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  1. attidude was all wrong yesterday . assumed they would win with little effort . boy did that go wrong .blame has to lie with dave mackay. sorry. he picked on reflection a second string team and we got our arsed skelped .lothian thistle are better than the majority of league two teams . they had a plan played with a high tempo and on reflection could have score 8 o 9 . we were ripped tp peices time and again to be honest this has been coming for weeks. at the moment we couldnt keep hens in a coup . we where lucky to beat annan elgin almost turned us over and we didnt heed the danger signs . why he started with davidson noble and fodden beggars belive fodden should have been gone after elgin if this was the manager trying to install faith in him didnt work. he was a bag of nerves all game .if he doesnt play binnie this week agains cowdenbeath that will be a blavk mark against him noble was as poor as ive seen him not the player i remember at peterhead and davidson was startled by the headlights and should have been hooked at half time for ross smith or connor mcmullun . just a all round disaster of a day
  2. worst scottish cup since losing at gala fairydean in 2001 when big john clarke all 17 stone of him knocked the pish out off us . ive lauded dave mackay for all the good things hes done. but last two games with mark fodden in goal guys a total bombsite . his performance today was stewart kennedy wembely 75 darren smith was only player to get pass mark. as for scott davidson nightmare. we only played tillwe scored the 1st goal .team selection was baffling . peter mcdonald should have been on from the start for his experience . we certainly missed ross smith callum morrison and willie robertson .stuart noble had his chance to make a name for himself and blew it big time best thing mackay can do now is have a major rethink this week . starting with sending fodden back to ross county. who should be prosecuted under the trade discreptions act. for giving us a donkey they must be laughing at us .only consalation is were playing a side on sat who equally got knocked out by a non league side east kilbride .expect a raft of changes sat with morrison and hopefully binnie and robertson coming back in
  3. loath to criticise dave mackay . as hes done littl;e wrong . but today was a major faux paux . and hopefully last we see off mark fodden between the sticks should have been off before the first goal for kamikaze lunge. handling and distubution was awful and nearly gave the ball away from a kick out that would have left a clear run in on goal i suppose its a sign of the improvement these days . that a draw is regarded as a defeat . we bossed it for 65 minutes should have been a least 3 in front at half time second half were cruising till late collapse but game became stretched and we didnt look to clever at the back aand if not for a late save could have lost good to see liam caddis back in easily the best player on the park didnt waste much and most times found a team mate with a pass im hughly encouraged by the way we attack teams always look dangerous . going forward but worrieng were having to score at least 3 each game to get something out of it still not being happy with a 4 point lead at the top is something . this time a year ago skippy was getting his jotters after a 4-0 defeat to todays opponets so progress neing made but please get the defensive frailties sorted
  4. the result of the night ,by far scottish football is not as bad as its made out to be .sky keep plugging the premier league but take the foriegners out and its pretty average. money is the only difference. celtic won in belgium tonight with a predominatly uk line up . gordon tierney.griffith sinclair roberts mgregor forrest. how many british players did man city man unt chelsea field . not many . so we need to talk up our game feel celtic have a massive chance to go deep in the europa league with decent draws . not many teams will fancy playing at celtic park . its unrealistic to think they can reach the knock out stage unless they beat bayern at home europa league will be a good consalation prize . and will be a large sign of progress next season will be one we can hopefully see celtic making last 16 with significany investment in the playing side
  5. one thing that worries me for sat . is coping with the physical precence . of elgin .we still seem a bit lightweight when we come up against sides with big players . we got muscled out off the game against clyde particulary by david goodwillie who ran riot and elgin have run riot against us a few times in recent seasons 4-0 and 4-1 at forthbank if we click at weekend im sure wel get the three points hoefully caddis might be back to add a bit of steele in midfield will be strange not facing the usual suspects gunn and sutherland who always seemed to score against us will be intresting to see who gets the number one spot at weekend . id go with binnie whos still a good keeper maybe just needed a reminder against annan that no player is indespensible
  6. been a long time since a albion manager has been linked with another club .dave mackay has been installed at 14 -1 in the race to be next falkirk manager . ouch now that would be a sore one if it ever came to pass .their certainly is no love lost between the two sets off fans one club i take delight in seeing humped every week and hopefully if smithy is put in charge for next few games. they get hammered a few times more. starting at morton on sat . dave mackay is just starting out on his mangerial career and should stick around for a few seasons more at least. till were back in league one and going well . but for once its a positive slant for the club shows what a good jobs hes doing
