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  1. You don't always beleave what you read in newspapers.
  2. How much did he get paid for the the report he done total waste of money. Needed to be Alec Ferguson or Walter Smith someone who had a clue about football.
  3. Heard nithsdale have new managment team. Rab Cameron and Johnny Broon.
  4. Yes feel sorry for wattie dyer and lads that have kept them going over the last few seasons.
  5. Can't believe 7teams in the south didn't have a fixture today. Why? Who is running this league?
  6. I think most teams will have to deal with players missing at this time of year. We used to start with league Cup sections and league starting in August. Most players back from holidays then.
  7. Also see threave have 5away games in a row in September October time. Crazy what's happened to playing teams home and away in order like most leagues.
  8. Just looking at league fixtures one team has five away games. One team has four home fixtures. Is there problems with pitches?
  9. Still Stranraer and bonnyton for me spending money doesn't guarantee success threave might have to wait a year.
  10. Good season for bonnyton and Stranraer. Heard edu reserves in league next season interesting season ahead.
  11. Don't no the full story but heard he was in squad for most of season how many games can you play as a trialist?
  12. Surely it should have been picked up after his first cup game.
  13. Took in the game. Saints missed a few chances in first half lochar keeper had a great save from millar free kick. 2nd half lochar made substitution changed game they controlled most of it looked like finishing 0.0 up popped Anderson with winner. Saints going the right way prob deserved at least a point.
  14. Predictive spelling is my problem. Don't know what yours is. It's only my opinion.
  15. Sorry about spelling not my strong point both them teams aren't in lowland league. You are a young team so can only get better edu took a couple of season's to get out south wont do you any harm. Ps your spelling isn't that great either
  16. Not knocking bonnington they have good set up. Don't think they are ready to compete every week at that level. Have the right coaches to take them forward but could take a couple of season's
  17. Stranraer don't need any help to win it there the best in league. Don't get fixtures maybe july August September Oct. March and April mid week or local games. As for bonnington not ready for lowland league.
  18. See Stranraer play mid week matches in Feb seems strange to send Lochmaben and ym there in the middle of winter. Both 7.30 kick offs Stranraer are also away to Lochmaben in March with 8.00 kick off. Why difference in kick off times?
  19. Well done Stranraer but how many of these boys will push on into. 1st team squad? Any on the fringes yet.
  20. Darren Martin should be playing at professional level. Some good young keeper's coming through but Dodo tops them all class act.
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