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  1. I have somehow never encountered, or noticed, him before, is he always that bad?
  2. It is because the people in charge are amoral scum.
  3. Yeah I'm not exactly a fan of the SNP but that is complete moosecrap you have just spouted, a lot of people down here are very complimentary of how Nicola Sturgeon has been performing & I really don't see what she could have done here as it was a complete Kobayashi Maru situation.
  4. Will mean nothing to most people outside North Ayrshire but that's Marymass been cancelled now, shit just got real.
  5. And a better sense of fashion. @Shandon Par
  6. We don't single you out, the other vile bigoted arseholes get the same treatment. We are just trying to prevent crushing in all those wide open streets outside the Stadium, when you look at it we are doing your brainless hordes a favour from a H&S perspective
  7. I was rather obviously not being serious there.
  8. Hope your bottle of wine is corked you old DAB c**t.
  9. Seems quite peaceful & less fractious on here this morning, I wonder why? #stillluvutyniex
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