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  1. Mids getting a 3-0 away at bonnyton a bit of an upset, must have had the lads back from their holiday.
  2. Threave above Lochar only change I'd make to the above...
  3. No sign on fee, match fee or goal bonus. The lad just wants to see his final couple of seasons out at his boyhood club. He has a young family remember so this will have a lot to do with it also. Heard he's not committed to playing every week.
  4. Was Roman playing for Saints or Threave though?
  5. Very poor game but Mids started brightly and were 2 up in 20 minutes and cruising but had their goal scorer injured just after 30 mins which made a significant difference, should have been 4 at half time but uppers stuck in and got a soft penalty right on half time. it was a pen so can see why it was given. From then on mids were like a pub team similar to uppers. Mids were out fought out smarted by the rams. All in all a very poor advert for the South league. Mids = Embarrassing Uppers = Embarrassing Referee = Disgrace Pies = Excellent
  6. Newton were missing a couple of guys but Mids could have been 10 up by half time. Mids pressed the ball very well and forced mistakes and if the referee hadn’t started to feel sorry for Newton it could have easily been 20 with a couple of Newton players sent off. Dust yourselves down and move on I’d say
  7. Got himself a bird and likes the beer too much! To be fair I'd rather be playing with his Mrs than them guys!
  8. Only a matter of time before this happened. Maybe now the sfa will actually come and assess the referees in the league. They are full of their own importance and do not have the ability or savie!
  9. Tidy performance and could well have been double figures. When you concede 8 and your keeper has a good game you know it's bad!
  10. The pre madonna's of Mids were bad today, might as well have played with 10 men as the have nothing up top. If they had a striker of any sort they will be difficult to breakdown. Nithsdale worked hard as a unit and man for man are nowhere near as talented as the Mids guys but showed that you can have all the talent in the world but if you have no heart you are nothing. The past few weeks have showed the squad in nowhere near big enough, time for the wee man Ted to release some of the u20's to step up as they are better than some of the first 11.
  11. Problem is most of these south referees try and make the game about themselves, hence why they get no respect.
  12. Refreshing to see a quality referee (Brian templeton) yesterday who managed the game well without any assistants. Had the opportunity to book a few but had a word and it was respected. These young referee's could learn a lot from this guy if they went to observe how he manages a game. They need to respect the players, only then will they gain respect back.
  13. Mids were poor, the lad was still laughing going off the park. Ok well if they were that young I will give them a break but Jesus they were big lads lol
  14. Well went to watch the boys v Lochar (giro boys) on Friday night and have got to say that when Lochar get the ball to feet that are pretty impressive and if they had slightly more class upfront it could have been a rugby score. But yet again the referee stepped in and stated brandishing cards about to make himself feel important with 5 mins to go. Anyway nipped up to see what the young queens had to offer at Lockerbie and in 40 years I've never seen unsportsmanlike conduct. It was an even game mids got a guy sent off which made the difference. Mids had a player down with a head injury so the ball went out of play then on the restart the queens lad fired a shot into the top bag rather than returning the ball. Turned round and giggled like a little boy would. Very poor from what should be a professional set up. Who was the queens number 9? Looks to have a talent but the rest will be playing in the south next season as the quality wasn't there.
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