where they play. Either way, yes I'd rather see him back in midfield and one of last years lot on the bench.
  13. The only difference i can see is that McGlynn won't put up with them not carrying their weight too long. Also it might well be a 4-4-2 with morrison up front up with Algeria.
  14. Can't be 2018 again, no tattoo sleeve or designer haircut in sight this time as best I can tell. Also at least it says we had him on trial not just signed without the manager seeing more than a video.
  15. At least its not the same old league 1/championship players we are signing that have been around the block. A punt, yes, but equally same could be said for Farid and Lyle Taylor. Clearly they are aware its also a risk hence the 1 year with option of 2.
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