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  1. That is a very unexpected but well deserved 3 points. The difference in the team from before Xmas is night and day. I think a lot of us had the fear looking at bottom spot but this squad has turned it around dramatically. Credit to Gavin and his team as tonight against a team walking the league they were excellent. I’m a pessimist but after that result I am looking up and wondering about the playoffs.
  2. Huge 3 points for Elgin. Not a great game at all and neither team looked that good. The misplaced passes today were ridiculous but whilst not really playing well the team are putting in a real shift and they’ve ground out 7 points from the last 3 games which may well prove vital! There is a real lack of quality in this league this year for some reason so a few decent results could have us looking up rather than down. We’re much closer to the playoff positions than to last place which seems remarkable given our performances but I really do believe this is a decent squad - we just need to build on these results and hopefully with the pressure lifted a little we will see the best of the players. Forfar did not deserve to lose but there really isn’t any better tonic than a last minute winner - improves my evening but probably not tomorrow morning!!
  3. That’s a huge and rather unexpected 3 points given our form. Hopefully 4 points in the last 2 games can inspire a prolonged run of better performances. I really think this squad is better than they are currently showing but points are really the only thing that matters when you find yourself in the bottom 2! That’s a quite amazing and disturbing run of form for Stirling. Can’t see it being terminal given their squad but it’s got to be very disappointing to now be looking over the shoulder!
  4. Well it was a very well received point in the end but that was a hard watch for most of the game. I’m not entirely sure what formation we started with but more importantly I’m not sure the players were either. An absolute shambles of a performance for the first 30 mins and had we not got a goal from the penalty which made Stenny a bit more wary that could of been yet another heavy defeat. We look very much like a team hoping one of the others at the bottom of the league will save us by being worse over the season but considering the amount of teams we’ve played who have walked away with the points with absolute bang average performances I fear it is not going to happen! At least we saw a bit of fight late on today - we’re going to need a lot more of that to turn this season around!
  5. Thought he did really well. We need a striker ASAP as it seems Liam buchanan is more interested in arguing with the ref. Keeper had a really good game. Most saves were decent that you would hope your keeper to make but there was one from a header from a wide free kick that was quite superb. I thought Buchanan looked pretty decent finding pockets of space in the final third but he just seemed to be seeking injustice at every decision and the ref just seemed pissed off with him second half.
  6. Much needed win today and pretty comfortable with decent performances all round. Hard to believe the result was still in the balance right until the end as the second half was about as one sided as I’ve seen in a long time. Got to worry for Cowdenbeath on the basis of that performance. We have really struggled so far this season but if we had taken even a third of the clear chances today then it would have been an absolute pumping. Given our league position any points gained against the other teams at the bottom are huge so a very important 3 points and something positive to build on.
  7. Well deserved replay for Clydebank. Can’t believe how much they sat off first half and let us pass it around cause we are an absolute shambles of a team at the moment. That second half performance was like watching a Sunday league team but I guess we didn’t lose so at least we can still dream of an exit in the next round.
  8. So 11 players from your full time professional Championship squad beat a team from league 2. That’s what it comes down to. Bravo, the football world is in awe of your ability to get a result against all odds.
  9. This “reserve” nonsense it utter shite. Always comes out when a team from a much higher league doesn’t win as easily as they should. Full time Championship squad - your reserves are still championship players you absolute weapon!
  10. What game were you watching? There were two pretty poor tackles in the game both were given yellow cards, apart from that there were just committed tackles from both teams. Good forbid you ever have to play one of the more agricultural teams at this level and see some real “hacking” cause I assure you Elgin are definitely one of the least physical teams in league 2. Oh and does “good football being played” include pathetically diving to try and win penalties which happened at least twice today from a Caley player?
  11. Enjoyable game. Thought we were excellent for the the first 25 mins and were well worth the lead. ICT then had pretty sustained pressure for the rest of the first half and you felt a goal had to come sooner or later (I’d have preferred later!). Second half we gave it a decent go but you could see full time fitness starting to make a bigger difference and once we had to chase the game (ball was definitely out of play btw) we ran out of legs. Best team won but that was pretty positive for Elgin given our recent performances.
  12. Pretty sure there are paper tickets available for standing only if you contact the club. They may ask your name but if you use a pseudonym and ring from a public phone I would think you will be untraceable!
  13. Well that was an absolute mugging but a very welcome 3 points. The performances so far have been pretty poor so winning ugly a few times may be the difference between a really uncomfortable end to the season and mid table. Think we saw McHale cement himself as first choice keeper today - we’d have lost that game with Hoban in goals IMO.
  14. That probably did come across as sour grapes - looked a pretty robust and functional side and Johnstone keeps things ticking over nicely. Easily enough for the win today. I’ve not been overly impressed with any team I’ve seen this season (Kelty are as good as they should be) and we sit a point off the bottom - says everything about the drop in quality from us!1
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