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  1. Sorry about spelling not my strong point both them teams aren't in lowland league. You are a young team  so can only get better  edu took a couple of season's to get out south wont do you any harm. Ps your spelling isn't that great either 

  2. See Stranraer play mid week matches in Feb seems strange to send Lochmaben and ym there in the middle of winter. Both 7.30 kick offs  Stranraer are also away to Lochmaben in March with 8.00 kick off.  Why difference in kick off times? 

  3. Agree where has the referees supervisors gone standard is the worst I've ever seen. I know they are an easy scapegoat but they need to have a bit of commen sence and not be robots I was lucky enough to have grade 1 refs when I played  who treated players as human beings  and got the same respect back.

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