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  1. That doesn't scan, Morelos has 3 syllables, Gangnam has 2. You could just about make it work but it would be utterly tragic to do so.
  2. Said it to someone else, Google Premier Stores, if you have any near you, they will have it.
  3. Literally got a text from my brother interrupted by yaaaassssssss.
  4. It is not good here, Rashford looks on good form judging by the still images.
  5. Think I would be better finding a dodgy stream, this is awful.
  6. Well this is Buffery McBuffer face, SSN telling me about the goal 45 seconds ago, still not saw it live.
  7. Just ignore it, he seems to have been on a Rab B inspired meltdown for some time now. There are bigger things to concern yourself about than some dots on a Football Forum so don't let it bother you.
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