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  1. Don't think that counts as single handedly RG.
  2. Thought I did a great job entertaining you all, sorry you had to put up with me.
  3. Totally agree, Foakes deserves the gloves in Sri Lanka tbh, batting aside, he is a far better wk than Jos or YJB which is a major consideration with the turning pitches there as he will not miss many chances.
  4. Think that will do for Jos in the Test XI, Ben Foakes well overdue another chance.
  5. If we don't get a result against County then we are right in the thick of it, think that this is the year that Accies will finally go as if Naismith & Boyce stay fit can see Hearts scoring enough to scramble clear.
  6. Tbf I am in foreign parts atm so I haven't seen any of the Test, basing my judgement on Cricinfo live commentary.
  7. Given that we are almost guaranteed to gift any team that is struggling 3 points should we not be applying for charitable status to get some tax breaks?
  8. Making England look good away from home requires a high degree of shiteness, don't want to downplay their success but can see them struggling in Sri Lanka even though they are utter dugmeat right now.
  9. Going next week, looking forward to it as some places abuse the poor things to make money by letting people ride on them and bathe with them, not my thing at all.
  10. Bloody hell, scoring 45 & escaping relegation on QD. Either we are all getting smarter or those questions were easy this week, I know what my money is on.
  11. Think this last wicket partnership swings it for England.
  12. Don't sugarcoat it Sarge, say what you really think.
  13. Pretty much, remember our Club thread back in August while we waited in vain for some signings?
  14. Ideal chance to give a promising young player a confidence boost by including him in the squad then.
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