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  1. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    Airdrie Supporters Trust have organised kids entertainment in the Bowling Club from 1pm-2.30pm tomorrow afternoon. Last Aces away day of the season. If any Sons fans with kids want to come along, you are more than welcome. All free, and be good to see a mix of kids. We've got 30 going.
  2. Spaces left for kids, parents, or just folk needing a lift to the game on Sat. Suggested Donation a fiver, but a few quid more would be appreciated for adults.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    How many players has Duffy added from when he took over? Or is he just getting more out of Aitkens squad?
  4. Rovers v Airdrie

    How long has that stand been there? How do you get into it?
  5. A wee quiz tonight at one of the club partners if anyone fancies a wee night out.
  6. Get a pint and a full fry up in Pro Bowl right across from the train station (best brekkie in the town), then head to either the West End Bar, Cue Here, or the Albert to watch the game. All football friendly. PS Get the train to Airdrie, not Drumgelloch.
  7. Cracking idea to get fans entertained etc before the game. A lot of clubs could take note. Welcome to come along. There's a bar at the ground too if you want to leave the kids and get a pint.
  8. Attached the wrong image! Doh. Also includes free entry for under 16's if you go to the club shop 1st. Hoping for a wee shot at the bubble football.
  9. Full story to come, but family day on Saturday in association with Breathing Space. Open to home and away fans!
  10. 3 buses heading up...not sure how many will leave the pub tho.
  11. Nae sausage rolls!! Steak and gravy pie was out of this world though Guy 2 in front of me got the last burger. Was raging. Be gutted to be a home fan if they lose out on one of the best pie stalls and have to use a burger van.
  12. In other news, was that a bigger than normal stenny support? Used to be half and half in the stand but seemed all home fans. Also see they changed the catering arrangement.
  13. Seats on the second bus to Stenhousemuir going fast, all Aces travelling on the bus get free travel and entry to the game as well as getting to enjoy the entertainment before the match and a free lunch. The bus is open to non Aces and adults too for a £5 donation on the day. To book a seat on the bus simple e-mail the names of all those wanting to travel to [email protected] So please remember to join up to the Aces if you haven't already done so, £10 membership for the full season. The value of this trip alone is over £10 and with lots more plans coming up over the season this has to be the best £10 you will spend this year. You can join on the bus on the day.
  14. They are expecting 100-150 to travel. One bus plus cars. Will be the 1st time they have played at the new stadium.