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  1. Just seen this via the Peterhead FB page. Looks like everyone at the club is taking one for the team, but no mention if the players are taking one for the team! ...but surely??? https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/peterhead-fc/2089972/peterhead-reduce-hours-of-non-playing-staff-as-general-manager-martin-johnston-reveals-emotional-decisions/
  2. Watched the Clyde game today... it must have been horrendous at Peterhead yesterday if the wind was worse than what I witnessed on TV.
  3. Fair enough, tough call given most games are subject to the wind at Balmoor. Hopefully I'll get up before the end of the season. Does the new cafe do pre-match grub? Might have to have a change of pit stop as Mill of Mundurno no longer on my route thanks to the new bypass!
  4. Interesting to hear conflicting comments about the wind factor. Seems to me that the majority of folk think that the weather wasnt any worse than it has been in games that have gone the full 90 minutes at Balmoor. Am I right that the ref just all of a sudden put a stop to it without consulting the two managers? Balmoor is a windy gig even on a nice day so it will be interesting to see what other refs decide when in Peterhead in the future. Also just realised that Forfar West End played Buchanhaven Hearts today less than half a mile from Balmoor. That game went all the way to a penalty decider and didn't finish until after 4 o'clock, HALF AN HOUR AFTER THE PETERHEAD GAME WAS ABANDONED! Same location, differentweather. ..very strange! Hope the travelling Forfar fans gave the Hearties gate a second half boost!!
  5. I rely on the online programme to keep up to speed with my home town team. Whilst the editorial sometimes needs better proof reading it's pretty good and up there with the likes of Livvie and ICT. Beats the both of them hands down though on format as theirs are slow pdf downloads whilst the Bloo Toon one is almost instant and easily read even on my phone. A lot of the articles are already on the website but 9 out of 10 from me!
  6. Got to say I was impressed with Balmoral Stadium although the stand is a bit small and I never imagined I'd be seeing Rory score for another team today!! ...also what's with all the Peterhead Directors hobnobbing it in the Cove hospitality today?? ...is that not like going to your ex-wife's wedding dance?
  7. That'll maybe be the same guy I was speaking to, he seemed to be trying to drum up support for a change of management. Not a McInally fan obviously!
  8. Strange why there has never been any announcement one way or the other. No news not always good news! Thanks to Raith Rovers my plan to go see the Blue Toon for only the second time this season now scuppered. Wife still planning trip to shops in Union Square so I guess it's either Pittodrie or Cove for the first time!
  9. Had a good chat with one of the new directors towards the end of last season when I paid one of my few visits to Balmoor. He kept saying he was planning to make big changes and it looks as if he's getting his way. Two directors gone who both put massive money in on a monthly basis which includes the departure of their caterer which will impact on income on a Saturday no doubt. McAllister gone and I wouldn't be surprised if McInally is next followed by the chairman if the new guy was correct in what he was saying. Only thing that surprises me is that it's taken this long...
  10. Surely it's a matter of time before the pyramid runs right though scottish football... would that not benefit everyone?
  11. Impressive stats here, but seriously concerned at the "guesstimated" figures for player wages... I'm sure that the HMRC would be interested to read this. If a player is signed on a professional contact then he is obliged to receive the NMW for their age regardless if they play for the U17s, U20s or 1st team. Players hours include the time they arrive until the time they leave the stadium on a match day, training hours and time spent on club transport travelling to and from games. Players also must receive holiday pay and all the other benefits under employment law. It would be illegal to pay a professional player anything less than an average of £110 per week based on training twice a week and a match on a Saturday. So there are 2 possible situations here... Highland League clubs (From Fort William to Formartine) are either working within the law.... or they aren't! ...answers on a postcard!
  12. Interesting article from a few years back... https://caleythistleonline.com/topic/26107-formartine-club-crest/
  13. Cove regularly drew crowds of 70 to 80 when they were at Allan Park and would break into 3 figures for bigger ties. This doubled when they groundshared at Inverurie presumably because the locos fans don't really travel to their away games. Cove had decent crowds for their play off games and there will be a fair bit of interest initially in SPFL2 but I will be surprised if they will have crowds exceeding 200 once the have settled in to the new league and the novelty factor has worn off.
  14. Appropriate term cos both sets of fans were "trading" insults!
  15. Certainly got the impression that many of the Cove "fans" travelling to Berwick had never been to a game of football before let alone a Cove game. They seemed at a loss as to how to celebrate with their "heroes" at the final whistle...(what was the steward thinking about when he opened the gate to let them into the pitch?). Coves real support was there however as I spotted the 1 man and his dug wandering aimlessly around the goalmouth! On a more serious note... will Cove find themselves up in front of the SPFL beaks for allowing their fans to make a bee lined for the home support after the game. Bazaar situation on the far side of the pitch when the away fans were on the pitch and goading the home fans with anti English jibes!
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