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  1. Shipping is a nightmare, but really I wouldn't blame them for not wanting the new strip associated with this disaster of a season. The fewer players from this team that wear the new strip the better.
  2. we have a midfield with no battling spirit. biggest problem being that we haven't addressed it. Jacobs who i guess is meant to give us that gets taken off while miller stays on? What chance do we have.
  3. ah that explains it. really don't like the sun.
  4. what is the camera man doing? Is it every time he has a swig of his bovril that the camera stops moving or something? I know they are volunteers but geez
  5. They said they were unbiased?!?! wonderful!
  6. my favourite so far has to be "Jacobs a bit of amateur dramatics there" followed by revealing he got an unintentional elbow to the face
  7. Camera man is gonna miss something important one of these times.
  8. others stream gone? was fine until a few minutes ago. It says its still live but no audio or picture?
  9. I'm thinking its probably a 4-4-2 diamond with either telfer or McGuffie at the tip of the diamond. Miller probably sitting on top of the back 4.
  10. I don't understand our management, they moan that a lot of our issues are down to always chopping and changing the team, yet he makes 6 changes (not changes for the better). You can't have it both ways. I also don't understand why he says he can't change formation because of the personnel we have? We are shoe horning players into the 5 MIA 2 that we play already, we should have a minimum of 2 players that can play as wingers because well... we did for the first 1/3 of the season. Hell I think even actually playing 3-5-2 would be an improvement, get them to not track back so far and let the 3 at the back deal with the issues, we are leaking goals at times anyway and having more in the middle might finally mean we start scoring some!
  11. if Griffiths hits any kind of form and our defence can keep it together we should hopefully make the playoffs. In the play offs, I don't think any team would relish playing a team with griffiths in it, even if he is suffering patchy form. I guess the one thing that will be interesting to see is if teams concentrate on trying to keep griffiths quiet and it free's up others. Anyone know if he played the 90 mins in the bounce game?
  12. The stacking only applies for championship to premier league. afaik its not like that for league 1 to championship play offs its traditional semi final, final (except over 2 legs)
  13. you can see the media training he would have got kicking in.
  14. bounce game against a premier league team on Friday going by Griffiths interview.
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