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  1. Has Mr Sutherland signed for Stranraer ? Only seems to ref there games very strange. Usually you see same ref maybe 4 or 5 times a season how many times has Stranraer had him this season. They must be fed up of the sight of him poor show from association and whoever appints refs.
  2. You can' have a quiet word in some referees ears and that' s a major problem. You get yellow carded. I agree screaming at refs is not on but some are not approachable.
  3. Heard a few south teams have complained about him but got him more often. He has no communication skills and has been thrown in because there arnt enough refs about.
  4. Don't know if they have been beat at home. Abbey vale drew there seem to be a lot stronger at home than away unless they've improved there squad over the last few weeks.
  5. Good win but Annan poor team it was only a few weeks ago Ym beat you bonnington top team if you go there and get result then you can get credit you think you deserve.
  6. Sorry to hear that thought a player had been injured. Not good news he is a poor ref but didn't deserve that if it's true.
  7. Threave must have had the most games off in South this season something wrong with meadow?
  8. Watched lochar and saints today 2 poor teams. Ref was poor as well
  9. Watched them tonight at Lockerbie were well beaten by a good lochmaben team. Don't know if they had a few missing .
  10. Big game for Newton tomm think lochar threave and Newton will still be in with chance come April.
  11. Poor result for saints. 3 tough games but no points threave decent .
  12. Give teams a chance early days players on holiday. Saw lochar v stranraer today lochar should have been out of sight but credit to stranraer for hanging in there.
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