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  1. Another decent performance. We look a pretty well balanced team and if the players are on it I think we can give any team in this league a hard game. Defence still looks like it has a few issues ( treading the fine line between composed playing out from the back and gifting needless chances) but they have pulled themselves out of any self imposed problem so far so harsh to critisise too much. Entertaining, scoring goals and viable options for most positions - there’s a lot to be positive about. Once I got on the YouTube link I thought the stream was pretty good with a better closer view of the game. Decent commentary too with a surprising knowledge on a lot of Elgin players so congrats to Stranraer for the coverage.
  2. Two very promising performances so far. Look pretty settled at the back, energy and a bit of bite in midfield and scoring a few goals. Could be a very interesting season if we can keep them levels up!
  3. Having watched a few games on other clubs streams - Elgin TV was one of the better ones (at least for me - clear picture never lagged). I was apprehensive over the lack of “trial” But it was fine. Expectations of sky quality coverage are a bit OTT. I actually watched a SA stream midweek and the only difference was the camera angle - still could have missed something but just in a different area of the pitch! Did people who had trouble getting logged on buy the game close to kickoff? I bought yesterday and was logged on instantly - no criticism - just info for the people running the stream to consider.
  4. No idea! Was probably doing similar and didn’t see it at all - anyone know? Noticed the red mark above Elgin on the score and had to look to see Hester got sent off. BBC said foul play so I guess for a foul rather than the expected mouthing off. Shame as he looks really sharp and had played well.
  5. The message on the stream after the game said 462 people had paid for the game. Some will have been Stirling Albion fans but hopefully a large percentage of the Elgin fans will be impressed enough to pay for more games - much needed revenue for the club.
  6. I thought we looked decent today. Some players looked a lot sharper than others but we looked like a pretty well balanced team with a bit of pace which is always a plus. Thoughts on Elgin TV? Personally I was just hoping the stream wasn’t a disaster like has happened to a few clubs so I was pleasantly surprised. Apart from the lack of any sound it was perfectly watchable and kept up with game pretty well. It isn’t perfect and will almost certainly miss a goal at some stage but having bought a season ticket it’ll do until we can get back in to watch.
  7. Story of the season so far for us. Playing well and dominating the pitch - go in at half time deserved 1-0 could of been more. After that we turned on kamikaze mode and yet again gifted a team a host of chances/goals. Alloa didn’t even have to make their own opportunities - we gifted them every goal. I like that we play football and don’t just hoof and run, I like that we play out from the back but if the players can’t tell when is the right time and when they should just clear the pressure then it is folly. Our defence probably has as many assists for the teams we’ve played as opposition players. We really could have won that game but good luck to Alloa in the next round!
  8. Come on mate. Time to step away from the keyboard and enjoy your night - we lost a close game of football - it happens. We still look decent for a good league campaign..
  9. I wasn’t at all convinced in real time-but 1 tv replay suggests he got away with one there. No awful injustice with that or the red card - just footballing decisions that sometimes don’t go your way.
  10. You won the game so fair play but I didn’t see anything in that team to suggest they were cruising - if anything they looked a little rattled towards the end.
  11. Before the red card Elgin had more good chances to score than Raith. Elgin were nowhere near their best either and your fans were asking for the final whistle against 10 men - hardly a glorious victory!
  12. Just not our night. We gave a decent team a 2 goal start with awful defending and couldn’t quite get back on terms. The more I see the red card the more I’m convinced it’s a bad call but good luck to Raith in the semis!
  13. Absolute pish! He hasn’t launched in two footed which is the out of control tackle you’re probably on about (which came into the rules about 3 years ago!) and he has barely made contact.
  14. Tbh think that was the only contentious decision of the game. Wasn’t convinced by the penalty shout.
  15. Shame. We looked well in this for 20 mins - could be a heavy defeat now. Must be the only one who thinks that red card is harsh. Not a great tackle but he hasn’t gone through the player and in reality hasn’t caught him hard - 2/3 off most lower league games if that was always a red.
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