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  1. 2 contracted decent keepers? Not something we’ve ever had that I can recall. Suspect Tom may be going back down south but hope I’m wrong. He’s been a very steady pair of hands for us last 2 seasons!
  2. Great result. Excellent first 25 mins and the had enough to see it out. Players from both teams looked knackered by the end and no surprise to see some injuries starting to come given the ridiculous schedule being asked of part time players. Still work to do but we’ve given ourselves a real chance of the playoffs which I’d almost written off a week ago.
  3. Two games paid for at Stranraer this season and both have crashed before kickoff. Both times there have been viable streaming options given and the coverage imho is excellent once obtained. I missed 2 goals tonight because of the stream but I think once working Stranraer tv is as good as any in this league.
  4. Didn’t see that result coming! I thought we were excellent both in performance and attitude. Stranraer were obviously having an off day ( as we have had plenty recently) but we took advantage superbly and could have had a few more goals. Credit to the management as this team looked like it was just going to limp to the end of the season but we are one good result from a real playoff chance now. The schedule is brutal but it’s the same for all teams so let’s hope we can play at that level and see what happens.
  5. Hopefully we can make it 4 wins out of 4 after a pretty slow restart. There doesn’t seem to be any link on the Cowdenbeath website to buy the game (that I can find at least) which I find a little bizarre the night before kick off. Bluebraziltv.co.uk is where you can buy the stream. Any win would be great but Cowdenbeath should be throwing everything at these last few games to get a little gap from Brechin so could be a hard fought 3 points. 1-2 City.
  6. That was a truely awful first half display. It’s like watching a hungover Sunday morning team. Brechin could easily have had 3/4 goals. I hope they rue those missed chances and we can actually kick the ball to some of our own players in the second half.
  7. Excellent performance and result today. After last weeks performance I hoped for a positive reaction but Stenny have had a very decent season far so I was a bit surprised (pleasantly) at how comfortable it was over 90 mins. Best defensive display of the season for me - looked really assured against a forward line that could be a real handful if they got on top. Midfield were good in attack and defence (soapy well worth MOTM in my opinion) and the forwards ran themselves into the ground (Hester was brilliant today - New contract signed puts Elgin in a very good position because other clubs in higher leagues must be having a look at him). Stenny look like they have some very decent players but maybe suspensions and the clash of heads to both centre halfves meant they weren’t quite on it (thought the red card at the end was a bit harsh too) Looks like it may be a while until we can attend BB again so nice to finish the year with a good positive performance and result.
  8. If the club had any sense they would have had a ready supply of Elgin City umbrellas for sale in the ground - those fans stood out in that rain without a brolly deserve a medal/sectioned!
  9. Not the greatest game but I think Elgin just about edged it. Solid if not spectacular by pretty much every player and enough grit and composure to see the game out. We’re not usually great at winning ugly but thankfully standing out in the pissing rain sometimes pays off! Hope Bronsky injury isn’t bad as the back 4 have been excellent for the most part so far.
  10. Not really. Happened at few clubs already this season (like Annan in this league). Why would a player or their family want constant re-runs of their injury available online?
  11. Truely horrible to see a player injured like that. Was great to get back into the ground but seeing a young player leave in an ambulance has obviously soured the experience quite a bit. Hope the lad can make a full and speedy recovery!! Given Cowdenbeath’s injury list I was hoping for an easy game but I thought they were the better team for the first 20-30 mins. We couldn’t seem to get into the game and could easily have been a goal down by the time we scored. Very good header from Sopel for the second week in a row. Poor defending and a tidy finish from Hester settled the nerves and from 2-0 we looked reasonably comfortable. Loads of space out wide second half made an easy outlet to ease any pressure and Hester’s composed finishing killed the game. It may be quite a while until attending gets back to normal but surely every club could get those number of fans in safely with minimal risk and should be given the same chance - I had much more “close contact” in Asda after the game!
  12. Not that I disagree in this instance but a literal interpretation of “lunging at an opponent” would mean at least 90% of all sliding tackles resulting in a red card!
  13. It’s a very strong challenge tbf. I think it’s deemed a good strong tackle if no-one gets injured but unfortunately they did and given the recent unnecessary force rule he’s probably lucky not to see red. Still think every manger in the league would expect their player to go for that ball! The histrionics from all corners of the ground afterwards didn’t paint anyone in a good light and all whilst the player was still getting treatment.
  14. He seemed very annoyed at everyone given the language and as Price was trying to get the Elgin players together out of the way I doubt he was checking which way Bollan was facing as he told everyone to f**k Off!
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