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  1. Useless Elgin Twats v Peterhead

    Peterhead were the best team and deserved the win. However, when you need a break like we do the awful decision for a goal kick instead of a corner right before the second goal was a total kick in the baws. Referee was awful for both teams but that was a killer. We need a total clear out if we aren't going to struggle again next year. At least we scored a goal and showed a little bit of fight. Big summer of signings needed and not sure if Price should be overseeing it tbh.
  2. Elgin City 2018/19

    It's fine margins at this level. The right player in the right position can transform a team! Solid defensive midfielders are a dying breed - usually just someone who was quality who can't run anymore at this level. It's been quite a while since I thought we need as many changes as I think now. We are pretty poor in every area - thank god soapy and McHardy are local lads. I don't think any teams would be be too interested in any of our other players (Omar has been decent in spells TBF).
  3. Elgin City 2018/19

    I would swap Lowden for Allen in a heartbeat! I don't remember Lowden before the injury but it really hasn't worked out for him at Elgin. I don't like digging out individual players on here and if he can turn it around at another team good luck to him! I wouldn't be disappointed to see Eadie come back as I thought he was decent but we really need someone who can organise a defence - McHardy and Bronsky are very decent players as individuals but our defence has consistently fallen apart under pressure this season.
  4. Elgin City 2018/19

    Can't believe another team at this level has signed Lowden tbh - weakest link all season in a very fragile defence! I like Gourley and would be happy to sign him if possible.
  5. Useless Elgin Twats v Peterhead

    Elgin 0 - Peterhead....... (anything between 3 and 8 probably).
  6. QP v Elgin

    Hard one to call this. QP at home is easily our worst performance of the last couple of months and we still managed to nick a draw. If we can keep the goals against down I fancy us for a win 2-1 or 3-1.
  7. Elgin City vs Clyde FC

    It's bound to be even worse a week Tuesday. You'd think Clyde being in safe playoff spot and having a superb run of results would calm the few dickheads down but it seems being talked about for being dicks is at least as important as how their team plays.
  8. Elgin City vs Clyde FC

    Fair enough mate. Had a blocked view of the "handball" so can't really comment other than there wasn't a huge appeal from the players.
  9. Elgin City vs Clyde FC

    Almost certainly not the Clyde goal that didn't cross the line!
  10. Elgin City vs Clyde FC

    Love was playing so in isolation singing his name isn't such a big deal. When you factor in the booing of Omar and some of the comments from the absolute melts on here it's hard to think the 2 aren't linked. Clyde brought a good away following so it's almost certainly a few dickheads tarring the others with a very unpleasant brush.
  11. Elgin City vs Clyde FC

    What exactly have you achieved in those same years? I'd say today shows that despite your self proclaimed "massive club" tag, Clyde are every bit the " diddy club" like the rest of us. Hope you enjoyed your day banging a bin and singing your one song.
  12. Elgin City 2018/19

    It can be walked in less than 18mins if you know where you are going and you walk at a reasonable pace. Obviously if there is a bit of injury time you'll be risking it. Don't know what taxis are best cause I never book one but there will be plenty parked up on the main street in town if you're struggling.
  13. Elgin C v QP

    Centre halfs are fine just need a bit more organisation. The problem is at full back where the positioning, decision making and general defending is poor. It causes poor decisions across the defence. Very harsh to call McHardy out after a game where he was the sole reason that we managed to get a point!
  14. Elgin C v QP

    Don't really know what to make of that game! We were awful for 75mins and the only route out of our own half was punting it long and trying to chase it down. QP weren't great but if they had got a few of the countless half chances they had on target the game would have been won by half time. Simply didn't see us getting back into the game at 0-2 but this Elgin team of late have shown a great fighting spirit and once we nicked a goal (from a phantom corner!) we looked likely to get another! McHardy was immense in the last 20mins. Besides the quite superb goal he was up and down the pitch like a man possessed. Thought we would win tonight but it feels like a point gained rather than 2 points lost. Kudos to QP fans for excellent midweek support!
  15. Smallest Support In SPFL

    Not strictly accurate but I get the sentiment. However, we're surely not the best example as we consistantly have one of the highest average attendances in the league!!