  7. all time european result . has to be celtic beating leeds in the european cup semi final in 1970 .i think in many ways its overlooked . because celtic flopped in milan in the final against fyenoord. if celtic had won the trophy .the leeds result would have been regarded as the best . leeds unt at that time had one off the finest sides ever to grace the game .but their ugly reputation didnt do them any favours . but what a side sprake. bates. giles. bremner, charlton .reeny. gray . hunter clarke
  8. first time ive felt we have a manager .whose potentially good enough to walk into a dressing room . and change things for the better .at any club outside off the old firm . hence when i hear of managerial vacencies at ross county and falkirk . i think hes good enough to manage those clubs right now . hence the worry. its not often you find a really good manager and it doesnt happen often .but i look at mackay and think we have a wee gem frazer wright also deserves praise .hes taken to the job well in many respects. at the moment i see them very much in the mould off kevin drinkell and ray stewart drinks was the silent partner .while stewart was more the one losing his head in the dug out they were a effective combination dave mackay is very much in that mould he stands on the touchline casting his eye over things . while its frazer who does a lot off the shouting . but i get the impression mackay does his talking in the dressing room . and players are left in no doubt whats expected i hope hes here for some time to come. but when these vacancies come up .i often wonder would he cast his mind elsewhere. its only natural would like to see the club give him a new deal now hes earned it in my opionion hes given the club back to the fans in a short space off time . only 39 games in and hes already only 3 wins away from matching mclarens victory total of 22wins that took him 82 games to acheive in a season and a half he left with a 27 per cent ratio dave is currently at 47 per cent .the club and fans have never had it so good for such a long time saturdays now are a day to relish . not dread long may it continue
  9. refreshing to see that even when sides not quite on their game . we still manage to pick up the three points . can emphatically say that would not have happened a year ago for sure .dave mackay has totally transformed the club from top to bottom .and will almost certainly pick up the maanager off the month award with another win on sat players are working harder than ive seen them in some time . because the gaffer doesnt sit on his laurels . at the moment in the case of cammy binnie hes not afraid to make changes benching him at the weekend . although i believe that might have been more to do with knock at montrose matchday experiences are once more becoming something to look forward too . and im reasonbly confident we can get the three points at the weekend to extend our lead . same old suspect will be kicking around this week craig gunn .he seems to have been around for years . keep him quite and we should be fine . i hope caddis is back hes been one off the best players since the campaign started hes not showey or flash just goes about his job and adds weight to our midfield i think the key to weather we get promotion this season is seeing if we keep morrison beyond christmas maybe buy then andy little might be back and scoring . i still feel a fully fit andy little could be the spark we need . to get us over the line prediction for this way stirling 2 elgin 0
  10. a few crates of champaign should be winnging it s way to brendan rogers. the efffect having six celtic players in the team last night .players who generally have that winning mentality and have bags of confidence.7 result was never in doubt after armstrong scored in fairness it could have finished 7 0r 8 and wouldnt have been a unfair refelection . now time for griffith who was brilliant to take his frustrations on the hapless maltersers it was the best result off all the home nations would england have won 3-0. doubt it there score looked better than the performance they were awful shame england are going all that way next summer just to be the first home nation home again after another abject tournament theyl never learn
  11. im pretty sure if we win on sat and go top will be the first time since 2012. when we won our first two league games under jocky scott we won 5-1 at dumbarton in our second game but that was as good as it ever got under his tenure
  12. decided to take a break from posting a few months back . my account was hacked on rave on , so decided to join pie and bovril instead . totally buzzing with todays result . i have no fears off us dipping our toes near the foot off the league this season . dave mackay has recurited a squad this season where there is going to be competion for places . and nobody will just walk into the team something we havent had for many seasons . best off all no drama queens at the club . had enough of messers fearns. wonder if he was called out to the car park at 5 30 . look forward eagerly now. to berwick and endinburgh games at home 6 points to be collected . and a nice wee point to finish the month at peterhead will do nicely
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