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  1. See Stranraer play mid week matches in Feb seems strange to send Lochmaben and ym there in the middle of winter. Both 7.30 kick offs Stranraer are also away to Lochmaben in March with 8.00 kick off. Why difference in kick off times?
  2. Well done Stranraer but how many of these boys will push on into. 1st team squad? Any on the fringes yet.
  3. Darren Martin should be playing at professional level. Some good young keeper's coming through but Dodo tops them all class act.
  4. Good luck to Craig. Saints have been rebuilding for the last 2 seasons haven't seen much improvement in team. And a team of there stature should be challaging for league.
  5. Well done Creetown getting game played going into worst of winter so makes sense to switch pity some of the other clubs weren't so obliging.
  6. Not really refs fault sure lights would have been OK if 1st team were at home. Who picks up expenses for away team and referee? Looks like you have a good young team certainly setting the standards this season.
  7. Heard there was nobody there to switch them on if that's true poor show from a professional club.
  8. Sure he was in league winning squad and qualifying Cup team you probably know better.
  9. Saints could do with somebody like Scott Wilby someone who can organise. Didn't he win league last season with threave? Also won everything going in East of Scotland with Annan as a player.
  10. I would have been a bit disappointed as a threave player to do all pre-season then be left out but goals count. Took in mids lochar today both teams missing players wind spoiled game lochar better team missed a few chances.
  11. Agree where has the referees supervisors gone standard is the worst I've ever seen. I know they are an easy scapegoat but they need to have a bit of commen sence and not be robots I was lucky enough to have grade 1 refs when I played who treated players as human beings and got the same respect back.
  12. Poor ref and never should have been promoted to this level. Most clubs will have been hard done by him this season. Don' think he is lochar fav so nothing to worry about bonnington.
  13. Think threave as they can afford to lose a game great run by mids though .
  14. A lot off descution will have to be done before we have any new league structure. Don't know where it will all end but needs to be sorted sooner rather than later fear for some off South teams as central belt will take over.
  15. Was lucky enough to watch the great Davie Cooper strut his stuff with clydebank .Agree with last 2 posts if enough central belt junior teams want to enter pyramid system there has to be different league set up. In South and East of Scotland league's
  16. Mids the form team at moment hard one to call Threave slight favourites for me.
  17. Good wins for mids and threave heard saints were down to 9 men. League starting to take shape but still hard to predict winner. Was going to Annan on friday night game was double booked game off. Poor with all the fixture congestion.
  18. I agree with what you say as dalbeattie are struggling this season to get a side most weeks. The problem is we're in a pyramid system that probably most of teams in South don't want to be in .
  19. I am using Threave and Saints as an example and know they both have hard working people at there clubs as have all South teams. I worry about our league as I believe it will be left behind in the pyramid system I understand all the problems teams would have with players and travelling . Do we try and build our own league tell SFA were not interested in pyramid system our do we stay feeder league for teams like Edu and Bonnington to progress through the league's.
  20. Agree with most of the points you raise Mr Frazer won,t go anywhere unless he curbs his temper tantrums as he will be banned most weeks. I worry about our top teams in South Threave , Saints, lack ambition should be pushing on to get into lowland league. Think South will get left behind in pyramid system . Could SFA pull plug on member clubs if they show no attempt to enter lowland league eventually stopping money they get every season.
  21. Great result proved me wrong well done to them.
  22. Seen them a few times this season young side who are up and down a bit. Have some good players but don't seem to travel that well. Will give edu problems but think edu will be 2 strong.
  23. Good to see saints punching above there weight !!! Should be challenging every season for league . Poor start will cost them but there's always next season sure they will splash the cash.
  24. Don' think bonnyton,s ground would be ready for next season. Think league will be decided by the threave Bonnyton games with lochar and mids waiting for any slip ups.
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