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  1. Calling Cards of Morons

    Come along now Kincy, it would remiss of me as a fan of Scottish Football if I were not aware of a man who has been an ever present fixture in the backroom staff of one of our "leading" teams for 30+ years, in exactly the same way I am aware of who Jimmy Steel & Brian Scott were. I dislike the man for the reasons that have been covered elsewhere, if he has changed then fair play to him but I somewhat doubt it.
  2. As you will see from my posts in this thread I am pretty even handed about the whole thing. I would suggest that Cosgrove wasn't sent off if McLean knew he had fucked up in the game you are talking about as it would have been in the bavk of his mind, he 100% should have been off as Broadfoot & Findlay rightly were.
  3. Fwiw, I agree. SSC isn't stupid, he knows that any punishment will be minimal & he won't mind being banished to the stands for a few games as it will allow Lord Dyer to spread his wings for a bit. The next time the rugrat referees a Killie game just watch all those 50/50 decisions go our way as he subconsciously proves he is not biased against us as a result of his family connections. It is classic Mourinho.
  4. Calling Cards of Morons

    Jimmy Bell is the kitman, what do you think?
  5. The New MILF Thread

    What strange Trans Pennine Milfy website do you subscribe too, asking for a fruend obvs.
  6. Stories from the Courts

    No event that has ever happened, or is yet to happen, should take the heat off of philpys trainers.
  7. Stories from the Courts

    Michael Johnston.ETA (for legal reasons) allegedly.
  8. Show us your pussy..!

    Poor Rentboi, that has to be the most helpless set of eyes I have ever seen.
  9. Stories from the Courts

    Samuel L's ad lib in the first take was not a success.
  10. Things you want to share with P&B

    How the f**k did she get out?
  11. Stories from the Courts

    Fife inspired usename & sanctimonious c**t, it has to be jimmy85.
  12. Stories from the Courts

    Mainly because someone who has only been a member for a month & only had 10 posts would not have had the faintest idea who he is or what he had done. They certainly would not suddenly go into full attack mode for no real reason like you did, drop the oh is that who he is act, you are fooling no one.
  13. Stories from the Courts

    I am not a "big simpleton", you have a total of 10 posts on here so simmer down or reveal yourself as an alias. Russell/QLP spectacularly fucked up & has paid the price in real life for that & any time he says anything contentious on here it will be thrown in his face. He has been honest enough to admit who he is & is open about how much he screwed up so he should be applauded for that. If he is guilty of extreme twattery on here, I will call him out as I do for the many incartions of Pepp/No8.
  14. Unfunny comedians

    +1 from me on Acaster, the book Classic Scrapes is hilarious. He needs to recreate La Humpty on stage soon.